Thursday, January 19, 2012

I thought we were a few years away from this conversation.

This is the Orclette two years ago. She's still that size in my head, and I suspect I will always, at least in some way, picture her as my little baby. Yes, this is relevant to the topic.

So this afternoon I was looking for some way to entertain the Orclette and Miniorc. It had been a loooong day; first day of school for Damm and an emotional one for me as everyone started school and I didn't. I got out the removable "Cars 2" tattoos and put one on the Miniorc's hand. He flipped out, crying and asking me to take it off. I'm guessing he's observed mine don't come off and he thought I'd put one like mine on him. I removed his "tattoo", told him I wouldn't do such a terrible thing to him again, and we were all good.

The Orclette was cool as a cucumber, picking out the ones she wanted and sitting completely still as we waited the thirty seconds necessary for the design to transfer. For some reason I thought this would be a good moment to mention that real tattoos don't come off as easily as these did and that she was going to wait until she was eighteen and probably shouldn't get one anyway and that if she did it should be somewhere she could easily cover it up and she better pay cash for it (imagine I said all that without pausing and with increasing intensity). She looked at me very seriously after my mini-lecture and said "well, I'll probably get one when I'm eighteen".

Should never have brought it up. At least she told me she planned to disregard my advice, unlike myself who disregarded my mother's advice and let her discover it later (that was a really bad moment, when she spotted my first tattoo). And there's still time to persuade her not to get it smack-dab in the middle of her chest area. I now have sympathy for my mother, who probably carries around a toddler-sized image of me in her head. I can't imagine that little cutie in the picture letting heavily tattooed men tattoo her to the sound of really bad rock music. My, how times have changed.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The best feeling ever.

This past summer I had to have my wisdom teeth removed. I'm not averse to some pain but the thought of being awake while my teeth, one of them impacted, were pulled out was a bit much. So I opted for sedation surgery. It was amazing: the stuff they gave me was incredibly relaxing, and it was better than the moment my epidural hit after eighteen hours of labor (but not by much). The day after, which was filled with sleeping and then more sleeping, was also heaven.

The absolute best moment, though, was about a week after the surgery. I had been trying to get through the day without Percocet, because I had read it's highly addictive and I didn't want to take any chances. I wasn't healing as fast as I should have been, however, so the doctor told me I should take the Percocet. I obeyed. One Sunday morning I got up early, as is my habit, and got some homework done. I was still extremely tired, though, because both Damm and I push ourselves incredibly hard during the semester (it takes weeks for us to physically and mentally recover). So I took my Percocet and decided to cuddle with my kids and Damm on the bed. I fell back asleep-something that doesn't usually happen-and that feeling as I succumbed to the effects of the drug surpassed the epidural and the sedation surgery.

Since then I haven't felt relaxed. I'm making progress, now that the decision not to go back to school has been made. But that feeling of complete and total inertia has been hard to replicate (because I have no desire to become dependent on any type of drug), at least until I restarted my yoga practice. I don't typically do the harder versions of yoga; I prefer slow and gentle. And today, while I was going through a series of forward bends, I achieved that feeling of complete inertia, of total relaxation. It was felicity.

All that to say, if you're anxiety-ridden or stressed out, try yoga. I like Rodney Yee's videos, and Shiva Rea is also excellent. If you're wanting a workout, you could try Jillian Michael's "Yoga Meltdown", but it doesn't deliver the same impact (in my opinion). Trudy Styler, wife of Sting, also has a yoga video out that is geared toward weight loss. I prefer that one over Michael's, because it stays closer to the classic yoga poses. If you need yoga gear try your local Barnes & Noble store; they have a good selection of yoga DVDs and mats, as well as the yoga towels, socks and gloves, all in pretty colors. Walmart has some supplies as well, as does Target.

Try yoga, and you won't be sorry, although it does take some time to stretch the muscles. Best feeling ever.