Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a quickie . . .

What should the ranks of Pox Arcanum be called? I really have no ideas of my own so have at it! Although please not too many, I will be overwhelmed with all the awesomeness.


Dammerung said...

Well I think that all guild ranks should have the same authority
settings/access for the most part. We're all equally a part of this
and trying to do everything from concencoius(sp?).

I had two ideas for how the guild names/ranks would work:

1) Each person would be given a rank with the same name as their
group. Ie: Daxe would have the rank Purple Poxer. This would work
fine since as I said above everyone would have the same access to bank
tabs/notes/what all. I like this idea the most.

2) Ranks could be simply level based. We would have 8 ranks:

I'm not sure what the names for each rank would be but we could come
up with something I'm sure. Again to really pound the idea in. The
ranks will not give you any privelages you did not have at rank-the-
lowest. We're all equals, we're just trying to have spiffy names to
go along with it.

Daxenos said...

1. GM - Chief Poxic
2. Green Poxed
3. Purple Poxers
4. Yellow Poxless
5. Birthday Ninny

Add ranks between 4 and 5 as more groups are added. Demote anyone whose birthday becomes public knowledge on that special day!

That's it. Simple, concise, and....from me!!


Luciel said...

This is going to sound weird.

Since we're a pox. Why not go with virus names?

1-9 Common Cold
10-19 Flu bug
20-29 Chicken Pox
30-39 Staph Infection
40-49 West Nile Virus
50-59 Avian Flu
60-69 Denge Fever
70 Black Plague

Just a would be funny though lol