Friday, November 30, 2007

Introducing an alt.

What is it that makes you who you are?

Is it your name? My name is Zujoo. Does this make me a troll? Or maybe an Imp?

Is it your clothing? I wear light cloth as leather smells like dead animals and mail and plate are just too bulky. Does this make me a fancy city person? Or a mage?

Perhaps it is your attitude? I'm shy, fractured, frantic and easily distracted. I like helping others and giving away money. Am I a cloistered monk? Or maybe a librarian.

Maybe it is your weapon... A nice shiny dagger for me. Perfect for eating apples and whittling. Also for cutting fishing lines and poles and gutting fish. Am I a sailor? Or a barefoot boy on the beach?

Your job can also define you. I'm studying to be a tailor. I plan to make a living selling enchanted shirts and hats. But this is not who I am.

I am Zujoo.

I am the quiet shadow under the tree.

I am the sound the stars make as they go out.

I am the dark rock at the bottom of the pool.
I am Zujoo. I am an Orc. And I am a warlock.

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