Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some things.

Me, Wulfa, Moon, and Elihu are partying every friday night. Last night was mostly just doing quests together. The night before that was at level 70. But we plan on making the low level alt thing a more permanent thing.

The party makeup is as follows:

Level 15 Prot pally = Ratthree(me)(third rat doesn't get anything)
Level 15 Hunter = Wulphesong(Wulfa)
Level 14-16 Druid Healer = Lluvia(Moon)(It means rain or something in spanish).
Level 13-15 Mage = Oldmanmarcus(Elihu)

So if you are on Kael'thas and we haven't already picked up a guildy feel free to ask for a party invite 8pm-11pm MST.

This post would be longer but miniorc is trying to fly by shoving his fat legs and pushing off of the couch.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Yeah, it's going down.

Do it until it hurts, then do it some more.

Do it until your brain screams at you "Just stop! PLEASE!
Then do it some more.

You do it until your brain discovers a new paradigm of thinking. That's how I visualize it anyway. And that's how you learn another language. And that's what I've been trying to do. My brother, who is fluent in Spanish, concurs with my assessment of the situation.

So I've got Michel Thomas cd's in the car which I listen to every time I drive. I go over my textbook for 30 minutes a day. I'm starting to listen to pod casts in Spanish. When I'm speaking to my kids or Dammy I try and figure out how to say what I was saying in Spanish.

My brain hurts. I must be doing something right.

Chemistry ... it is the language of precision and accuracy, of charges and cats. And bodily emissions. I'm serious-my professor likened alpha decay to throwing up, and beta decay to the opposite of that. Gamma doesn't really do anything, just gives out light. And positron emission and electron capture? Bodily functions as well. Cats I threw in there because a cation is "paws"itive and because protons are like cats and really really don't like to be near each other.

But if you'll notice, I just listed off several important terms and what they did. Without looking at a book. Made simple, of course-you'll not get technical terms from me (not without a book, anyway). So her examples have done their job. Handy mnemonics.

The two courses I've been slacking in are my history courses. (this is where Wulfa reveals herself to be a history nerd) I've kept up with the assigned reading and gone to each class. And that's it. I really really really want to dive into the many intriguing things we've gone over but chemistry and Spanish call to me, taunting that I will fail if I don't come their way NOW.

But tonight I shall put the books and the worry down and play. And stay up late. And feel like a person for just a wee bit of time.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

To the only resto shammy I know.


you need a blog.


Thursday mornings.

Are slow.

Orclette really wanted me to stay home instead of going to school this morning. I had to leave as she was there crying and begging me to make a fort. This bit of life sucks.

However we both slept in a bit before school this morning and getting to wakeup slowly over the course of 30 min while cuddling a two year old... this bit of life is awesome.

Nothing really to say. I forced Wulfa to take a break from school and play with me a bit on her level 9 mage. She did, we had fun and relaxed a tiny bit.

Tonight no games I think but Friday and Saturday night are likely a go after the munchkins pass out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Orclette on laptops

Orclette on growing up.


I have no interesting or fascinating idea or theory to tell you this morning. I also have no good questions.

Unless someone can help with:

Consider a uniformly charged ring in the xy plane, centered at the origin. The ring has radius a and positive charge q distributed evenly along its circumference. What is the magnitude of the electric field along the positive z axis?
E(z) =k\frac{qz}{\left(z^{2}+a^{2}\right)^{\frac{3}{2}}}

Imagine a small metal ball of mass m and negative charge -q_0. The ball is released from rest at the point (0, 0, d) and constrained to move along the z axis, with no damping. If 0 < d \ll a, what will be the ball's subsequent trajectory? = oscillating along the z axis between z = d and z = -d

The ball will oscillate along the z axis between z=d and z=-d in simple harmonic motion. What will be the angular frequency omega of these oscillations? Use the approximation d \ll a to simplify your calculation; that is, assume that d^2+a^2 \approx a^2. This is the one I'm having problems with. The closest I've gotten is:


So yeah thats the meat and bones of my post this morning. More to come later maybe.

P.S. Cations are not part of the problem :p

Monday, January 25, 2010

On word counts:

I'm utterly stunned.


Kestrel and Tami write like 1500-2000 words a day or something like that.

I was curious how much that was so I looked up how many words(according to MSWord) my story this morning was. I thought it was pretty decent... not long but you know... a good effort.



Otherwords: PFFFT NADA.

They must be like little miniture writing titans or something.

So still in awe I went back to see how long my running man story was. Because IT was long.

hahaha no.


This is going to take a lot more practice.

P.S. To cut off any "hang in there you will get better" or "well it is important to start somewhere". I'm cheerfully happy that I wrote something and am knowing that getting out the door is the important thing. I was simply in shock-awe of their MILLION WORDS A DAY.

P.S.S. TJ this was written in my SRS Wrting voice.
Motivational Thoughts found in other people's blog rolls:

On waking early.

I'm an abstainer. It is either NO COOKIES or ALL THE COOKIES.

Running things.

7:47am 25 Jan 2010

Why didn't I ever think of using dates for titles before? They come up with themselves.

I read Tami Moore(Egopriest) and TooManyAnna's and am filled with horrible envy at their fearless posting of their words on the web and their focus to keep writing and not read webcomics. My mind is full of half-born characters and stories that vaguely wisp in the wind.

