Saturday, February 23, 2008

Being Wulfa

A couple nights ago Daxe and I (of the glorious Pox Arcanum) decided to go bother the boys down at Grom'Gol. There weren't any cute ones around when we arrived so we trotted over the beach, whipped off our clothing, and lay back for a nice sunbath. After a while Daxe decided to take a swim, but I stayed on shore 'cause haven't any of you seen Jaws? And I swear I saw a shark ..... and then Daxe had to leave me. We cried a bit over our sad parting. Then I put my clothes back on and headed up the boat. There I met this ravishing female who of course I had to drop a few of my best lines on .... she liked 'em and responded with a few of her own. With fond waving we parted company, sighing over opportunity lost as our boats sailed away from each other .....

A couple of weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to participate in that really fun debacle. I'm not a roleplayer. My one attempt at D&D ended in tragedy and oaths that I would never try again (well, not oaths, but oaths sounded better). I just don't come out of myself, out of my shell, that easily. Beowulfa is exactly like me. Most of my other characters in some way reflect me. Wulfa does not reflect me.

It's a remarkable step for me, really. For years I've wanted that ability to let go, to create, to enter fully into another reality different from your own. My brother has it. He's a remarkable guitarist, songwriter, audio engineer type-person. He doesn't need sheet music-it's all in his head (though he can read it now-mom and I insisted on that). He can improv with anybody. Me, on the other hand, I like structure. I like my sheet music. I like metronome's. Me and Aria (my flute) can make a thing of beauty out of anything you give us as long as it's written down on paper all nice and neat. Give me lists. Give me office supplies (ooh, office supplies. /salivate). I am very down-to-earth. What's the plan (I don't come up with plans, usually, that's for the creative types), what are my resources, let's do this thing (usually, though, the creative types don't last long and it's people like me who must carry the project through)!

Ok. Have I made my point? I hope I have. But Wulfa-Wulfa has let me play around a bit. Yesterday I had a Tauren male follow from from Thunder Bluff to Camp Taurajo. He told me that "I was digitally cute" and that "You know you want (fill in blank, it came up ?!*? on my screen)". I laughed at him, in poor imitation of the BE laugh (congrats Daxe-you are the master of the laugh). He told me that I was too small anyway-I probably couldn't handle ?*!#. I flirted with him. I made sure my cute little butt was in his face. And although at first I was a bit affronted (that would be Beowulfa's emotions taking over from Wulfa), I later decided that Wulfa would've enjoyed this interchange so I let it progress. And it was fun, in a weird way. And Wulfa likes the beautiful people, no matter what the gender, so she's free to flirt, slap, kiss anyone she wants.

Beowulfa would be horrified.

P.S. Daxe is now on my favorite peoples list. He channels the Blood Elf vapid female sooo well it's like an art form.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ahh... Poxed.(ps: this is LONG)

So woo! Last night everything went awesomely. Well almost, we had one group stall due to an EVIL INTERWEB and we had some hiccups on the Tabard :p. But we were all dressed awesomely and smexy shortly.

I cannot say how exciting this has been and is. Well I can...but it isn't articulate.

Green Poxed started rolling last night. We meandered over to UC and tagged the flight point. Then we wandered out to some tower that Elips swore he needed to go to. I think he was just on a warlock beer run to the local corner store but yeah... sure I'll believe the I'm really after some dusty tome. I mean.. who choses a dusty tome over booze? Them forsaken have serious priority issues.

He opened a box(oddly surrounded by recently dead guys) and stuffed something into his backpack and said he needed to trot back to UC. So we did. While we waited on the steps he talked to other warlocks and beat down uppity demons.

Then we were off to orc lands again. Raamah needed to get something from the guts of dead thunder lizards for some warrior-jock-mating-ritual or something and Abuto had this troll guy she wanted dead. Not sure what he did to her...but with trolls you never can tell. We laid down a SWATH of dead lizards for the cowman. Seriously they died so fast it was a joke. I was getting bored...nothing to heal...

But Abuto made it interesting. Seems her love intrest...erm I mean target.. had made his home among level 13-14 pirates south of Ratchet. We all walked down there grabbing flight points. I'm still bored due to people being bad and FAILING at getting hurt. And suddenly.. it wasn't boring.

