Saturday, December 1, 2007


A few things have changed. I removed the signatures for now. I did not like having to update them and when I'm at work the html doesn't work. Also I have added a labels section that should allow people to navigate easily so they can skip my posts and just read Beowulfa's.

Me and PrettyOrc were discussing the blog and where I want it to go and we decided that she is going to try and be more involved and I am going to try and not just post junk, but actually think out my posts in advance. There will be three different types of topics we will be writing hopefully. Blue will be a story or story-like post that should be completely in character. I am going to try and write one a week. Pink will be Beowulfa and she is going to try and post a few times a week. Black will be myself and will have updates, thoughts and any random linkage I may have. Green as always will be edits or comments to whatever we are writing.

There is nothing wrong with random posts. TJ does this and it works incredibly well for her. She is awesome like that. Way awesome. However both me and Beowulfa would like a site that is:
1) Informative and helpful to new people playing WoW. (BRK, CoB for warlocks)
2) Sounds professional, looks professional, with well written posts(like Ego).
3) Has in character posts that read like a chapter from a book. A good book hopefully. This is mostly writing practice for myself as I really would like to write.(Ratshag is my IC hero.)

This doesn't mean I'm going to be any less random. I'm a fractured squirrel on caffeine III.(I bet you didn't know there was a caffeine III)[well there is]{and I plan to pass it out to the gnomes as part of my war on the alliance}. It just means that I'm going to =try- and focus that scattered energy into something constructive.

Now you shall have to excuse me as I plan to get someone to level 15 or 17 tonight and I have already spent a great deal of time today handling baby poop. On the diaper, on the baby, on the britches, on my britches as well, on the car seat(the one she rides in), on the car seat(passenger side), on the blanket, almost on the jacket.


p.s. Don't downrank on diapers. Not even to save mana. Treat them like heroic instances. Cast your highest as fast as you can. Size 3 diapers on a size 4 baby = mess. It doesn't matter if she JUST went(and had a blowout that time with a size 4 diaper). She has reincarnation, she will use it, she is not out of mana, she WILL get you as you are looting her diaper bag.

Since it is late I think I'll get away with this. Incase Kat or Ratshag come wandering over here mad at me for my comments on her site....VOX HATES ME. I tried to post this:

Dang you Ratshag. I was going to say that.



Gnome(evil)[check]{nuked innocent civilians in own city because of a rat problem}

Wait a second....

[searches records from gnomevale]

{List of City Planning and Pest Control Board}
Mr. Whoreallythinksaboutthings
Miss Hydragyrum
Mr. Alwaysagreeswiththechicks

Vote to nuke the city: 2 yay 1 nay.


Instead I just posted this:

Dang you Ratshag.

I'm so very confused. I quit for now. I'm off to play WoW.

[4min later]
Or not. My birthday present requires that I download the dumb game for this account. /sigh

Blah blah blah you can't play wow if you haven't installed burning crusade on this computer because you activated yer birthday present. Begin 2 hour download.

Computers hate me.

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Tilder said...

Hahaha, I love the bit about the diaper bag. My wife and I play (me, 70 rogue, and she's a 43 shammy) and our little one just hit level 1, and skill level 4 with diapers.

I feel your pain and share in your humour.

Keep up the great posts!