Thursday, February 21, 2008

A post so hard to follow ......

How does one follow on the heels of so well-written a post? I was tempted to write a short, unimaginative, bleh post just to compensate for the wonderfulness that was Dammy's tanking guide. It was the most hits ever (I think around 284), we were linked 4 times, AND it was mentioned in guild chat last night. So go Dammy!

Last night us poxers formed our guild-the Pox Arcanum. I would tell you how it went, but I can't. Wulfa has requested that honor. Apparently she had a blast last night. She was giggling so hard she couldn't get any details out but I think she's calmed down a bit. You'd think after living with two orcs for most of her life she'd have a bit of seriousness in her but nope. The vapidness that is her Blood Elf heritage has stayed with her. I apologize ahead of time.

I'm a bad shadow priest. I think I should be punished. Any of you wanna do it? I've already got the tools ready <"Wulfa! Keep it clean! I mean it!> oh she's sooo borish. Anyway, I'm a bad shadow priestess. While Sumyerki wasn't paying attention last night I took over. Don't ask me how. I'd have to kill you . I thought it would be fun. He's sooo borish sometimes, just like Beowulfa. Anyway . Daxe was on, and she's a TOTAL flirt. So I made Sumyerki start flirting. Daxe laughed at him. I told her she was a sexy devil. She slapped me. I slapped her and told her I liked it rough. She slapped me again (hey, it wasn't me that was being slapped so it was kinda fun ). I told her not to tell Beowulfa and flirted with her again. Then I started dancing with her. So much fun! Like, totally rocking! And then Sumyerki had to ruin it by noticing what was going on and warning Daxe off. Borish . I left him alone after that and starting primping for our group photo shoot (I was gorgeous, of course. I didn't notice if anyone else was ). After Sumyerki finished the BORING rank creation and placing everyone in their respective groups he let me back on to create the guild tabard. I got the colors all nice, plunked a piratey looking emblem on, and pressed accept.

"ummm, that wasn't the one we voted on."
"yeah, wasn't the skull and crossbones a different one?"

Woopsi . I flipped through the motifs again, found the correct one, pressed accept. I didn't have enough money. They make you pay for a little alteration like that!.

"(me, sheepishly) I need money."

Daxe rescued me and handed over the needed amount. I must say, the finished tabard looks HOT on me. Totally goes with my color scheme .

And then Sumyerki took me fishing in Ratchet. He showed me where all the good spots were and we got quite cozy (don't tell Beowulfa ). Once our final group member signed on (Abuto. Her pretty greenish skin tone also goes well with the guild tabard. I am soo awesome at design!) we started questing. I looked good . But then the Orclette woke up and started crying. Beo put me on babysitting duty so I HAD to go check on her and she just wouldn't stop. So I called Sumyerki in (again, don't tell Beowulfa ) and he was very helpful. Knew all the right moves (to calm Orclette, I mean). But by then it was late and we were both tired so we decided to settle down for the night. And let me tell you, hey!


Sorry about that. Don't worry, Sumyerki is Dammy's adopted brother. I really don't care what those two do together. She's just a troublemaker. It's in her blood, I suppose. Orclette has just woken up (I blame Wulfa) so I'll have to cut it short. Pox Arcanum is up and running, everybody in it is awesome, and we look forward to seeing you next week!



Dammerung said...

Yeah we had a blast last night. I can't wait to see what the others write.

The poor purples got ambushed by the interweb but they should be rocking soon. I hope.

Daxenos said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha.....ah ha ha ha.....ahhhhhhhhh!

You know you *only* look so good because you're wearing my Signature series....copycat!

Besides, EVERYONE knows who the best looking Poxer! Remember:

Mirror's don't lie, and lucky for you, THEY DON'T LAUGH!!

hahahahahahahahahaha......ah ha ha ha.......ahhhhhhhhh