Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sooo... let see.. we'll blame Ratters.

Stuff below this is old news. Beowulfa pic to come in the morning I think.

Anyone remember how last week I created a character named Dammerung on Drenden to say hi to Ratshag and AC people?

Anyone remember how when I logged into Drenden for the first time as my Orc Shaman I suddenly realized I had not deleted that alt.

I hate me.

Still haven't picked a new name. Dammerig and Dammerlicht both are tempting. Rassvyet is okay but not quite. Maybe Abbendammerung?

I really hate me.

Beowulfa is smart and awesome. I deleted Dammerung the NE and when it asked me to rename Dammerung I renamed him Dammerung and it accepted it.


The rare Saturday post.

So as soon as Wulfa's auctions sell this afternoon we plan on making the move. Hopefully all will go well. Thanks a ton Ratters and Abuto for letting me know that it would only take 30 min or so. This has made everything more relaxed. I had been under the impression I wouldn't be able to play my toon for 3-4 days.

Dammerung hit 45 last night off of two levels worth of rested xp and a ton of feralas kill quests. Feralas is now my favorite zone. Its pretty and the bird noises remind me of Panama, and bits of Houston.

Having played a healer a lot recently in low level groups(as a priest) I've decided that resto shaman is NOT for me. I like using HoT's not long casting spells. Which has been a good thing for Dammerung. He was debating resto for a while as I believe I mentioned but now.. no longer. I'll level a druid or a priest instead if I want to heal.

Tanking for Green Poxed has greatly helped Dammerung as well. Partying with its intense focus on keeping other people alive leaves me with plenty of left over soloing drive.

Looking at the hybrids:

Shaman C) Tanking A) Healing A) DPS
Druid A) Tanking A-) Healing A) DPS
Paladin A) Tanking A) Healing B+) DPS

So here comes my crazy barnowl idea for WRATH:

Give the Ele shaman tree the following talent toys.
1) Increase def/hps of Earth Elemental Totem
2) A misdirection spell that only works on the earth elemental
3) A talent nature damage blast that you aim at your party members. It does 500-600 damage to your target, then chains to 1-2 enemies attacking your target doing 1000-1500 damage(all damage is before spell damage modifiers). A HIGH amount of threat attached.

Anyways something like what I mentioned above would be fun I think. Would allow Shaman to tank via the elements and would have a different feel than the other three tanking classes. Granted WoW doesn't -need- any more tanks. I'm just talking.

Well thats it for now. Gotta go make someone giggle uncontrollably.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Just a thought .....

Ice cream is like sex. It soothes the frenetic soul. It calms the raging beast. It fills the soul.

Yes. I had ice cream today.

And I am soooooo happy.

Cough cough moan cry

So I've been sickified. I feel like death warmed over. Bleeargh. I had a really good post I was going to write. It would have been amazing and awesome and everyone would have said wow that was awesome. And now all I can think about is how cold it is under all these blankets and how my back hurts and my throat groans.

Feralas is nice. I like the sounds. It sounds like the way the out doors should sound. Also its pretty and the trees it has are really tall so they don't get in the way. Dammerung is level 44 and halfway to level 45. Feralas has a lot of enjoyable quests.

Leveled alchemy to 207. Yay for making gold while leveling tradeskills.

Saturday we're planning on submitting the paid transfer request to move Dammerung and Beowulfa to Drenden. Not sure how long these things take but hopefully very quicklike.

My gear is mostly level 37-39 gear. I'm going to have to upgrade but I hate to spend money on it. Mutter.

Orange juice doesn't taste right when you are sick. Even the air tastes funny. I'm hot one moment and freezing the next. Stupid body.

I've realized that I hate walking quests... when people give me quests that require me to go to the other side of the world I abandon the quest and just grind for a bit. Also I hate hate hate my shoulder pads. Ugly white things.

Someone on WoWInsider wrote some shaman stuff.(this was the topic of my awesome post). Not sure exactly any more what was said but I have a few notes I would have touched on:

1) I didn't like the flametongue MS change and am glad they rolled it back. It sounded and felt like adding a big pink bandaid to a black leather biker. Although if you are going to do something silly like that why not make it work like MS but on mana regen instead of healing. Ie: you get hit with a debuf that cuts your mana/energy/rage regeneration by 50% for .