We smacked some pirate heads together, melted a few faces, dotted a few eyes, and generally wrecked havoc. My poxed finally got their act together and hurt themselves. I got to heal heal heal yaya.

We also killed this guy that the goblins wanted dead. Not sure why... I don't ask goblins why they want things... I buy their booze and walk away. But he died... and he had 5 heads! Seriously... this isn't the goblin booze talking... there was one of him and all 5 of us had a head to turn in. Crazy five headed pirates... should have gone to ninja school.

Shortly after the mutant pirate mage king died... Abuto saw that troll she used to date... errm whatever... and charged him. Raamah helped her break his teeth...and his arms.. and his skull. Then they fed the remains to Elips(I think the whole no booze only books thing makes them hungry).

We returned to Ratchet the happy owners of five mutant heads and a troll satchel. And what do the grateful townfolk say? "Go kill us some pirate cannon guys". Ungrateful retches.

Well no need to say we ignored them and shortly there after found our way to the inn for some R&R and some booze to help us forget that Elips likes to eat recently killed trolls.
The party was FUN.

I think everyone had a rockin' time and we would have gone on for another hour maybe but orclette woke up and expressed deep frustration at how we were playing like noobs and told us that until we learn to play better we had to get off and feed/cuddle her... NOW.

One thing I kept banging my head against was that the mobs died .. too fast. Its really hard to get a feel for the group(and for threat generation) when everything insta dies(almost everything).

Not to say anything bad about my group. They rocked. My rogue can solo almost anything with a simple renew. My tank doesn't get hurt almost at all and once he has something... he has it. My shadow priest kept rocking DPS and healing. My warlock dotted the world....and saved me with a well timed fear at least once maybe many times.

Me. Wulfa and Raamah eat lunch together so over lunch we were talking about it and all of us loved it. Raamah wants to go ahead and start on RFC as we were easily able to kill level 16 mobs last night and with all of us being level 11 now(I was 20 xp short last night) it should be even easier. Plus the elites mean that they'll take longer to kill which means more practice!
Tonight I got back on and leveled herbalism a little bit. Then I spent all my herbs and money and got alchemy to 76ish. I was celebrating that and mentioned I could make blackmouth oil at Alch 80 and Fuller whispers me and asks what I need to get to 80... because he has ALL OF THE BLACKMOUTH IN THE SEA in his bank. I tell him the herbs...he gives them to me... and very very shortly later I'm at alchemy 108. BOO YA.

Also our little fisher people are already fishing up firefin in STV. At level 10. Tells you something doesn't it. No... not that we're crazy.. you already knew that. Well...actually yeah...that we're nuts. And enjoying every minute of it.

Well thats all for now(told you it was long). Go over to and visit our shared blog for more stories and woo. Tell them I sent you.

A post so hard to follow ......

How does one follow on the heels of so well-written a post? I was tempted to write a short, unimaginative, bleh post just to compensate for the wonderfulness that was Dammy's tanking guide. It was the most hits ever (I think around 284), we were linked 4 times, AND it was mentioned in guild chat last night. So go Dammy!

Last night us poxers formed our guild-the Pox Arcanum. I would tell you how it went, but I can't. Wulfa has requested that honor. Apparently she had a blast last night. She was giggling so hard she couldn't get any details out but I think she's calmed down a bit. You'd think after living with two orcs for most of her life she'd have a bit of seriousness in her but nope. The vapidness that is her Blood Elf heritage has stayed with her. I apologize ahead of time.

