Saturday, December 1, 2007


A few things have changed. I removed the signatures for now. I did not like having to update them and when I'm at work the html doesn't work. Also I have added a labels section that should allow people to navigate easily so they can skip my posts and just read Beowulfa's.

Me and PrettyOrc were discussing the blog and where I want it to go and we decided that she is going to try and be more involved and I am going to try and not just post junk, but actually think out my posts in advance. There will be three different types of topics we will be writing hopefully. Blue will be a story or story-like post that should be completely in character. I am going to try and write one a week. Pink will be Beowulfa and she is going to try and post a few times a week. Black will be myself and will have updates, thoughts and any random linkage I may have. Green as always will be edits or comments to whatever we are writing.

There is nothing wrong with random posts. TJ does this and it works incredibly well for her. She is awesome like that. Way awesome. However both me and Beowulfa would like a site that is:
1) Informative and helpful to new people playing WoW. (BRK, CoB for warlocks)
2) Sounds professional, looks professional, with well written posts(like Ego).
3) Has in character posts that read like a chapter from a book. A good book hopefully. This is mostly writing practice for myself as I really would like to write.(Ratshag is my IC hero.)

This doesn't mean I'm going to be any less random. I'm a fractured squirrel on caffeine III.(I bet you didn't know there was a caffeine III)[well there is]{and I plan to pass it out to the gnomes as part of my war on the alliance}. It just means that I'm going to =try- and focus that scattered energy into something constructive.

Now you shall have to excuse me as I plan to get someone to level 15 or 17 tonight and I have already spent a great deal of time today handling baby poop. On the diaper, on the baby, on the britches, on my britches as well, on the car seat(the one she rides in), on the car seat(passenger side), on the blanket, almost on the jacket.


p.s. Don't downrank on diapers. Not even to save mana. Treat them like heroic instances. Cast your highest as fast as you can. Size 3 diapers on a size 4 baby = mess. It doesn't matter if she JUST went(and had a blowout that time with a size 4 diaper). She has reincarnation, she will use it, she is not out of mana, she WILL get you as you are looting her diaper bag.

Since it is late I think I'll get away with this. Incase Kat or Ratshag come wandering over here mad at me for my comments on her site....VOX HATES ME. I tried to post this:

Dang you Ratshag. I was going to say that.



Gnome(evil)[check]{nuked innocent civilians in own city because of a rat problem}

Wait a second....

[searches records from gnomevale]

{List of City Planning and Pest Control Board}
Mr. Whoreallythinksaboutthings
Miss Hydragyrum
Mr. Alwaysagreeswiththechicks

Vote to nuke the city: 2 yay 1 nay.


Instead I just posted this:

Dang you Ratshag.

I'm so very confused. I quit for now. I'm off to play WoW.

[4min later]
Or not. My birthday present requires that I download the dumb game for this account. /sigh

Blah blah blah you can't play wow if you haven't installed burning crusade on this computer because you activated yer birthday present. Begin 2 hour download.

Computers hate me.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Introducing an alt.

What is it that makes you who you are?

Is it your name? My name is Zujoo. Does this make me a troll? Or maybe an Imp?

Is it your clothing? I wear light cloth as leather smells like dead animals and mail and plate are just too bulky. Does this make me a fancy city person? Or a mage?

Perhaps it is your attitude? I'm shy, fractured, frantic and easily distracted. I like helping others and giving away money. Am I a cloistered monk? Or maybe a librarian.

Maybe it is your weapon... A nice shiny dagger for me. Perfect for eating apples and whittling. Also for cutting fishing lines and poles and gutting fish. Am I a sailor? Or a barefoot boy on the beach?

Your job can also define you. I'm studying to be a tailor. I plan to make a living selling enchanted shirts and hats. But this is not who I am.

I am Zujoo.

I am the quiet shadow under the tree.

I am the sound the stars make as they go out.

I am the dark rock at the bottom of the pool.
I am Zujoo. I am an Orc. And I am a warlock.

Too distracted to think of a real post and sides hers was better.

Another couple. This one is blue.

Nice clear guide for newbie warlocks, and a nice site.