A better and more themey implementation of that is a totem that applies that affect to everyone in its radius who isn't a friendly.

2) I've cut totems completely out of my soloing habits(other than mana spring for regen). And I've found that I have a lot more mana and fights are about the same length. Sure +43 agi and + 38 str would be helpful...but pulling mobs to me to take advantage of that is so slow and awkward. So right now it goes: lightning sheild, stormstrike....wait until mob is at 20%hps or lower... Earth shock. Simple....easy...effective.

3) I wish there was a simple way to farm Troll rep so I could get a raptor. A way other than hunting down all the troll quests.

4) Bah Slig is level 60... I don't know if I'll be able to catch up fast enough. I've almost caught up with Wulfa. If I can get to 50 before she starts xping again then we should both hit 51 at the same time(she'll have full blue bar).

Well that is it for now. Rambly and whiney and wishing for drugs that tasted like good stuff.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Green Wipes the Competition

Alrighty. (Cracks fingers) Gotta get my sass on (which can be hard to do, believe me or not).

>Enter Wulfa< style="font-style: italic;">own
. The Burning Crusade had no chance. I mean, they took one look at me and fainted from the sight. Who could stand such loveliness? Such beauty? . I suppose the other team members did contribute a bit. Trifendolden (see, I'm smart-I can spell his name!) kept aggro fairly well and I didn't have to do too much backup healing so I suppose Raaksi was doing his job .... And Abuto was a blur most of the time. She got a blue last night. It really compliments her figure. And the color contrasted oh so nicely with her choice of garment .... . And Elips, well, what can I say? He did IT again! I look away for a moment, glance back, and he's eating one of the corpses! I retched (politely, of course) and then swooned, like any proper beautiful female would do. And they kept on insisting that I heal his blueberry. Why? Why must I consort with that smelly, cannabalistic, undead thing? he likes to say "dead" a lot. . There are other words in the dictionary, you know. Not everything is dead. Well. . Oh, and we took a picture with Thrall. He totally is into me. Took a picture with me standing on his throne and everything. I think he likes me. Next up on "As the Orcs Go to War": Thrall seduces the LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL Blood Elf PRINCESS Wulfa ...... oh yeah. It could happen. For some reason I can't find any of the pictures I took .. oh well, maybe next time ...(Lost Pictures found and uploaded)

>Wulfa walks away, muttering about the lost pictures that SO showed her to GREAT advantage ....<>

GAH.... adding the picture cost wulfa half her post. She'll re add it later.

Alrighty ... I wrote something about Elips falling behind and Wulfa waiting for him out of concern and DON'T tell her I told you .... we needed more Pox members because one of our own got left out (not on purpose) and needs a group ....we advertised and people responded! They want in! And also we really need a group event. I don't feel like I know everybody. And I am that person who likes to KNOW everyone. Like, what's your favorite color? What's your story? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you plan on growing up? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite movie? What do you believe? Why do you believe it? and so on.

BUT. I had a life-altering event happen on the way to taking Dammy to work. It starts with train tracks. You see, the fastest way to his work place takes you over the tracks. I don't like trains. I especially don't like this one as it curves and it it's hard to see if anything is coming and I like to look before I cross. Anyway. There was a train coming this morning, moving slowly. The red lights start flashing but the barriers are not coming down. I stop. Dammy yells "Go!" and for some reason I decide to listen to him. I gun the van forward and as I cross the tracks the barriers start to come down.

I had just taken an unacceptable risk with my child.

All the bad scenarios start flashing through my head. What if the train had been moving faster? What if I got stuck between the barriers? It's all I can do to make myself keep driving. Remember horsies. Must get back on the horse (for all of you who have never ridden a horse, if you get bucked off or just plain thrown off you HAVE to get back on right away or there's a good chance you'll be too scared to in the future). Look desperately around for a police officer to arrest me so it'll sink in good and hard that I am NEVER to do that again. No police. Bah. Yell at Dammy. He must NEVER ever EVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN! Settle down a bit. Dammy apologizes and then tells me that I really didn't take a big risk. He wouldn't advise doing it again but I didn't really put my child's life in danger. And he will never tell me to go again when the red lights start flashing. And on my way home I did drive over the tracks again instead of going to long way. And I will make myself go over them again when we go to Walmart. Some days its no fun being a perfectionist.

