Monday, November 26, 2007

Ding 25!

I finally caught up with Beowulfa. Mostly because the Quillboar Warfrenzies were nice to her(shield dropped on about the 5th one). I had to kill 31 of the ungrateful wretches. I got expert cooking and am now in bootybay. Once I find that book I'll be good to go.

I wish firefin sold faster. I have 3 stacks of the stuff and am almost tempted to bottom out the market just for kicks.

OH I just remembered... I'm here fishing on this lakeside. Minding my own business tucked into the corner near a mountain. Because I'm level 24 the local level 18-20 mobs are mostly minding their own business as long as I don't get too close. Anyways the sun is reflecting nicely off the water and I'm finishing up my second stack of firefin when suddenly I'm no longer fishing and I'm taking damage. Startled I look around a see nothing(1=2 seconds of damage hitting me). About this time I notice the rogue sitting right behind me kicking and biting and scratching. I blast him with fire shock and start on a healing spell, he kicks me successfully interrupting me(I didn't notice until reading the scroll back) and I down a healing potion(3-4 seconds of damage hitting me[I am not in melee at this point]). I start fumbling for my dagger and shield and finally get them on and because I'm a little bit dazed at this point it takes me 3 clicks to actually engage him. As soon as my first white damage shows up I pop him with a earth shock and start on a healing wave. As the slow count for the healing wave is inching across my screen I check his level(at this point he's had about 6 seconds of damage on me...). Level 23. The wave goes off and I finish him off with a final earth shock.

The points are:
1) You don't stab a guy who is fishin'!
2) If you are a rogue and you ambush someone who is practicly the same level as you are and they are as inept as me about getting into combat and beating on your head..... you should win. I'm still curious why he died.

Thats about it.



Psycho & Chaos said...

Gratz on 25.

I have had this happen to me many times. I have made the poor idiot pay profusly when they do it. but unlike you I have ranged DPS and a pet that loves to eat people.

IMO if some one is fishing or in combat I leave them alone. The only time I don't is when I am in retribution mode. It payback time for thinking you could gank me while I was fishing or fighting.

Jabari said...

Heh - nerf shamans ;)

25 means you have (a little bit of) Flurry now - fun buff to see pop up on the screen, yeah? :)

Dammerung said...

Ah sadly I went elemental so no flurry for me :P. But I -am- enjoying elemental. I feel like I'm doing more damage and increasing my xp per hour etc. The plan right now is to go back to enhancement at 40. If I don't get utterly sidetracked by fishing which is easily the most enjoyable thing about wow for me right now.

Jabari said...

Cool - I never really tried Elem (except from 10-15, but that doesn't count *chuckle*). Keep us posted!

(and thanks for the linkage BTW) :)