That is all.


This! Muhahah! I have plans my dear Beowulfa plans!

And in other news someone is cool. I want dem hats.

And the final time I link her today. If you haven't figured out I like this site then yer worse off than a drunk dwarf:

With no further ado:

Another Hunter who does PvP and some of her thoughts on Arathi Basin.

More PvP goodness and guides. I'm feeling researchy.

Also I was allowed to make an alt to fiddle with a bit. Maybe this will make Dammerung a bit less boring(atm he is). Maybe this will be my new main. Dunno.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Warsong Gulch

For the very first time ever I played in the battlegrounds. Why did I wait, you might ask? Because I was told hunters didn't do very well. I won't say who told me that. Anyway, it was awesome fun. The Horde lost each time but I experienced the joy killing enemy players brings. I garnered more kills and honor points than orcish hubby who has done battlegrounds before. I very neatly placed my freezing traps and once or twice prevented an Alli from escaping with my flag. The little warlocks and rogues were horrible. I'd kill the warlock and then seconds later find myself in the graveyard. I neglected to notice all the leaches they had put on me. And the rogues! I'd put on hidden tracking and Hunter's Mark them but they still managed to stun me and then dance around in glee as they slowly stabbed me to death. Once though I won that dance (granted the rogue was almost dead and wasn't trying very hard to kill me but rather get away). The other classes didn't bother me much. Dammy commented that each player fears different classes. My question was, who fears hunters? I didn't feel very feared. But I'll be going back. I have acquired a taste for Alli blood and they're all my level (no ?? dudes killing me at random. I have yet to meet an Alli guy that's within 4 levels of me running round doin' my daily grind). And there are more of these battleground things like the Arathi Basin. FOR THE HORDE!


Some late afternoon thoughts as I already have my work done for the day.

I really really want to party. I really do. I stare at holy priest and feral bear tank druid and drool. Dps can eat dirt... I want to be known and appreciated and loved for my awesomeness at keeping you alive so that you can hurt things. But PUGing scares me bad. What if I join a party and I run into one of those guys on Barrens chat? What if I join and I'm partying with a swear-o-holic? What if I join and I'm partying with a poor newbie who is wearing gear 20 levels below them? /shiver.

All of this will -easily- be solved in about 5 years when my darling orclette can sleep by herself while mommy and daddy trot off to do .(Yeah we can get a sitter but orclette cries the ENTIRE time we're gone and we are wimpy people who can't stand that, so it only happens really rarely)[also we only have one family we know well enough to let them watch our child].

But in the mean time I'm torn between the desire to get to 70 as quickly as possible(this means not starting over after reaching level 27) and the desire to party as a main healer/tank. I'm researching the healing path of shaman but I never really considered it viable for me. We'll see though if I ever earn enough 'extra' gold to respec.

This brings something to mind. The difference between play style and rp style.

I'm going to define play style as: "What you would do if your character looked like a classical pawn and your class was 'player'." Ie: I would like to see big large numbers. Or I would like to help others do better. Or I would like to survive anything, everything...doesn't matter if my damage sucks.

Rp style? This I'm going to define as who I think my player is. Dark brooding hero, lovable boom, animal master, controller of demons.

Where am I going with this? Well I am conflicted. I LOVE instant cast DOT spells. I love pets. I like to solo and I like to be able to ress myself instead of walking back.

However I hate Demons. The idea of a class that consorts with darkness completely bothers me. If I lived in a RL azeroth I'd be petitioning for a 'witch' hunt. This isn't like RL where religion might be debated.... IN AZEROTH WE KNOW THAT PEOPLE WHO WORK WITH DEMONS ARE BAD.(TJ yer forgiven I know you really wish yer blueberry was a pink fluffy bear with a heart on its chest.)

I know this is just a game and I've played a lock but the flavor still bothers me and I doubt I will ever have a warlock as a main because of it.

Classes I would chose for RP: Warrior, Hunter, Holy Priest, Mage

I know that Warrior is what I would like to be. Roaming around in Plate with a rune etched broadblade and an obsidian shield emblazoned with an icy blue sigil. But I don't like the rage mechanics and I hate how gear dependant I am.