Anyway. I wanted to share my story and calling my mom wasn't an option as I'd just freak her out as badly as I freaked myself out.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WOOOOOoooooOOOOoooo[emergancy siren sound]

So here is your chance. Your moment to be a hero! Weekly.

Our Anti-PUG pox grand experiment(see the sidebar for links) has been rolling. We have three SOLID groups and we're tearing through RFC and leaving behind only sobbing troggs and tearfull cultists.

Oh and a poor little black pox.

Yeah we sort of dropped the ball. Incendio of Hooved Shaman had joined up and was ready to roll when he was ill for a week. At the same time two other people in the black pox went afk.

So we moved the two active black pox to join yellowpoxless making a nice group of five that has been rolling happily and was the first group to clear RFC.

And then Incendio came back from being sick and found himself the only member of Black Pox. Which is a sad thing we're hoping to fix.

So how bout it? Anyone up for some low level partying? The rules are simple... you only xp with your group. But you always have a good group because its the same 5 people one night a week.

We've found it amazing fun and would like to invite anyone who can come(US servers).

Go to to apply or leave a comment here.

P.S. She says it better than I do(incase you didn't click on my first link).

The picture says it all.

I do NOT have Altitis

I don't. Really. I have on occasion created a new character. I have several hunters. But if I go several weeks without devoting any time to a character it gets deleted(*cough* Angie *cough*). I like my realms to be neat and tidy. So yesterday I was tidying up Silvermoon. Liquidating assets and concentrating them onto a single character. You see, another brother of Dammy's, we'll call him Annoying Brother, has decided to play WOW again. This has happened before. He'll be playing, get lonely, and beg for us to play again. We sign up, get our characters rolling, and he decides to quit. Again. This has happened twice. So this time when he decided to get back into the game I told Dammy that we weren't going to play with him. I'm tired of him up and quitting on us. But then he promised 16-slotters for any character we created on Silvermoon (he is rolling in the gold Alliance-side there). And thus was I convinced to let him in our ranks.

So I have a new druid. Wolvyrynn. Like Daxenos and others I can't currently remember I decided that henceforth all my characters will have variants of the name Beowulfa. Wulfa=wolf=wolverine=wolvyrynn. And I'm proud to report that Wolvyrynn is already equipped with 12-slotters and has 10 gold to her name. And she's only lvl 2. And she's already stirred up the gossip mills and created controversy. For example:

(enter Wolvyrynn, traveling to the great city of Darnassus to train stuffs and put stuffs on auction)
(enter lvl 14 player that we'll call Niceperson)

Niceperson whispers: "need help?"
me: "No but thanks for offering."
Niceperson: "ok."
Niceperson: "Why you out here so young? You're not old enough."
me: "AH and training professions. I'm ok. Really."
Niceperson: "Ok. Makes sense. I'll kill anything that attacks you."

And so Niceperson followed me to Darnassus. Along the way stares were elicited. People stopped what they were doing. I wonder if Niceperson had an unsavory past .....

But seriously. These people have never created a bank alt and run them to the nearest major city? and while Dumbbrother, who created an alt on Drenden because it looks like Beowulfa and Dammy are going to try and transfer there (and he's not willing to shell out $25 to transfer his character there) is crying because he doesn't have 50 copper, I encountered a different problem. I trained skinning, np. I scanned the AH and started the bottomscanner. Np. But then I tried to train leatherworking. And I was denied. Not for lack of money. For once I had plenty. But because I wasn't old enough. /cry. You have to attain the mighty age of 5 to start leatherworking. And fishing, for that matter. So now I have to put some work into this character and level her up. /grumble.

And onto something entirely different. The Green Poxers are playing tonight! Woot! We have it all planned. Dammy will get home from work, I'll take a nap, and then load up on caffeine. And then: Showtime! You see, Gamedame isn't able to play until 9pm our time. I'm usually asleep by then. Yes, I know. I'm an old person.

Go Green!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ah... yeah... stupid orc.

Bleh I hate multi-tasking. I'm trying to dodge the cold that laid waste to my family and inbetween cases I was debugging this one case where the user was entering in the date 02/29/07 and nothing would work for about three hours before I caught the problem.

Three hours!



A level 49 Orc Huntress and a level 42 Orc Shamanator are currently looking for a new home. One without 2 P's and with at least one E. We're friendly nice and spiffy... and you don't even have to invite us to your guild or anything. Wanting a place with low population during the hours of 7-11pm CST. Any suggestions?


