Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I choked last night

Yes, I choked last night. And don't worry, I'll be fine. It's only my pride that was harmed. You see, I choked on a lvl 48 priestie. A squishy priestie that I should've been able to take (at least give a really good fight). But I choked.

My new pet (ooh, I forgot to mention that. Susan is taking some r&r at the moment and I went out and captured King Bang-somethingorother from Stranglethorn Vale. He's pretty and his name is Twilight) and I were farming mageweave for Dammy in Tanaris. I have humanoid tracking on by default when I'm on Beowulfa at night 'cause I at least like to see what's hitting me, even if it only takes one hit. The mobs were easy, I was alternating using bestial wrath and intimidation depending on how many I decided to attack at once. We were finishing up a mob when I saw the telltale red dot. I still had most of my mana (I like to conserve conserve conserve-might be because I'm just slightly ocd and I don't like the bars to disappear) and Twilight was in top form. The priestie hit me as I was turning around because Twilight, who was on defensive, was already charging him. I cranked on bestial wrath. And that's where I choked. I must admit that I was an embarrassment to the hunter class. I didn't even fire a shot (that I can remember). I died very swiftly (which was perhaps good-my humiliation didn't last too long).

Priestie was not the camping type so we had no problems running around Tanaris the rest of the evening farming with me musing on what I could have done better, aside from actually firing a few shots, which as a hunter is a really good thing to do. I should have hunter's marked the squishie, bestial wrath (which I did), fired the mana-draining shot, arcane shot, perhaps rapid fire, oh hey, I could even have turned on my orc rage racial trait thingy. I shouldn't have tried to move away, in the process bothering some of the ogre mobs. I think I had kiting on my mind and forgot that I can't do that yet . . . need to practice. I just saw BRK's video on that. I must say, his voice is different than I imagined it. It wasn't a bad voice, I just expected something really deep and sonorous. It was a pleasant, mid-range voice. Anyway. I apologize to the hunting community. I will do better next time.


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Stale said...

I wouldn't worry, Shad Priests are MASSIVELY overpowered from 40-55. Once they hit 60+ everyone is better.

They have:
1. Vampiric Embrace (heals when you deal damage.)
2. Shad Word Pain (Very high damage for the lvl.)
3. Fear (You are running around like a raving lunatic.)
4. They can heal if all goes bad.
5. Some OP racial that only priests get like Starshards or Devouring Plague that will kick you @$$ back to the 80's because its high damage for its lvl as well.