I'm a bad shadow priest. I think I should be punished. Any of you wanna do it? I've already got the tools ready <"Wulfa! Keep it clean! I mean it!> oh she's sooo borish. Anyway, I'm a bad shadow priestess. While Sumyerki wasn't paying attention last night I took over. Don't ask me how. I'd have to kill you . I thought it would be fun. He's sooo borish sometimes, just like Beowulfa. Anyway . Daxe was on, and she's a TOTAL flirt. So I made Sumyerki start flirting. Daxe laughed at him. I told her she was a sexy devil. She slapped me. I slapped her and told her I liked it rough. She slapped me again (hey, it wasn't me that was being slapped so it was kinda fun ). I told her not to tell Beowulfa and flirted with her again. Then I started dancing with her. So much fun! Like, totally rocking! And then Sumyerki had to ruin it by noticing what was going on and warning Daxe off. Borish . I left him alone after that and starting primping for our group photo shoot (I was gorgeous, of course. I didn't notice if anyone else was ). After Sumyerki finished the BORING rank creation and placing everyone in their respective groups he let me back on to create the guild tabard. I got the colors all nice, plunked a piratey looking emblem on, and pressed accept.

"ummm, that wasn't the one we voted on."
"yeah, wasn't the skull and crossbones a different one?"

Woopsi . I flipped through the motifs again, found the correct one, pressed accept. I didn't have enough money. They make you pay for a little alteration like that!.

"(me, sheepishly) I need money."

Daxe rescued me and handed over the needed amount. I must say, the finished tabard looks HOT on me. Totally goes with my color scheme .

And then Sumyerki took me fishing in Ratchet. He showed me where all the good spots were and we got quite cozy (don't tell Beowulfa ). Once our final group member signed on (Abuto. Her pretty greenish skin tone also goes well with the guild tabard. I am soo awesome at design!) we started questing. I looked good . But then the Orclette woke up and started crying. Beo put me on babysitting duty so I HAD to go check on her and she just wouldn't stop. So I called Sumyerki in (again, don't tell Beowulfa ) and he was very helpful. Knew all the right moves (to calm Orclette, I mean). But by then it was late and we were both tired so we decided to settle down for the night. And let me tell you, hey!


Sorry about that. Don't worry, Sumyerki is Dammy's adopted brother. I really don't care what those two do together. She's just a troublemaker. It's in her blood, I suppose. Orclette has just woken up (I blame Wulfa) so I'll have to cut it short. Pox Arcanum is up and running, everybody in it is awesome, and we look forward to seeing you next week!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A tanking guide.

Here is the situation: Your guild has been busy all day long while your at work. You finally get home and log in and are informed that the GM(and main tank) is about to leave and you are now assigned tanking duty. You start to panic. You don't know what to do. And agro is already spiralling out of control.

Ever been in that situation? I have. So I decided I would write a guide for this very situation.

Step 1) Are the appropraite debuffs up?
Step 2) Do you have the tools?
Step 3) Are you practicing the fundamentals?
Step 4) Are you prepared for the long haul?
And Step 5) How to finish with a resounding silence.

Are the appropriate debuffs up?
You absolutely MUST have these debuffs up to start and you need to keep them up. There are only two of them and here they are in the order of priority:
a) Clean Diaper. If Orclette's Diaper isn't clean you won't be able to contain the agro. I don't care how good your other fundamentals are. This is a MUST HAVE and should be checked on immediantly in the first seconds.
b) Full Belly. Only slightly less important then Clean Diaper, but irreplaceable none-the-less. If you don't have this up... I pity you and your guild should seriously sit you down and talk about your role in all of this.
c) Fully Rested. This is both a debuff for Orclette and a buff for you. It helps, but isn't mandatory.

Do you have the tools?
Now for most instances I use [Daddy's Car keys] [Big Blue Plastic Donut] and [Old Cellphone]. These will work fine. But if you are in a heroic you'll need the following:
[Mommy's Car keys] [Uncles Cellphone] [Shoelaces] and [Plastic Cup]

I've seen the lure of using [Unplugged Wires] [Uncle's Laptop] but really I think these just build bad habits that will be disasterious later.

Are you practicing the fundamentals?
Eye contact! Maintain Eye contact at all times. Just because Orclette looks away doesn't mean you can afford to. She's fast. She'll sprint away from you and cause untold damage. Or she'll catch you not maintaining eye contact and will devestate you with an agro erruption.

Positioning. Don't let yourself get into a spot you can't easily get out of. Like I mentioned in the paragraph above. Orclettes are fast. You have to be ready.

