Thursday, March 6, 2008

Green Wipes the Competition

Alrighty. (Cracks fingers) Gotta get my sass on (which can be hard to do, believe me or not).

>Enter Wulfa< style="font-style: italic;">own
. The Burning Crusade had no chance. I mean, they took one look at me and fainted from the sight. Who could stand such loveliness? Such beauty? . I suppose the other team members did contribute a bit. Trifendolden (see, I'm smart-I can spell his name!) kept aggro fairly well and I didn't have to do too much backup healing so I suppose Raaksi was doing his job .... And Abuto was a blur most of the time. She got a blue last night. It really compliments her figure. And the color contrasted oh so nicely with her choice of garment .... . And Elips, well, what can I say? He did IT again! I look away for a moment, glance back, and he's eating one of the corpses! I retched (politely, of course) and then swooned, like any proper beautiful female would do. And they kept on insisting that I heal his blueberry. Why? Why must I consort with that smelly, cannabalistic, undead thing? he likes to say "dead" a lot. . There are other words in the dictionary, you know. Not everything is dead. Well. . Oh, and we took a picture with Thrall. He totally is into me. Took a picture with me standing on his throne and everything. I think he likes me. Next up on "As the Orcs Go to War": Thrall seduces the LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL Blood Elf PRINCESS Wulfa ...... oh yeah. It could happen. For some reason I can't find any of the pictures I took .. oh well, maybe next time ...(Lost Pictures found and uploaded)

>Wulfa walks away, muttering about the lost pictures that SO showed her to GREAT advantage ....<>

GAH.... adding the picture cost wulfa half her post. She'll re add it later.

Alrighty ... I wrote something about Elips falling behind and Wulfa waiting for him out of concern and DON'T tell her I told you .... we needed more Pox members because one of our own got left out (not on purpose) and needs a group ....we advertised and people responded! They want in! And also we really need a group event. I don't feel like I know everybody. And I am that person who likes to KNOW everyone. Like, what's your favorite color? What's your story? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you plan on growing up? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite movie? What do you believe? Why do you believe it? and so on.

BUT. I had a life-altering event happen on the way to taking Dammy to work. It starts with train tracks. You see, the fastest way to his work place takes you over the tracks. I don't like trains. I especially don't like this one as it curves and it it's hard to see if anything is coming and I like to look before I cross. Anyway. There was a train coming this morning, moving slowly. The red lights start flashing but the barriers are not coming down. I stop. Dammy yells "Go!" and for some reason I decide to listen to him. I gun the van forward and as I cross the tracks the barriers start to come down.

I had just taken an unacceptable risk with my child.

All the bad scenarios start flashing through my head. What if the train had been moving faster? What if I got stuck between the barriers? It's all I can do to make myself keep driving. Remember horsies. Must get back on the horse (for all of you who have never ridden a horse, if you get bucked off or just plain thrown off you HAVE to get back on right away or there's a good chance you'll be too scared to in the future). Look desperately around for a police officer to arrest me so it'll sink in good and hard that I am NEVER to do that again. No police. Bah. Yell at Dammy. He must NEVER ever EVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN! Settle down a bit. Dammy apologizes and then tells me that I really didn't take a big risk. He wouldn't advise doing it again but I didn't really put my child's life in danger. And he will never tell me to go again when the red lights start flashing. And on my way home I did drive over the tracks again instead of going to long way. And I will make myself go over them again when we go to Walmart. Some days its no fun being a perfectionist.

Anyway. I wanted to share my story and calling my mom wasn't an option as I'd just freak her out as badly as I freaked myself out.


Dammerung said...

I was wrong to second guess her decision. Her instincts and what she was seeing told her to stop... my comment distracted her and added risk to an otherwise risk free decision.

And I want to clarify when I said that she didn't take a big risk:

Looking back at the situation, where the train was, how fast it was moving, how fast we were moving, there was little to no chance of an accident. I told her this to help her calm down and recover from the feeling like she just risked our childs life. Does this make me right? No. I un-nerved my driver, added stress, and -if- the train had been moving faster my statement could have led to more serious consequences.

I have appologized to Wulfa and wanted to be clear that in no way was I justified in what I said.

Daxenos said...

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt AND thong!

Being somewhat of a control freak (no comments, Purple Poxers!), I almost always drive. Even if it's to drop me off somewhere. Call me old fashioned or smelly, that's just how I roll.

And my wife likes that I enjoy drivin' Ms. Daxie...erm, Dax.