Saturday, February 23, 2008

Being Wulfa

A couple nights ago Daxe and I (of the glorious Pox Arcanum) decided to go bother the boys down at Grom'Gol. There weren't any cute ones around when we arrived so we trotted over the beach, whipped off our clothing, and lay back for a nice sunbath. After a while Daxe decided to take a swim, but I stayed on shore 'cause haven't any of you seen Jaws? And I swear I saw a shark ..... and then Daxe had to leave me. We cried a bit over our sad parting. Then I put my clothes back on and headed up the boat. There I met this ravishing female who of course I had to drop a few of my best lines on .... she liked 'em and responded with a few of her own. With fond waving we parted company, sighing over opportunity lost as our boats sailed away from each other .....

A couple of weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to participate in that really fun debacle. I'm not a roleplayer. My one attempt at D&D ended in tragedy and oaths that I would never try again (well, not oaths, but oaths sounded better). I just don't come out of myself, out of my shell, that easily. Beowulfa is exactly like me. Most of my other characters in some way reflect me. Wulfa does not reflect me.

It's a remarkable step for me, really. For years I've wanted that ability to let go, to create, to enter fully into another reality different from your own. My brother has it. He's a remarkable guitarist, songwriter, audio engineer type-person. He doesn't need sheet music-it's all in his head (though he can read it now-mom and I insisted on that). He can improv with anybody. Me, on the other hand, I like structure. I like my sheet music. I like metronome's. Me and Aria (my flute) can make a thing of beauty out of anything you give us as long as it's written down on paper all nice and neat. Give me lists. Give me office supplies (ooh, office supplies. /salivate). I am very down-to-earth. What's the plan (I don't come up with plans, usually, that's for the creative types), what are my resources, let's do this thing (usually, though, the creative types don't last long and it's people like me who must carry the project through)!

Ok. Have I made my point? I hope I have. But Wulfa-Wulfa has let me play around a bit. Yesterday I had a Tauren male follow from from Thunder Bluff to Camp Taurajo. He told me that "I was digitally cute" and that "You know you want (fill in blank, it came up ?!*? on my screen)". I laughed at him, in poor imitation of the BE laugh (congrats Daxe-you are the master of the laugh). He told me that I was too small anyway-I probably couldn't handle ?*!#. I flirted with him. I made sure my cute little butt was in his face. And although at first I was a bit affronted (that would be Beowulfa's emotions taking over from Wulfa), I later decided that Wulfa would've enjoyed this interchange so I let it progress. And it was fun, in a weird way. And Wulfa likes the beautiful people, no matter what the gender, so she's free to flirt, slap, kiss anyone she wants.

Beowulfa would be horrified.

P.S. Daxe is now on my favorite peoples list. He channels the Blood Elf vapid female sooo well it's like an art form.

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Daxenos said...

lol. I have to say, that personality is unique to Daxe for my BE's. I rolled a BE hunter over on Ravencrest because I wanted to see the Horde side solo.

Her name is Daxen, and she's quite a bit more serious.....