Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Long because I don't know how to cut it short like BBB does.

Susan is ownage. Seriously. That big ugly raptorchick just rips the mobs right off of me. No matter how desperately dpsing I am. Beowulfa whines about me charging forwards but.. She's a hunter...these mobs are only 3 levels higher than us. This is -easy- talk. Sides like I said: Susan can rip any mob off of me if she has any time at all.

PrettyOrc done good when she picked that one out of the raptor litter.

When duoing I'm pretty frantic. I look right, run left agro this, blast that and generally have NO FREAKIN CLUE where/what/who I am. Beowulfa hates following me around in areas. Now part of this is because when you are not in an instance or in a dungeon the mobs are all scattered about and its hard to decide which way you are going to go. I'll try to give a brief list of my -plans- not what I do...but what I plan to do:

1) Heal anyone who has a health bar like this: #####__________________

2) Try to remember to throw up totems somewhere... Ooo an Iron deposit...maybe it wants
a mana spring totem it looks lonely

3) Try to not to aggro 100 mobs at once.

4) Keep a weather eye out for dem allygoons.

5) Plan ahead to the next quest because Beowulfa/Susan are tearing through everything.

6) Run attack any mob that Susan already has. Hit with stick. Hope for crit(currently each crit does 280-335 damage now. Yay!).
Dear other-Shaman,
I am so very sorry. I was wrong. Crits are awesome. I just hated my staff. I apologize and will be enhancement again soon.

Now that I've started playing around with macros I've stopped paying attention to my spell damage. And started seeing my melee crits. I think my axe does more damage than my staff does on a crit.(this isn't theory crafting this is superstition). Anyways just recently with regearing towards str for the extra melee damage and using my new axe I often(read at least 3 times in an hour period) crit for 330+ and I generally crit a lot. But I have 5% less crit then I had before I respecced. And I could be getting flurry. How I hate me some days.

I joined WarsongBleh last night.

I love PVP, for now.

I was the top horde healer(mostly by default because our group was .... fractured is a nice word for it). I was in the top 8? on damage for the horde(at level 26... this is surprising and hopefully not an aberration). Shocks own. Seeing an ally running away and then freezing them with IS followed up by a healthy dose of bloodlust modified 2handed axe is lovely. Also for some reason last night everyone ignored my fire totems. I am going to have to start dropping them as often as possible now.
Random observations:

1) It is a lot harder to stay in melee with people(duh) unless they are running away while frozen.

2) Purge is angelic. I ran around spamming it on everyone I could. Especially the Paladins.

3) I never ever once used lightning bolt. I respecced' ele for the shocks.
I hate the long casts on lightning bolt, and am not willing to sit still while a warrior beats my skull in .

4) TWO HANDED WEAPONS. If you are only going to hit someone once every 3 seconds anyways because they keep moving.... Why not make the most of it.

5) It really is surprising how completely fractured people can be. It is worth it to just sit by the flag for a few minutes and ORGANIZE. One group to run for their flag. One group to defend ours. One or two healers/rogues possibly to stay in the middle and ambush/help flag runners. I know this probably isn't an optimal plan but its better than screaming at the mage for picking up the flag and then yelling at people back and forth. /sigh

Stuff was here and was edited out.

Well thats about it.


p.s. Can you tell that I change my mind a lot about things?

A dumb question was removed. I didn't like it that's why :P.

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