Classes I would chose for play: Warlock, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Druid, Shaman

Anyone else have issues like this? Where you want to -be- one thing and -play- another?


Some people cannot make up their mind.

TDP changed her site again. I like the layout. I miss the blue. Posted by Dammerung at 11/29/2007 11:02:00 AM 0 comments

TDP changed her site again. I like the blue. I miss the layout. Posted by Dammerung at 11/29/2007 3:00:00 PM 0 comments

And in other news I've been promised it will return. I await it orcishly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Late night PVP thoughts.

It is funny sometimes how off balance the lower level battle grounds can be. 10 alliance level 29's vs 10 horde average level.........25. Myself being the 2nd highest in our group. I led in honor kills and healing on my 2nd win. I led in damage and healing and was second in kills in my last game(my 4th loss and 6th game total).

Generally I follow Goeben's advice( I think it was goeben). I find someone level 29ish who looks well geared and I follow them around. If they attack. I attack. If they play D, I set up totems and get ready to do my best to slow down enemy flagthiefs.

With regards to abilities: Ice shock is my best weapon. Purge comes into play when I'm with a good group(2-3) of players that work as a team. Any time I run past a group of alliance I drop -some- sort of fire totem. Lightning shield is always up and I use icebrand on my weapon. The slowing affect is more valuable then the damage. I heal any and every person I see who has less than 70% healing...that is if they don't run the other direction and I can't ever get in range.

Classes I love: Hunters, Priests, Warriors, Paladins. In no particular order. Paladins are perhaps the easiest to follow. Hunters with their ice traps and charge-stun pets.... ooo yay. Priests heal, so I don't feel bad about blasting. If I had an instant cast heal I would heal more.

Classes I hate: priests(oooo I hate them), warlocks, warriors, paladins. In that order. Priests are hated because they keep casting a bubbly spell on .....wait a second that might be paladins. Whatever spell it is that causes enemy players to evade all attacks for so many seconds. The class that does that. I hate them. Priests+warlocks for fearish affects. Warriors because being stunned is so very very frustrating.

I like playing intercept the enemy flag runner. I like playing escort the friendly flag runner. I hate hate hate running the flag. I tried this twice and won't do it ever again. Under any circumstances. I like healing people but my heals are so very very slow and do so little that its almost not worth it. But most of all I like running up on a fleeing squishy, ICESHOCK, CRIT, FLAMETOTEM, EARTHSHOCK, CRIT whee. They die so very fast. Hunters do too but every time I tangle with one I end up losing him and getting eaten by the pet.

I need to bring a lot of health potions. These would be priceless to me as I'm usually about 300 health away from killing -anyone- else when its 1v1. If I had that potion(and when I have had one) I win. When I don't or the timer isn't up. I die and they have a TINY sliver of health left. This includes the level 29 druid I nearly killed when I was level 25.

Well. I think I gained about 150 honor. I know I have 10 marks and a 2-4 win/loss record. This shall be rectified.


Good night.


Some more fun.

Went over to TJ's place. Found out she hadn't posted anything new yet(slacker).

Followed her links to here:

Figured I'd throw it out there but you guys probably read her already. I'm always the late one to the party.

This was particularly valid.

Can't cause mental damage if it doesn't land.

Lynda has a little function on her blog that counts hit thingies.

I want one of these. This-a-way I can say "oh no my blog is not getting enough hits! I should stop being enhancement and respec restoration for the +3% to hit!"

I want to keep my BDPS up to proper levels. Thisway I might get invited on an epic blograid or something like that.

I'm sure they have epic blograids.

For love.

Dear Beowulfa,

I was looking for a place for us to live and I think I have found one. In Ashenvale near the Western River, South of Raynewood Retreat is a quiet little hollow just off the road. The trees and a ridge help keep it lightly traveled and give it a secluded feel.

The river is nearby for me to go fishing and in our front yard are plenty of bears for Susan to eat. The cave is small but we can expand it into the hill with little effort. There is a loud walking elf tree that looks to be about 35 seasons old that wanders nearby but I have never seen him enter the hollow.

