Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My pet is never allowed to tank

So little orclette fell asleep early last night and I decided to get on and perhaps finish a few quests. Lo and behold I ran into my orcish hubby in the Charred Vale and we decided to party. /sigh. We come to the first raging inferno-type thing that is just waiting to devour us and Dammy rushes in. I sent my pet in and fired a few shots but felt somewhat ineffectual. I guess it was heroic of my hubby to want to rush in and destroy the monster for me, you know, man-hero type-stuff but I can handle monsters. Been doin' it my whole life. It's what I signed up for. But that's pretty much how it went the entire night. Granted, when we are up against higher lvl mobs he does tend to sit back a bit more and let me and my pet (Susan :) do our thing. Which we do pretty well, might I add. I AM BEAST MASTER. So asking for a BRK mug for me and a BRK one-piece for my little orclette for Christmas. I am shamelessly advertising. If you are wondering what I am talking about go to Big Red Kitty's website (see links) and check out his store. Although I doubt there are many people out there who have not heard of BRK.


Edited adding the links that someone was talking about and also to say: we were killing trash mobs... all I was doing was ES + one swing of my axe. Nothing special.

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