Friday, March 7, 2008

Cough cough moan cry

So I've been sickified. I feel like death warmed over. Bleeargh. I had a really good post I was going to write. It would have been amazing and awesome and everyone would have said wow that was awesome. And now all I can think about is how cold it is under all these blankets and how my back hurts and my throat groans.

Feralas is nice. I like the sounds. It sounds like the way the out doors should sound. Also its pretty and the trees it has are really tall so they don't get in the way. Dammerung is level 44 and halfway to level 45. Feralas has a lot of enjoyable quests.

Leveled alchemy to 207. Yay for making gold while leveling tradeskills.

Saturday we're planning on submitting the paid transfer request to move Dammerung and Beowulfa to Drenden. Not sure how long these things take but hopefully very quicklike.

My gear is mostly level 37-39 gear. I'm going to have to upgrade but I hate to spend money on it. Mutter.

Orange juice doesn't taste right when you are sick. Even the air tastes funny. I'm hot one moment and freezing the next. Stupid body.

I've realized that I hate walking quests... when people give me quests that require me to go to the other side of the world I abandon the quest and just grind for a bit. Also I hate hate hate my shoulder pads. Ugly white things.

Someone on WoWInsider wrote some shaman stuff.(this was the topic of my awesome post). Not sure exactly any more what was said but I have a few notes I would have touched on:

1) I didn't like the flametongue MS change and am glad they rolled it back. It sounded and felt like adding a big pink bandaid to a black leather biker. Although if you are going to do something silly like that why not make it work like MS but on mana regen instead of healing. Ie: you get hit with a debuf that cuts your mana/energy/rage regeneration by 50% for .

A better and more themey implementation of that is a totem that applies that affect to everyone in its radius who isn't a friendly.

2) I've cut totems completely out of my soloing habits(other than mana spring for regen). And I've found that I have a lot more mana and fights are about the same length. Sure +43 agi and + 38 str would be helpful...but pulling mobs to me to take advantage of that is so slow and awkward. So right now it goes: lightning sheild, stormstrike....wait until mob is at 20%hps or lower... Earth shock. Simple....easy...effective.

3) I wish there was a simple way to farm Troll rep so I could get a raptor. A way other than hunting down all the troll quests.

4) Bah Slig is level 60... I don't know if I'll be able to catch up fast enough. I've almost caught up with Wulfa. If I can get to 50 before she starts xping again then we should both hit 51 at the same time(she'll have full blue bar).

Well that is it for now. Rambly and whiney and wishing for drugs that tasted like good stuff.


Ratshag said...

When I transferred Salmanella to Farstriders the whole thing took like 30 minutes. Team Ratshag has a lowbie Belf on Drenden, name of Infidelity. I'll tells her ta keep a lookout fer the two of you.

Anonymous said...

When I transferred Slig it took about 30 minutes also. Very quick. And, um, Slig is 61 now (not sure why my toon sigs don't update). Sorry. But hey that just means he can help you with your quests!!