Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wulfa's Workout World

And my new catchphrase: "I have no time!" or, because I'm in Spanish 211 and have to speak in Spanish, "¡No tengo tiempo!"

And so I have to make sure less is more. Less time to exercise, but more intensity during the workouts. Something I can sustain over a semester of burgeoning homework. A routine, so I don't have to think about it.

And Damm, because he knows me well, promised that I'd be able to get to 2 classes at my gym per week (muchos puntos for that one:). So I've chosen Spinning on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Entonces (so then), aquĆ­ es mi horario (here is my schedule):

Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: 2 mile run, ab workout, 100 pushup program and 200 squat program
Wednesday: Spinning
Thursday: 2 mile run, ab workout, 100 pushup program and 200 squat program
Friday: Off-gaming night for Damm
Saturday: An INSANITY workout of my choice
Sunday: 2 mile run, ab workout, 100 pushup program and 200 squat program

That looks like a lot, but on my running days that will take me 40 minutes. Spinning is a 50-minute class, and the INSANITY workouts in month 1 are around 40 minutes. For me, myself, and I, that's doable. If you have never exercised before or are just starting, do not attempt that. You will be incredibly sore after Monday and may never feel the need to exercise again:)

To fuel all of this activity and the brain cells I'm using for school, I'm eating between 2600 calories and 2800 calories a day. I expect that to drop when Miniorc eventually weans himself, probably to 2200-2400 calories/day. And there are days when 2800 calories just isn't enough-and my little calorie calculator tool says that with my level of activity and breastfeeding I can actually eat around 3000 calories and still lose a bit of the baby weight I'd gained:) (

Note the number of calories. Still seems high to me-I remember days where I ate no more than 800 calories-but it's what I currently need. The guideline is to not eat less than 1200 calories, but I honestly think for most people that sends your body into starvation mode and hinders your weight-loss attempts. Good rule of thumb: calculate what you need for your height/weight/activity level (the link I've provided is the best one I've found so far) and then subtract 500 calories to lose around 1 pd/week. Or if you can't do that, subtract 250 calories-every two weeks you'll lose around a pound. Slow and steady. Develop good habits where food is concerned. I really, really don't like fad diets-I think you should never go on a program that you can't sustain for the foreseeable future (of course, there are always exceptions).

My disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, I am not a personal trainer (although I think I'll eventually become one). The only qualifications I have are a lifetime of fitness, personal battles with food, and the super-athletes on my mother's side of the family.

And Wulfa the Workout Maven is out.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is what I be doing.

Discussion Question for my Russian history class.

Why did the Bolsheviks win in 1917? You should discuss positive features about the Bolsheviks, as well as negative features about their opponents. Which of the many different positive and negative factors seem to you to be the most important?

My answer.

It seems to me that two major factors in the Bolshevik win were the peasant revolution and the unstoppable force that was Lenin.

Back in chapter one Suny said that ". . . this mass of people by its very size and importance in the economy of Russia was quite powerful" (p.8). Later on he says that the peasants were extremely unwilling to adopt new ways and were distrustful of capitalism (pp.12&13). Lenin's uncompromising stance against any negotiation with the government most peasants were coming to distrust and associate with the bourgeoisie meant that the peasantry supported the Bolsheviks. And as Suny had indicated that was a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Lenin's personality and drive also, I believe, helped the Bolsheviks win the day. The other parties seemed to have no one willing to take power, to do whatever was necessary to squash opposition. They seemed to be caught in the dangerous position of trying to please both sides; and of course no one was very happy. Lenin knew exactly what he wanted and refused to try and toe a middle ground.

Coming from a capitalist system I don't agree with the Bolshevik platform, but I do admire their tenacity, drive, and singlemindedness. It seems as though they truly believed in the rightness of their stance. And that carried the day.

This is my online course, which I'm a bit nervous about because I can't rapid-fire questions at the teacher as I think of them:) It is fun, though, to be able to see what everyone else is thinking about the subject matter. You just don't get that when you're in a big classroom.

