Saturday, March 8, 2008

The rare Saturday post.

So as soon as Wulfa's auctions sell this afternoon we plan on making the move. Hopefully all will go well. Thanks a ton Ratters and Abuto for letting me know that it would only take 30 min or so. This has made everything more relaxed. I had been under the impression I wouldn't be able to play my toon for 3-4 days.

Dammerung hit 45 last night off of two levels worth of rested xp and a ton of feralas kill quests. Feralas is now my favorite zone. Its pretty and the bird noises remind me of Panama, and bits of Houston.

Having played a healer a lot recently in low level groups(as a priest) I've decided that resto shaman is NOT for me. I like using HoT's not long casting spells. Which has been a good thing for Dammerung. He was debating resto for a while as I believe I mentioned but now.. no longer. I'll level a druid or a priest instead if I want to heal.

Tanking for Green Poxed has greatly helped Dammerung as well. Partying with its intense focus on keeping other people alive leaves me with plenty of left over soloing drive.

Looking at the hybrids:

Shaman C) Tanking A) Healing A) DPS
Druid A) Tanking A-) Healing A) DPS
Paladin A) Tanking A) Healing B+) DPS

So here comes my crazy barnowl idea for WRATH:

Give the Ele shaman tree the following talent toys.
1) Increase def/hps of Earth Elemental Totem
2) A misdirection spell that only works on the earth elemental
3) A talent nature damage blast that you aim at your party members. It does 500-600 damage to your target, then chains to 1-2 enemies attacking your target doing 1000-1500 damage(all damage is before spell damage modifiers). A HIGH amount of threat attached.

Anyways something like what I mentioned above would be fun I think. Would allow Shaman to tank via the elements and would have a different feel than the other three tanking classes. Granted WoW doesn't -need- any more tanks. I'm just talking.

Well thats it for now. Gotta go make someone giggle uncontrollably.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Orclette enjoyed her giggle fest! I'm actually okay with shaman not being a tanking class. I already have too many decisions to make on the talent tree -- hee hee! I mean, if every hybrid could do everything well, then there'd be no one choosing shammies -- and there are already few enough as it is. I think we heal and DPS like the dickens and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we can take a punch like McLovin!! I love the fact that you've put some serious thought into all this.