Are you prepared for the long haul?
Orclette agro can last hours. I know of at least one time I've tanked her for 11+ hrs. Wulfa has pulled 20+ hr stunts(but she's in T7 mom gear and several levels more elite than I). You must be prepared. Keep easy make edibles nearbye. Make certain you have enough materials to keep the Full Belly and Clean Diaper debuffs up. If you are lucky you'll see the Orclette go into Sleep form several times and life will be easy. If you aren't lucky.... Well I pity you.

How to finish with a resounding silence.
Speaking of sleep mode. Depending on the server time you can trigger this mode if you are careful about it. Pick the orclette up using [Goblin Made Chest-Carry Device]. Carefully then trigger [Warm Cuddly Blanket] and begin using a slow soft jogging motion while you walk around in circles.

If all your debuffs are up and the timing is right you'll force a sleep mode that can last for hours. This saves you a TON of energy and resources.

Well... I hope that was helpful. Maybe I'll do some theory crafting on what your stats need to look like next time. But thats all I have for now.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of popup links. I think WOWhead must be down because I can't find any of the gear to link to. :P

Just a quickie . . .

What should the ranks of Pox Arcanum be called? I really have no ideas of my own so have at it! Although please not too many, I will be overwhelmed with all the awesomeness.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Gadget! Gadget! Gadget!

I want to go on record saying I don't like ratings. I don't like rating things.

And now that that is done, I want you to know that if yer gonna make a toy. PLEASE, please make it as simple and as easy to install as this.

I love these guys now. I clicked because I was curious. I actually installed it because it was crazy easy. Easy = good.

Oh and they even have a press-release page.

If I had a company, I would want to hire people who produce stuff like these guys. If they come out with products in the future I want to know.

Yeah. So go enjoy. And yes I do know that I write like a lap dog on speed who just saw his favorite chew toy.

I choked last night

Yes, I choked last night. And don't worry, I'll be fine. It's only my pride that was harmed. You see, I choked on a lvl 48 priestie. A squishy priestie that I should've been able to take (at least give a really good fight). But I choked.

My new pet (ooh, I forgot to mention that. Susan is taking some r&r at the moment and I went out and captured King Bang-somethingorother from Stranglethorn Vale. He's pretty and his name is Twilight) and I were farming mageweave for Dammy in Tanaris. I have humanoid tracking on by default when I'm on Beowulfa at night 'cause I at least like to see what's hitting me, even if it only takes one hit. The mobs were easy, I was alternating using bestial wrath and intimidation depending on how many I decided to attack at once. We were finishing up a mob when I saw the telltale red dot. I still had most of my mana (I like to conserve conserve conserve-might be because I'm just slightly ocd and I don't like the bars to disappear) and Twilight was in top form. The priestie hit me as I was turning around because Twilight, who was on defensive, was already charging him. I cranked on bestial wrath. And that's where I choked. I must admit that I was an embarrassment to the hunter class. I didn't even fire a shot (that I can remember). I died very swiftly (which was perhaps good-my humiliation didn't last too long).

Priestie was not the camping type so we had no problems running around Tanaris the rest of the evening farming with me musing on what I could have done better, aside from actually firing a few shots, which as a hunter is a really good thing to do. I should have hunter's marked the squishie, bestial wrath (which I did), fired the mana-draining shot, arcane shot, perhaps rapid fire, oh hey, I could even have turned on my orc rage racial trait thingy. I shouldn't have tried to move away, in the process bothering some of the ogre mobs. I think I had kiting on my mind and forgot that I can't do that yet . . . need to practice. I just saw BRK's video on that. I must say, his voice is different than I imagined it. It wasn't a bad voice, I just expected something really deep and sonorous. It was a pleasant, mid-range voice. Anyway. I apologize to the hunting community. I will do better next time.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Too much time.

So today is a holiday. Which means that for my work place life is dreary slow.

A few book-keeping items: I think we've decided to no longer make any effort to post on weekends, so we will become a M-F sometimes Saturday blog. And the other item is that after I post this I plan to put our planned posting schedule in one of the paragraphs above and to the left.

Also I think I'm going to add a section linking to all of the Pox Arcanum people as well.

I suddenly realized I have very little to say today. /meanders off for now.