Monday, November 26, 2007

Another short but sweet post

Shamadin! Fun blog I've read once but figured I'd link to because that once was fun. Not sure if two different people are posting here but there are deffinitly two characters. A shaman and a paladin. Yay! Actually I think it is two different people but /shrug you know?

3 minutes left at work then a flurry of shopping, babywatching, eating and general daddy/husbanding.

I posted in a comment on MBB's site that I would deffinitly roll a priest next but warlock orc makes me curious today. Curse my vacilitating state. Clarifying: when I make an alt after me and PrettyOrc get to level 50+.... This may never happen... 4:55pm about to get off kindof thinking you know.



gt said...

Woah! I was combing my google analytics and I found your awesome linkup. Thanks!

Ag and I are actually two distinct humans though its hard to tell sometimes. He does the Shammy thing. I do the Paladin thing. You can tell us apart via quality of English. (Aka mine is worse!)

agador said...

Yep, we are definitely two distinct people. In addition to telling us apart via our use of language, you can identify me via my discussion of playing both horde and alliance (go neutrality!).

My limited battleground experience is mostly horde, so I'll be keeping up with your site. Thanks for the link!