Thursday, June 24, 2010

Waiting for cataclysm

To all those who know us in WoW:

We've officially suspended our accounts. We just don't play enough(less than log on per month) for it to be worth it for us anymore. I still fully expect to be back playing when Cataclysm comes back but for now we wait out of the game.

World cup

-32 teams in the tourney.

3 CONCACAF teams (USA, Mexico, Honduras)
4 AFC teams (South Korea, North Korea, Austrailia, Japan)
1 OFC team (New Zealand)
6 CAF teams (Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Camaroon, South Africa
5 CONMEBOL teams (Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile)
13 UEFA teams(England, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland)

12 teams already advanced:
USA, Mexico
South Korea, Japan

Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile
England, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal

Teams in italics are expected by myself to advance. We'll find out tomorrow.

Success rates by region:
AFC 50%
OFC 0%(but HUGE improvement for NZ all sorts of "first this and first that". Eliminated without losing a game).
CAF 14%
UEFA 46%

So who would I like to see in the semi's? I mean like/want/desire not who I expect so don't go bashing my underdogs.

United States v Slovakia
Mexico v Japan

Who do I expect?
United States v Brazil
Portugal v Germany

But I'm still holding out for a MEXICO V UNITED STATES final. That would so utterly rock my world.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lack of posts lack of playing lack of stuff.

A couple of different things have happened this summer. First off, Calculus grabbed me by my skull and knee-to-face action began. Then, History followed up with a pipe wrench to my nads. Then, job demands picked up a very large rock and squished mine and wulfa's free time like a bug.

And finally as I lay on the ground head spinning with integrals and european politics of times past I realized I had nothing else to do in WoW and no desire to log in.

And that I had nothing of interest happening.

And then? And THEN? The world cup.

Yeah there goes 6 hours of my day at least every morning that I don't have school.

A moment here to sit in silent reflection for the goal that was wrongfully taken from the world.

And yeah the WORLD FREAKIN CUP. I'm a soccer fan who doesn't know much about soccer. I'm more of just a fan. I LOVE watching it. I get passionate about teams that I've never seen before. I fall in love when teams overachieve(New Zealand), set new records(Swiss), have Drogba on their team(he's awesome), and look amazing(German first game).

I find new villains and new hates:
(Slovania I didn't even know you had a team a month ago and now I hold everything against you)
(France hah whiners you deserve this[not the nation... you guys I feel bad for])
(Brazil. I'm so tired of how everyone blabs about how awesome you are and you don't even look as good as Portugal or Germany have in their games that I've watched)

And the entire time I'm having to ask Wulfa and friends if "x" was really a foul, what the heck set pieces meant(I know now), why that guy did that and everyone thought it was stupid, and finally how the hell that goal didn't count.

Yeah I'm not knowledgeable but I make up for it in passion and excitement. Yay for the World Cup.

p.s. New Zealand I swear if you win this next game I will love you forever.

p.s.s. My secret unbelievable dream that will never happen? US V Mexico in the final. My section of the world would just DIE if that happens.

p.s.s.s. I watch all the US games but missed the Mexico France game. I was calling a friend to find out the score and when they were up 1-0 I was trash talking because my friend wanted france to win. I hung up and took about 3 steps when I heard this roar from a nearby building. I called him back to celebrate the next Mexican goal.

P.s^4 I want and demand that the following teams advance:

Group C
The US

Group D

Group E meh I don't care

Group F
New Zealand and Paraguay

Group G
Is (Brazil 4 - Portugal 0) (Ivory Coast 7 - North Korea 0) a pipe dream? Surely it isn't that impossible? I mean.... I can hope right? Wish upon a star? hahahah I can't even ask for this in a straight face.... but it would be AWESOME...

Group H

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wut wut? INSANITY!!!!

Whee this past week has been crazy. My store is making room for a new educational department and I've been working A LOT more than I usually do because I've done moves before, I've worked for this company for ages and I know what I'm doing, and I'm good at it. I'm exhausted too. Lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling.

In addition to that craziness I'm still doing INSANITY. I missed this past Friday's workout because Thursday was an entire day of taking down fixtures and moving heavy things and Friday morning I almost couldn't move. And this upcoming Monday I was supposed to do the Fit Test and the hour-long workout but I have an overnight tonight and there's just no way I could carve out time/energy for an 1 1/2 workout. So I did the Fit Test this morning and I'll do the hour-long workout on its regularly scheduled day.


Last time:
Switch Kicks: 62
Power Jacks: 52
Power Knees: 79
Power Jumps: 30
Globe Jumps: 10
Suicide Jumps: 17
Pushup Jacks: 20
Low Plank Oblique: 46

This time:
Switch Kicks: 75
Power Jacks: 60
Power Knees: 100
Power Jumps: 50
Globe Jumps: 11
Suicide Jumps: 20
Pushup Jacks: 24
Low Plank Oblique: 50

I'm most impressed with the Power Jumps-30 to 50. I intensely dislike power jumping. Improvement in every area-I was determined this time since last time my Fit Test was more of a Blargh Test.

So. Two more weeks of INSANITY and then I'm done. With this round. I think I'll be ordering a couple videos from Cathe Freidrich-the most intense workout DVD's I've seen besides INSANITY-and creating a month-long series with the DVD's I already own of hers. And then I'll launch back into INSANITY. And after that I'll be starting my Bataan training in October.

Always have a plan. No plan and you'll be sitting in the middle of the lake not going anywhere. You can change the plan, revise it, toss it out and create a new one, but have one. At least then you're headed somewhere.

Wulfa the Workout Maven out.