Sunday, November 25, 2007

A worn beaten journal

Or some such....

I was fishing around a pile of debri debrie debries?... a pile of boxes and junk that was floating in the water. Anyways I found this journal and DING learned fish tracking. This has sped up my fishing by a lot.... its so much easier to run straight towards the oil slick or debry.

Also I know now that I need to go to booty bay and purchase a book for expert fishing. And I'm thinking I was told Vulan(spellling)? in Dustwallow Marsh? was the horde cooking expert book seller.

Yay for firefin and watersealed chests. I got 11 wool bolts, 9 silk bolts, 8 heavy leather, 12 medium leather, 20 firefin, 3.5 silver, and 3 greens in about 15-20 min fishing. To me this is a lot. Fishing 149, Cooking 140+

TJ why would I want to make an 'even' trade with alliance. I want to screw them over. They get Shatner. We get TJ. Heck.... we should also get that BoP druid you have... Fio? I think his name is. We need more puns.

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Goeben said...

There is a vendor (don't remember the name) in the Ogre village (Horde flight point) in Dustwallow that sells the Expert First Aid book, as well as books for Heavy Silk and Mageweave Bandages. When you are 225 in First Aid, you need to visit a doctor in Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands, who will give you a quest to train you in Artisan First Aid and will give you the remaining Mageweave and Runecloth bandage recipes when you have enough skill.

For cooking, the Expert book can be purchased from a vendor in the Troll village on the coast of Desolace. For Artisan cooking you need to get a quest in the Gagetzan Inn, Tanaris.

For both the Artisan First Aid and Cooking quests, when you are qualified to undertake them, the First Aid and Cooking trainers in all the cities will give you quests to visit the appropriate NPCs.