Yeah you read that correctly. Myself and Wulfa are looking for a new server. I LOVE pvp... but when I'm tired from a long day at work I like to pick and chose when it happens.

So we want to move to a PVE something. Once we get there we want to look for a talkative, non-cussing inueindo allowed, raiding not required but happening someday, guild. Alternatively we may create our own if we knew enough people.

So if you have any suggestions please let us know.


P.s. Shaman are fun if you leave them in the corner long enough. Yummy axness.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Orgh. I'm old.

So last night I got home at 12 midnight... in bed by 12:30pm. And this morning had to wake up at 5:30am. And I feel like death warmed over.

Whats happening to me? Oh right... I'm an old married person. /sigh

So thats my excuse for the following bad ideas:

1) Shaman's currently on the PTR are getting a version of Mortal Strike added to flamestrike. I say change the affect from 50% less healz gained to 50% less mana gained from any source including regen.

2) When Wrath comes out give warriors a shield based blocking ability that channels a successfull block so that 50% of the damage you would have recieved is recived by any other targets attacking you.

3) Improved ghost wolf is instant cast.

4) A warlock curse that steals a % of your opponents stm and gives it to you for the duration of the spell(returning it after the spell wears off). {this is under the current system of life tap}

5) Tom the Alternative Druid Designer. He would be located in TB and Darn. For a hefty chunk of gold he would allow druids to pay to get new skins for their various forms. Maple/pine/ugly trees. White/black/brown bears. Black/leopard/tan cats. Ugly/ugly/ugly waterform. Etc.

6) An in combat only air-totem that when dropped let you use the standard AOE targeting to pick a location at a distance. When you selected the location everyone in the area of the totem would get teleported to the location selected.

P.S. I found this diary in a box while fishing. It has been a good read so far. Well other than the bits where the pages are all blurry from the sea water. /sigh. They don't pack trunks tightly enough these days.

I didn't think Dammy would be coherent enough to write a post so I actually had one planned. It was too early in the AM this morning for any coherent conversation so no communication occurred between us. It would have been entitled "Utterly Exhausted."

See, Saturday I woke up still feeling blah and icky. Dammy muttered something about being sick. I figured I should probably call in sick. Did so, discovered I was the second person to call in (2 minutes after manager had gotten into the store). Dammy was not aware of anything and, not wanting him to get really sick, Orclette and me headed out to Walmart. Keep in mind I'm still sick. Get to Walmart. Orclette has a poopy diaper. I'm not strong enough to change poopy diaper. Poopy diaper stays. We go into Walmart, pick up orange juice and other goodies that looked appetizing at the time (like pudding). Get home and utterly collapse. Dammy gets up and feels fine. (*%?!#$!) Takes over Orclette duty for the rest of the day.

Sunday. Feel much better. Go for walk because the weather is GORGEOUS. Get home and start to feel shaky. Get to church, eat some cake and coffee, still feel shaky. Go to pizza place afterward to celebrate uncle's B-day, eat 2 slimy-with-grease pieces and a salad, still feel shaky. Get to work. Have very tenuous grasp on reality. Get some looks from customers. Eat dinner. Brain starts working again. Have a rather fun evening with coworkers. Get home at midnight, fall asleep gratefully, woken again at 3:30. Orclette is burning hot. Force Tylenol down her throat. She doesn't like it. Both of us take a bit falling asleep again. Dream of hunky Mexican man that tastes like a big, salted hot pretzel. Woken up by alarm at 5:30. Drag Dammy out of bed. Get him to work. Get home. Fall asleep with Orclette in arms. Drive brother to work. Drive back. Force more Tylenol down Orclette throat. Start editing Dammy's post.

That is how this weekend went for me. That is how my thoughts worked all weekend. One. Sentence. At. A . Time. And for part of the weekend no words were forthcoming, for instance when I was buying my running shoes on Saturday. I have had plantar fascitis in the past. Could I think of the word? No. Could I even manage to say "I've have foot problems in the past"? No. I think the lady helping me thought I was drunk. No help from Dammy because he has no clue when it comes to the sport of running. That was not meant in a mean way. It isn't his thing.

So now I'm done. Tomorrow perhaps will be more normal. Until that time, Beowulfa and Orclette are signing out.