Also being near the road means it is just a quick jaunt east to Splintertree and a bat post. And for those times when we just want to be by ourselves we can walk to a moonpool just NW of Raynewood. There is an annoying little deerlady there but she is easily removed and then we can sit in the moonpool and throw bearbones for Susan to fetch.

Orclette will love the place. Its quiet and calm unlike the noisy Barrens and ugly Durotaur. And plenty of animals near by for her to practice taming.

Please take a look at the place if you are nearby. I think it is awesome.

As always, I love you and forever will,


Also my dear. Please forgive my idiotic comments. BM can PVP.

Long because I don't know how to cut it short like BBB does.

Susan is ownage. Seriously. That big ugly raptorchick just rips the mobs right off of me. No matter how desperately dpsing I am. Beowulfa whines about me charging forwards but.. She's a hunter...these mobs are only 3 levels higher than us. This is -easy- talk. Sides like I said: Susan can rip any mob off of me if she has any time at all.

PrettyOrc done good when she picked that one out of the raptor litter.

When duoing I'm pretty frantic. I look right, run left agro this, blast that and generally have NO FREAKIN CLUE where/what/who I am. Beowulfa hates following me around in areas. Now part of this is because when you are not in an instance or in a dungeon the mobs are all scattered about and its hard to decide which way you are going to go. I'll try to give a brief list of my -plans- not what I do...but what I plan to do:

1) Heal anyone who has a health bar like this: #####__________________

2) Try to remember to throw up totems somewhere... Ooo an Iron deposit...maybe it wants
a mana spring totem it looks lonely

3) Try to not to aggro 100 mobs at once.

4) Keep a weather eye out for dem allygoons.

5) Plan ahead to the next quest because Beowulfa/Susan are tearing through everything.

6) Run attack any mob that Susan already has. Hit with stick. Hope for crit(currently each crit does 280-335 damage now. Yay!).
Dear other-Shaman,
I am so very sorry. I was wrong. Crits are awesome. I just hated my staff. I apologize and will be enhancement again soon.

Now that I've started playing around with macros I've stopped paying attention to my spell damage. And started seeing my melee crits. I think my axe does more damage than my staff does on a crit.(this isn't theory crafting this is superstition). Anyways just recently with regearing towards str for the extra melee damage and using my new axe I often(read at least 3 times in an hour period) crit for 330+ and I generally crit a lot. But I have 5% less crit then I had before I respecced. And I could be getting flurry. How I hate me some days.

I joined WarsongBleh last night.

I love PVP, for now.

I was the top horde healer(mostly by default because our group was .... fractured is a nice word for it). I was in the top 8? on damage for the horde(at level 26... this is surprising and hopefully not an aberration). Shocks own. Seeing an ally running away and then freezing them with IS followed up by a healthy dose of bloodlust modified 2handed axe is lovely. Also for some reason last night everyone ignored my fire totems. I am going to have to start dropping them as often as possible now.
Random observations:

1) It is a lot harder to stay in melee with people(duh) unless they are running away while frozen.

2) Purge is angelic. I ran around spamming it on everyone I could. Especially the Paladins.

3) I never ever once used lightning bolt. I respecced' ele for the shocks.
I hate the long casts on lightning bolt, and am not willing to sit still while a warrior beats my skull in .

4) TWO HANDED WEAPONS. If you are only going to hit someone once every 3 seconds anyways because they keep moving.... Why not make the most of it.

5) It really is surprising how completely fractured people can be. It is worth it to just sit by the flag for a few minutes and ORGANIZE. One group to run for their flag. One group to defend ours. One or two healers/rogues possibly to stay in the middle and ambush/help flag runners. I know this probably isn't an optimal plan but its better than screaming at the mage for picking up the flag and then yelling at people back and forth. /sigh

Stuff was here and was edited out.

Well thats about it.


p.s. Can you tell that I change my mind a lot about things?

A dumb question was removed. I didn't like it that's why :P.

