Thursday, June 24, 2010

World cup

-32 teams in the tourney.

3 CONCACAF teams (USA, Mexico, Honduras)
4 AFC teams (South Korea, North Korea, Austrailia, Japan)
1 OFC team (New Zealand)
6 CAF teams (Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Camaroon, South Africa
5 CONMEBOL teams (Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile)
13 UEFA teams(England, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland)

12 teams already advanced:
USA, Mexico
South Korea, Japan

Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile
England, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal

Teams in italics are expected by myself to advance. We'll find out tomorrow.

Success rates by region:
AFC 50%
OFC 0%(but HUGE improvement for NZ all sorts of "first this and first that". Eliminated without losing a game).
CAF 14%
UEFA 46%

So who would I like to see in the semi's? I mean like/want/desire not who I expect so don't go bashing my underdogs.

United States v Slovakia
Mexico v Japan

Who do I expect?
United States v Brazil
Portugal v Germany

But I'm still holding out for a MEXICO V UNITED STATES final. That would so utterly rock my world.

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