Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Late night PVP thoughts.

It is funny sometimes how off balance the lower level battle grounds can be. 10 alliance level 29's vs 10 horde average level.........25. Myself being the 2nd highest in our group. I led in honor kills and healing on my 2nd win. I led in damage and healing and was second in kills in my last game(my 4th loss and 6th game total).

Generally I follow Goeben's advice( I think it was goeben). I find someone level 29ish who looks well geared and I follow them around. If they attack. I attack. If they play D, I set up totems and get ready to do my best to slow down enemy flagthiefs.

With regards to abilities: Ice shock is my best weapon. Purge comes into play when I'm with a good group(2-3) of players that work as a team. Any time I run past a group of alliance I drop -some- sort of fire totem. Lightning shield is always up and I use icebrand on my weapon. The slowing affect is more valuable then the damage. I heal any and every person I see who has less than 70% healing...that is if they don't run the other direction and I can't ever get in range.

Classes I love: Hunters, Priests, Warriors, Paladins. In no particular order. Paladins are perhaps the easiest to follow. Hunters with their ice traps and charge-stun pets.... ooo yay. Priests heal, so I don't feel bad about blasting. If I had an instant cast heal I would heal more.

Classes I hate: priests(oooo I hate them), warlocks, warriors, paladins. In that order. Priests are hated because they keep casting a bubbly spell on .....wait a second that might be paladins. Whatever spell it is that causes enemy players to evade all attacks for so many seconds. The class that does that. I hate them. Priests+warlocks for fearish affects. Warriors because being stunned is so very very frustrating.

I like playing intercept the enemy flag runner. I like playing escort the friendly flag runner. I hate hate hate running the flag. I tried this twice and won't do it ever again. Under any circumstances. I like healing people but my heals are so very very slow and do so little that its almost not worth it. But most of all I like running up on a fleeing squishy, ICESHOCK, CRIT, FLAMETOTEM, EARTHSHOCK, CRIT whee. They die so very fast. Hunters do too but every time I tangle with one I end up losing him and getting eaten by the pet.

I need to bring a lot of health potions. These would be priceless to me as I'm usually about 300 health away from killing -anyone- else when its 1v1. If I had that potion(and when I have had one) I win. When I don't or the timer isn't up. I die and they have a TINY sliver of health left. This includes the level 29 druid I nearly killed when I was level 25.

Well. I think I gained about 150 honor. I know I have 10 marks and a 2-4 win/loss record. This shall be rectified.


Good night.



Tengu said...

Yeah, battlegrounds at the lower levels aren't very balanced because there are too many twinks. But it gets better later on.

Both priests and paladins can use bubble. But paladins have a 5 minute cooldown on their ones, so once they use it, it will take sometime for them to use it again.

You can buy some healing and mana potions for battlegrounds only in the... Hall of Legends, in Orgrimmar? I am not sure if that is the name of the place since my main is on alliance (yes, the heresy, I know. I blame my friends for that.) Not sure either if you can use those potions at around your level since I just found out about them around level 49. But I bought a lot of them and it helped. Due note they can only be used in battlegrounds. No where else.

I would also recommend that you try doing Arathi Basin as well. It is a different type of game then Warsong Gulch and has some nice blue equipment.

Good luck on your battles!

Psycho & Chaos said...

@ tengu

It get some what better. At 56 if you are in AV be prepared to be owned by the 60's in their Outland+Level 60 PVP armor.

One thing to watch out for in PVP is a Rogue and Hunter. If they are on your side they are awsome. If your attacking them be prepared to be very frustrated. The only thing more annoying is a priest jumping in the middle of everyone and hitting fear. (How do I know this, My roomate who plays a Drani Holy Spec priest. Its his favorite infurating tactic just to cause mayham).

Good luck in the BG's I would suggest this though. Save all marks till you are 60. Get to 100 in all buy things you want but maintain 100. Get your honor faction up as high as you can in them. The armor you will be able to buy at 60+ is worth it. And unless you BG all the time to the exclusion of anything else you will be 60 before you know it and playing catch up on marks.

klaki said...

I will agree that shammys are fun in BG. I was PvPing some, and doing well, while in my upper 20s, but when I hit 30, PWNED! I hate being at the bottom of the barrel.

Dammerung said...

@tengu aha! I knew paladins could but didn't know about priests cept I kept seeing the bugger do it.

@tengu hah I approached that from a different view: Battle grounds at lower levels are very balanced because all the newbies join up too soon and don't wait until level 28-29 Just thought it was funny that we both came to the same conclusion from different sides.

@Tengu Arathi Basin here I come. I want them boots.

@Physchaos I entirely agree about the rogues(sneaky alliance punks)/hunters(freeze trap)/priests-with-invis-potion-camping-flag

@Physchaos Going to save up for some stuff, but the trinkets and the boots(+movement yay) I'm getting early.

@klaki hah :P I never join if I"m not 26+... usually not until 28-29. A few levels make such a big difference.