My pet is never allowed to tank

So little orclette fell asleep early last night and I decided to get on and perhaps finish a few quests. Lo and behold I ran into my orcish hubby in the Charred Vale and we decided to party. /sigh. We come to the first raging inferno-type thing that is just waiting to devour us and Dammy rushes in. I sent my pet in and fired a few shots but felt somewhat ineffectual. I guess it was heroic of my hubby to want to rush in and destroy the monster for me, you know, man-hero type-stuff but I can handle monsters. Been doin' it my whole life. It's what I signed up for. But that's pretty much how it went the entire night. Granted, when we are up against higher lvl mobs he does tend to sit back a bit more and let me and my pet (Susan :) do our thing. Which we do pretty well, might I add. I AM BEAST MASTER. So asking for a BRK mug for me and a BRK one-piece for my little orclette for Christmas. I am shamelessly advertising. If you are wondering what I am talking about go to Big Red Kitty's website (see links) and check out his store. Although I doubt there are many people out there who have not heard of BRK.


Edited adding the links that someone was talking about and also to say: we were killing trash mobs... all I was doing was ES + one swing of my axe. Nothing special.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This makes me so very very very curious

And I quote:

The Web category "Malicious Web Sites" is filtered.



Having been accused of being evil during lunch I now make up for it, or try to.


Before reading my evil post.

Mmmmm....Pecan Pie.... its like fishing instead of RP

I halfway like Pumpkin pie but otherwise Eggo is dead on.

So if the gekko is one * and the baby is two * and the demonic ponytail is three *** does that make her a gekko baby?

BRK's story made me laugh. It also brought back memories for my Dad, 18 years in the Air Force. Yay for Dads. Mine rocks. Even if he makes Orclette hard to find by purchasing pink and cammo outfits for her over and over again in the hopes that she'll takeup bow(or any other)hunting when she grows up.

I love fishing. I had a long discussion with Moonsongdown that went something like this:
Me: "No seriously I need an alt because Dammerung hates xping"
MSD: "Blah blah blah roleplaying I don't care about you roleplaying"
Me: "I'm not roleplaying... if I log in as Dammer then I'm fishing. Thats what I want to do thats what I will do. Fish. A lot. I got seriously annoyed at that rogue the other night. Not because he attacked me....but because he interupted my fishing"
MSD: "Blah blah blah blah"
Me: "Its crazy fun, I just spent two hours reading a fishing site for locations and gear descriptions and I'm planning on how I'll spend my weekends hunting for this or that fish. Dunno why.... its not like its highly interactive. But yeah..."

Also I've claimed to make anywhere from 15g to 25g in 20 min fishing(this is roughly true....but also: I make 25g an hour... its burst gold :P....oh and did I mention I'm a fisherman the fish was THIS LONG I swear). So my youngest brother who is going to be freezing his account so he can play FFXI is leaving and I hit him up for his gold.... and he says: "If you can make 15g in 20 min why do you need my gold. I don't want to give you my gold you just waste it."
Me: "I want to buy things and I give all my sellables to Beowulfa"
Him: "What do you want to buy? And why don't you just keep some for yourself"
Me: "um.... things...... And because she is my accountant"
Him: "things? What things? And why?"
Me: "THINGS DANG IT... I don't know..."


Me: "and she controls the gold because I get spendy sometimes......."

Yeah. I hate him too. Don't you hate him? Trapping me like that. Jerk :P

Well work just got busy for now bleh. This will be edited with more later.

/utter surprise at the purple below

Faster leveling

Woo! In about 2-3 hours of playing I progressed from lvl 25 to 27. All I did was farm (or is it grind?) about a bit and turn in a few quests. I love whatever Blizzard did to facilitate leveling.

I'm currently doing the "I have money dance." I know it is probably a paltry amount but it's the most I've ever had. This is due to loving orc hubby handing over all he makes/finds. Puts a new spin on "what's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine." But hunky orc hubby is too easily distracted by shinies so gold is much safer in my hands.

I've decided that were my little orclette to be a character in game her name would be "Ravening Munchkin." She is a fine specimen, top of her class in length and weight. Had to go through all her little clothes to weed out the too-small outfits and was left with precious little. Props to her though for sleeping away the day yesterday thus enabling me to play and level the aforementioned times.

