Monday, November 26, 2007


Woo! Thanks to Kaliope I found out about El. Which let me know where I could find Raw Sagefish. I'm a very very happy orc.

As soon as I get off work, and eat dinner, and hold orclette while PrettyOrc plays then I'm gonna rush my green butt over there----> to that lake and get me some sagefish.

Something I came across when reading El's site: Server Time. How do you tell what time it is server time? is this the time that shows up on the little sun/moon just ne of your minimap? <---is planning on some extravaganza goodness this next Sunday.

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Kinzlayer said...

unfortunately the only way i have found the server time is the little clock that shows when you hover over the sun/moon icon next to your mini map, or if you get FuClock. I think you used to see the server "location" or server time when you select realm but Blizz took that out a while ago???