Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mmmmm....Pecan Pie.... its like fishing instead of RP

I halfway like Pumpkin pie but otherwise Eggo is dead on.

So if the gekko is one * and the baby is two * and the demonic ponytail is three *** does that make her a gekko baby?

BRK's story made me laugh. It also brought back memories for my Dad, 18 years in the Air Force. Yay for Dads. Mine rocks. Even if he makes Orclette hard to find by purchasing pink and cammo outfits for her over and over again in the hopes that she'll takeup bow(or any other)hunting when she grows up.

I love fishing. I had a long discussion with Moonsongdown that went something like this:
Me: "No seriously I need an alt because Dammerung hates xping"
MSD: "Blah blah blah roleplaying I don't care about you roleplaying"
Me: "I'm not roleplaying... if I log in as Dammer then I'm fishing. Thats what I want to do thats what I will do. Fish. A lot. I got seriously annoyed at that rogue the other night. Not because he attacked me....but because he interupted my fishing"
MSD: "Blah blah blah blah"
Me: "Its crazy fun, I just spent two hours reading a fishing site for locations and gear descriptions and I'm planning on how I'll spend my weekends hunting for this or that fish. Dunno why.... its not like its highly interactive. But yeah..."

Also I've claimed to make anywhere from 15g to 25g in 20 min fishing(this is roughly true....but also: I make 25g an hour... its burst gold :P....oh and did I mention I'm a fisherman the fish was THIS LONG I swear). So my youngest brother who is going to be freezing his account so he can play FFXI is leaving and I hit him up for his gold.... and he says: "If you can make 15g in 20 min why do you need my gold. I don't want to give you my gold you just waste it."
Me: "I want to buy things and I give all my sellables to Beowulfa"
Him: "What do you want to buy? And why don't you just keep some for yourself"
Me: "um.... things...... And because she is my accountant"
Him: "things? What things? And why?"
Me: "THINGS DANG IT... I don't know..."


Me: "and she controls the gold because I get spendy sometimes......."

Yeah. I hate him too. Don't you hate him? Trapping me like that. Jerk :P

Well work just got busy for now bleh. This will be edited with more later.

/utter surprise at the purple below

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Kinzlayer said...

Ah, it's rare to find someone else who enjoy fishing as well. I seriously spent 2 months (real time) fishing, no exping at all, after my warlock hit 44 a long while ago. This was when the Winter Squids were still a great sell, pre-BC the food buff blows. I still like to fish in Nagrand once in a while, such a nice and serene place by the lake; I just put on some classical music and fish most of the day away.