Friday, November 30, 2007

Too distracted to think of a real post and sides hers was better.

Another couple. This one is blue.

Nice clear guide for newbie warlocks, and a nice site.

That is all.


This! Muhahah! I have plans my dear Beowulfa plans!

And in other news someone is cool. I want dem hats.

And the final time I link her today. If you haven't figured out I like this site then yer worse off than a drunk dwarf:

With no further ado:

Another Hunter who does PvP and some of her thoughts on Arathi Basin.

More PvP goodness and guides. I'm feeling researchy.

Also I was allowed to make an alt to fiddle with a bit. Maybe this will make Dammerung a bit less boring(atm he is). Maybe this will be my new main. Dunno.

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