Monday, March 3, 2008

Orgh. I'm old.

So last night I got home at 12 midnight... in bed by 12:30pm. And this morning had to wake up at 5:30am. And I feel like death warmed over.

Whats happening to me? Oh right... I'm an old married person. /sigh

So thats my excuse for the following bad ideas:

1) Shaman's currently on the PTR are getting a version of Mortal Strike added to flamestrike. I say change the affect from 50% less healz gained to 50% less mana gained from any source including regen.

2) When Wrath comes out give warriors a shield based blocking ability that channels a successfull block so that 50% of the damage you would have recieved is recived by any other targets attacking you.

3) Improved ghost wolf is instant cast.

4) A warlock curse that steals a % of your opponents stm and gives it to you for the duration of the spell(returning it after the spell wears off). {this is under the current system of life tap}

5) Tom the Alternative Druid Designer. He would be located in TB and Darn. For a hefty chunk of gold he would allow druids to pay to get new skins for their various forms. Maple/pine/ugly trees. White/black/brown bears. Black/leopard/tan cats. Ugly/ugly/ugly waterform. Etc.

6) An in combat only air-totem that when dropped let you use the standard AOE targeting to pick a location at a distance. When you selected the location everyone in the area of the totem would get teleported to the location selected.

P.S. I found this diary in a box while fishing. It has been a good read so far. Well other than the bits where the pages are all blurry from the sea water. /sigh. They don't pack trunks tightly enough these days.

I didn't think Dammy would be coherent enough to write a post so I actually had one planned. It was too early in the AM this morning for any coherent conversation so no communication occurred between us. It would have been entitled "Utterly Exhausted."

See, Saturday I woke up still feeling blah and icky. Dammy muttered something about being sick. I figured I should probably call in sick. Did so, discovered I was the second person to call in (2 minutes after manager had gotten into the store). Dammy was not aware of anything and, not wanting him to get really sick, Orclette and me headed out to Walmart. Keep in mind I'm still sick. Get to Walmart. Orclette has a poopy diaper. I'm not strong enough to change poopy diaper. Poopy diaper stays. We go into Walmart, pick up orange juice and other goodies that looked appetizing at the time (like pudding). Get home and utterly collapse. Dammy gets up and feels fine. (*%?!#$!) Takes over Orclette duty for the rest of the day.

Sunday. Feel much better. Go for walk because the weather is GORGEOUS. Get home and start to feel shaky. Get to church, eat some cake and coffee, still feel shaky. Go to pizza place afterward to celebrate uncle's B-day, eat 2 slimy-with-grease pieces and a salad, still feel shaky. Get to work. Have very tenuous grasp on reality. Get some looks from customers. Eat dinner. Brain starts working again. Have a rather fun evening with coworkers. Get home at midnight, fall asleep gratefully, woken again at 3:30. Orclette is burning hot. Force Tylenol down her throat. She doesn't like it. Both of us take a bit falling asleep again. Dream of hunky Mexican man that tastes like a big, salted hot pretzel. Woken up by alarm at 5:30. Drag Dammy out of bed. Get him to work. Get home. Fall asleep with Orclette in arms. Drive brother to work. Drive back. Force more Tylenol down Orclette throat. Start editing Dammy's post.

That is how this weekend went for me. That is how my thoughts worked all weekend. One. Sentence. At. A . Time. And for part of the weekend no words were forthcoming, for instance when I was buying my running shoes on Saturday. I have had plantar fascitis in the past. Could I think of the word? No. Could I even manage to say "I've have foot problems in the past"? No. I think the lady helping me thought I was drunk. No help from Dammy because he has no clue when it comes to the sport of running. That was not meant in a mean way. It isn't his thing.

So now I'm done. Tomorrow perhaps will be more normal. Until that time, Beowulfa and Orclette are signing out.


Lazz said...

what about the Panda bears? I want to lay the smack down as a Panda bear.

Daxenos said...

I feel for you. We've been through the stage where sickness is just passed around the house for months on end. As soon as it clears up on Mommy, one of the kids gets it, and God forbid Dad ever gets it, 'cause he's the biggest baby of all!


Anonymous said...

Chica, that sounds like one nasty flu! I hope you and Orclette are feeling better soon. /hugs