My Shaman is coming along fine I was really excited by the play I got out of him at level 70 on Friday. I believe I have spoken at length about how much I despise melee dps because you are always 'chasing' the mob. No more. I still feel like I am chasing the mobs to a certain degree but not as endlessly frustrating like I felt with rogues, DK's, and cats. I -love- the way flame wave works. I -love- bringing the totems. I feel useful and awesome and when I hit 80 will be a flaming whirlwind of axes and lightnings astride an endless river of wave and earth.

Speaking of stories... here for your endless amusement is the bio for Jioay. In his own words:

I would explain my age but I forget the year amounts and the historical reference points only have meaning if you know them. I am middle aged is the best way to describe it. Please forgive my lack of meaning in your tongue... languages were never my strong point and I don't have the vocabulary to show my education its due. Originally I was trained in meta-flux-crystal-power-translation... bah that doesn't sound like what I am meaning. I was an engineer but with crystals on our city ships. Like the one we crashed into your islands. My job was handling the power flows through the key crystals used by the control crystals to control the ships engines.

I was/am good at it. Until the native races were corrupted. Then in the horrible that followed I had to give all that up. We needed guardians, warriors, healers. Not obscure crystal engineers who could only work using a ... you don't have the word. So I had to stop sitting happily in my shop and start learning how to wield weapons.

Why shamanism? The idea of channeling power through totems and bargaining with the elements for ... support appealed to me. The channeling you can already see I had some experience with conceptually. The bargaining? Well if you work in a bureaucracy long enough you'll get a lot of experience with bargaining. Those aspects of my training I liked well enough. The running....I hated the running. If you listen to the warriors they will go on and on and on about how running helps you breathe better when you are tired and how it 'boosts your core' or some mindless drivel like that. Running sucks, the only thing it teaches you is that when things suck you can keep going. Because running sucks.

As you can see: [gestures towards his paunch] I'm no [famous drenai athlete/warrior]. I'm a freaking engineer. I can run just fast enough to satisfy the warriors and get them to leave me alone. I fight just good enough to stay alive, but I'll ache for days after and I'll be out of breath.

Anyways... after joining the survival effort against the natives I simply followed my commanders. Events swept us here and there and now... we are here crashed on your planet. Fighting the natives and their allies again. Fighting the tools of the crusade... again. Different planet. Different friends. Different enemies(slightly). Same old war.

Sigh. One of these days this will all be over... and I will work with crystals once again. I will be paid well once again. And I'll settle down and get married. Perhaps to that pretty Drenai priestess I met at that party that Dampanza and Wulfa threw. Beo-something or other?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Okay forgive the offtopic but:

This is a sample letter that I will be writing tonight.

To the ROTC Cadre,

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your continual support of myself and my family in the semester that I have known you.

I will be withdrawing from the ROTC program for personal reasons. After much thought I have concluded that if I continued in the program I would either fail to fulfill the requirements of the program or my obligations to my wife.

When I moved to State Name I did so because I believed it was the only way for both myself and my wife to achieve our Bachelors. Anywhere else that we might have gone one of us could have gotten our degree but not both of us.

The first semester my participation in ROTC caused my wife a lot of stress and this semester's schedule was preventing her from having the school time that she needs. I am fully committed to her finishing her degree and for her to do well she needs to be able to work on her degree without any pressure because my schedule.

So with regret I am withdrawing from ROTC this semester. Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of your organization.


Quick update note:
Letter was updated and edited for wording. This is a working draft before I write the real letter to the school.

ROTC was demanding 6am-7:30am every morning(which was thrown in with a 20 min drive).
Also thursday evenings.
Also a class T and Thursday from about 2-3.
Also voluntold assignments randomly throughout the semester.

And all this is the easier sophmore semesters for ROTC. Later there would be a lot more.

This was in addition to my 16 hour course load and the two kids(no babysitter after 1300) and her 14 hours(4 hours spanish and 4 hours chemestry and two easy history classes.). So please no one think that Wulfa is some kind of frail flower.

Wulfa's thoughts to come... she had to feed the littlest and was interupted:

(Because he asked me to explain my thoughts)

Last week I had a epiphany.

I was not 100% behind Damm being in ROTC.

I can't be. For our entire married life I've wanted to go back to school. Now I'm finally on that path and I'm not willing to sacrifice my degree. And that is what it would take for Damm to participate in ROTC with the dedication and commitment it deserves.

And so we reviewed our reasons for coming to NM and what we had wanted to accomplish. #1 was Damm's degree. Barely behind in #2 was my degree. #3 ... well once he took the oath it was the National Guard and, so we thought, ROTC. And a glorious officer career upon graduation.

He can still have his officer career through OCS should he want it. If not he has several years service in the Guard but he could start a civilian career in engineering. And once I have completed my bachelor's degree my plan is to home school my kids and support Damm in whatever career he truly wants. And work on my Masters. Strictly on the side, you understand.

I probably should mention that Damm had not taken any oaths or signed any contracts with ROTC.

And once he told me that he didn't want me to sacrifice my schooling for him he upped his awesome-husband-love-him-forever quotient by a megatrillion. I could feel the burden we had been under slipping away. My kids went from stressed-out because parents were stressed to being in awesome moods.

So there you have it.