And this discussion question was based off of our textbook-"The Soviet Experiment" by Ronald Grigor Suny. I was answering the question based on my readings so far in that textbook-I know my answer is not comprehensive and that the Bolshevik party and Lenin did some horrendous things. We haven't gotten that far yet so I couldn't include that.

Hopefully this is the kind of answer the professor wanted.

And obviously I can't post anyone else's take on the question. Privacy rights and so on:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clutter Queen

I am a Clutter Queen. I inherited the syndrome from my mother, who inherited it from her mother. I remember my mother telling me about a time my grandmother pitched all my mom's stuff out her bedroom window ... usually she was threatening to do the same thing to my overstuffed bedroom.

I do attempt to control the clutter. But I've got that packrat mentality. Someday, I might need that highschool paper I wrote. And sure enough, I'm wanting to get my hands on a paper I wrote for English on Beowulf ... my honors teacher wants thoughts on the art of translation and I read three different translations for that paper. So far I haven't found it-my packrat tendencies have failed me!

This issue comes up today because I'm setting up our school room/office and I have mounds of paper waiting to be filed/shredded. And I don't have enough room on the bookshelf we have in here for our school stuff because I have last semester's stuff still on there. And although I have a HUGE hallway closet I can stuff things into, I can't bear to look inside because then I confront all of my scrapbooking supplies. And pictures I'm not currently using. And the boxes full of stuff I can't classify.

I try to go through stuff at least once a year. School stuff once a semester. Other than that I don't have a good system for conquering the clutter in my house. And that clutter stresses me out. Some of it is the kiddos, and I won't be rid of that til they're older. But the stuff I can control-what should I do? Anyone know of a good system/book? What has worked for you?

Totally disappearing in clutter,


Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

High Society

I wish we had taken pictures. Damm was in a suit-black-with a dark blue dress shirt. He looked snazzy. I was in a swishy blue skirt and white belted short-sleeve dress shirt. The Orclette wore her shiny red dress and the Miniorc was in dark grey pants and a green polo. We were adorable. The occasion was the baptism of the son of friends of ours. They attend an Anglican church and the dress code there is a bit formal. I didn't see a single person wearing jeans, which was nice. I'm not sure I like the dressed-down look favored by modern churches. But then I like pomp and circumstance.

Afterwards we were invited to a country club for lunch. It wasn't the fanciest I'd seen, but there was considerably more silverware than I was used to. And I completely thought the rule of thumb was to work from the inside out. After a while of using the big fork I noticed that everyone else was using the smaller fork ... and I remembered that it's work from the outside in. Embarrassing moment, anyone?

The food was excellent, and the waiters were silent and efficient. I loved it. Damm felt a bit out of place-the last time he'd been to something at that level of society was at my grandparents' 50th anniversary celebration (my grandparents are comfortably wealthy). It's been a long while since I'd taken a deportment class (I was 13) and a while since I'd mixed with people who had incomes above the college student level. So I was a bit out of my league ... but that's what we'll be mixing with when Damm commissions. Best to start getting comfy:)

(And when I graduate and don't have to worry about classes I'll be reading Emily Post and how to throw parties. Because I'm a nerd and think all knowledge and social instruction can be gained from books.)

In addition it was fun to hang out with people who had little kids-there's a camaraderie there that's precious and soothing to the soul. To mine, at least. You understand and sympathize when the kiddos get loud. You can obtain baby wipes when you completely forget to restock your diaper bag. And our friends who's son was baptised-the Orc Friends (and their family and friends)-are some of the most welcoming and friendliest people I've ever met. It really felt like we were part of their family, for the day at least:) Makes me want to squeal "We have friends! And they have a kid!" really loudly and jump up and down.

But of course I won't do that. That's not proper behavior for a lady;)

Addendum: It occurred to me, after I pressed "publish post", that the label High Society can evoke images of elitism. I didn't mean to imply that at all. What I was trying to convey was a sense of the uniqueness of the day for us Orcs. It ain't often we get to dress up, attend a beautiful church, and lunch at a country club that is dripping with understated elegance. Outback is as fancy as we get:)