I'm very excited that my leatherworking is fast approaching 200 when I get to start down the dragonscale mail-making path. Unfortunately my leatherworking skill is way ahead of my actual level so I have a long ways to wait before I can actually wear any of my craft. I think I also have to be much higher levels to train to expert and artisan leatherworking. Oh well.

No more random thoughts on the WOW aspect of my life and my little orclette is being cute and demanding attention.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Another short but sweet post

Shamadin! Fun blog I've read once but figured I'd link to because that once was fun. Not sure if two different people are posting here but there are deffinitly two characters. A shaman and a paladin. Yay! Actually I think it is two different people but /shrug you know?

3 minutes left at work then a flurry of shopping, babywatching, eating and general daddy/husbanding.

I posted in a comment on MBB's site that I would deffinitly roll a priest next but warlock orc makes me curious today. Curse my vacilitating state. Clarifying: when I make an alt after me and PrettyOrc get to level 50+.... This may never happen... 4:55pm about to get off kindof thinking you know.



Woo! Thanks to Kaliope I found out about El. Which let me know where I could find Raw Sagefish. I'm a very very happy orc.

As soon as I get off work, and eat dinner, and hold orclette while PrettyOrc plays then I'm gonna rush my green butt over there----> to that lake and get me some sagefish.

Something I came across when reading El's site: Server Time. How do you tell what time it is server time? is this the time that shows up on the little sun/moon just ne of your minimap? <---is planning on some extravaganza goodness this next Sunday.

Ding 25!

I finally caught up with Beowulfa. Mostly because the Quillboar Warfrenzies were nice to her(shield dropped on about the 5th one). I had to kill 31 of the ungrateful wretches. I got expert cooking and am now in bootybay. Once I find that book I'll be good to go.

I wish firefin sold faster. I have 3 stacks of the stuff and am almost tempted to bottom out the market just for kicks.

OH I just remembered... I'm here fishing on this lakeside. Minding my own business tucked into the corner near a mountain. Because I'm level 24 the local level 18-20 mobs are mostly minding their own business as long as I don't get too close. Anyways the sun is reflecting nicely off the water and I'm finishing up my second stack of firefin when suddenly I'm no longer fishing and I'm taking damage. Startled I look around a see nothing(1=2 seconds of damage hitting me). About this time I notice the rogue sitting right behind me kicking and biting and scratching. I blast him with fire shock and start on a healing spell, he kicks me successfully interrupting me(I didn't notice until reading the scroll back) and I down a healing potion(3-4 seconds of damage hitting me[I am not in melee at this point]). I start fumbling for my dagger and shield and finally get them on and because I'm a little bit dazed at this point it takes me 3 clicks to actually engage him. As soon as my first white damage shows up I pop him with a earth shock and start on a healing wave. As the slow count for the healing wave is inching across my screen I check his level(at this point he's had about 6 seconds of damage on me...). Level 23. The wave goes off and I finish him off with a final earth shock.

The points are:
1) You don't stab a guy who is fishin'!
2) If you are a rogue and you ambush someone who is practicly the same level as you are and they are as inept as me about getting into combat and beating on your head..... you should win. I'm still curious why he died.

Thats about it.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

A worn beaten journal

Or some such....

I was fishing around a pile of debri debrie debries?... a pile of boxes and junk that was floating in the water. Anyways I found this journal and DING learned fish tracking. This has sped up my fishing by a lot.... its so much easier to run straight towards the oil slick or debry.

Also I know now that I need to go to booty bay and purchase a book for expert fishing. And I'm thinking I was told Vulan(spellling)? in Dustwallow Marsh? was the horde cooking expert book seller.

Yay for firefin and watersealed chests. I got 11 wool bolts, 9 silk bolts, 8 heavy leather, 12 medium leather, 20 firefin, 3.5 silver, and 3 greens in about 15-20 min fishing. To me this is a lot. Fishing 149, Cooking 140+

TJ why would I want to make an 'even' trade with alliance. I want to screw them over. They get Shatner. We get TJ. Heck.... we should also get that BoP druid you have... Fio? I think his name is. We need more puns.