Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For love.

Dear Beowulfa,

I was looking for a place for us to live and I think I have found one. In Ashenvale near the Western River, South of Raynewood Retreat is a quiet little hollow just off the road. The trees and a ridge help keep it lightly traveled and give it a secluded feel.

The river is nearby for me to go fishing and in our front yard are plenty of bears for Susan to eat. The cave is small but we can expand it into the hill with little effort. There is a loud walking elf tree that looks to be about 35 seasons old that wanders nearby but I have never seen him enter the hollow.

Also being near the road means it is just a quick jaunt east to Splintertree and a bat post. And for those times when we just want to be by ourselves we can walk to a moonpool just NW of Raynewood. There is an annoying little deerlady there but she is easily removed and then we can sit in the moonpool and throw bearbones for Susan to fetch.

Orclette will love the place. Its quiet and calm unlike the noisy Barrens and ugly Durotaur. And plenty of animals near by for her to practice taming.

Please take a look at the place if you are nearby. I think it is awesome.

As always, I love you and forever will,


Also my dear. Please forgive my idiotic comments. BM can PVP.

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Ryster Anch said...

Ah, Ashenvale....It's a beautiful place to raze a family....muhuhuhahahaha....

BTW, I hate PvP, so you're safe from me!