Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I do NOT have Altitis

I don't. Really. I have on occasion created a new character. I have several hunters. But if I go several weeks without devoting any time to a character it gets deleted(*cough* Angie *cough*). I like my realms to be neat and tidy. So yesterday I was tidying up Silvermoon. Liquidating assets and concentrating them onto a single character. You see, another brother of Dammy's, we'll call him Annoying Brother, has decided to play WOW again. This has happened before. He'll be playing, get lonely, and beg for us to play again. We sign up, get our characters rolling, and he decides to quit. Again. This has happened twice. So this time when he decided to get back into the game I told Dammy that we weren't going to play with him. I'm tired of him up and quitting on us. But then he promised 16-slotters for any character we created on Silvermoon (he is rolling in the gold Alliance-side there). And thus was I convinced to let him in our ranks.

So I have a new druid. Wolvyrynn. Like Daxenos and others I can't currently remember I decided that henceforth all my characters will have variants of the name Beowulfa. Wulfa=wolf=wolverine=wolvyrynn. And I'm proud to report that Wolvyrynn is already equipped with 12-slotters and has 10 gold to her name. And she's only lvl 2. And she's already stirred up the gossip mills and created controversy. For example:

(enter Wolvyrynn, traveling to the great city of Darnassus to train stuffs and put stuffs on auction)
(enter lvl 14 player that we'll call Niceperson)

Niceperson whispers: "need help?"
me: "No but thanks for offering."
Niceperson: "ok."
Niceperson: "Why you out here so young? You're not old enough."
me: "AH and training professions. I'm ok. Really."
Niceperson: "Ok. Makes sense. I'll kill anything that attacks you."

And so Niceperson followed me to Darnassus. Along the way stares were elicited. People stopped what they were doing. I wonder if Niceperson had an unsavory past .....

But seriously. These people have never created a bank alt and run them to the nearest major city? and while Dumbbrother, who created an alt on Drenden because it looks like Beowulfa and Dammy are going to try and transfer there (and he's not willing to shell out $25 to transfer his character there) is crying because he doesn't have 50 copper, I encountered a different problem. I trained skinning, np. I scanned the AH and started the bottomscanner. Np. But then I tried to train leatherworking. And I was denied. Not for lack of money. For once I had plenty. But because I wasn't old enough. /cry. You have to attain the mighty age of 5 to start leatherworking. And fishing, for that matter. So now I have to put some work into this character and level her up. /grumble.

And onto something entirely different. The Green Poxers are playing tonight! Woot! We have it all planned. Dammy will get home from work, I'll take a nap, and then load up on caffeine. And then: Showtime! You see, Gamedame isn't able to play until 9pm our time. I'm usually asleep by then. Yes, I know. I'm an old person.

Go Green!


Rabbit Stew said...

Go Green!!

Here's hoping that the caffeine sustains you. RFC is trembling as we speak...da greens are coming, da greens are coming.

Hey ya'll are transferring characters to Drenden? I think Gamedame and Ess are also...or starting characters there. And I have a level 55 hunter there.

Um...just saying...

Dammerung said...

Level 55 horde hunter?
Level 55 Icky bleh dwarf* thing?

*The Icky-bleh's have 5 kind of dwarfs:

Derf Dwarf
Blue Dwarf
Pinkskin Dwarf
Short Dwarf
Tree Dwarf

Although since you said hunter you won't be a Pinkskin or Short Dwarf

Daxenos said...

I thought about Drenden, but I saw the server was locked at times and didn't want to fight the crowds.

It's funny, in the past, I had all my alts on one server. Now I have at least 16 toons spread across 3 servers.....

Anonymous said...

For the record, I've never seen Drenden with any other status higher than "Medium" (and it's usually "Low"). It's FAR less busy than Anvilmar. My Horde toon's name on Drenden is Slig and my Alli is Gnomnclature.

So, I seem to be the Left Coast WEIGHT on the green team. /cry. Well, I am getting off work early today, so I can start early as long as I get a break to eat a slice of pizza.

Dammerung said...



Abuto isn't in any way a weight on the green pox. Abuto is a valued member of team Pox and worth waiting for.

No more of this sad talk!

Think about BUNNIES! and FLOWERS! All nice and roasting on a spit over a good orc fire!