Tuesday, March 4, 2008


A level 49 Orc Huntress and a level 42 Orc Shamanator are currently looking for a new home. One without 2 P's and with at least one E. We're friendly nice and spiffy... and you don't even have to invite us to your guild or anything. Wanting a place with low population during the hours of 7-11pm CST. Any suggestions?


Yeah you read that correctly. Myself and Wulfa are looking for a new server. I LOVE pvp... but when I'm tired from a long day at work I like to pick and chose when it happens.

So we want to move to a PVE something. Once we get there we want to look for a talkative, non-cussing inueindo allowed, raiding not required but happening someday, guild. Alternatively we may create our own if we knew enough people.

So if you have any suggestions please let us know.


P.s. Shaman are fun if you leave them in the corner long enough. Yummy axness.


Maebius said...

Well, it doesn't have an E, but does only have one P, and an extra R....but Farstriders seems to be a decent place. I've been on a few servers, and transfered there a while ago, and enjoy it. My only complaint initially was that is was a low-population server and harderto find groups, but am now in a guild so enjoying it much better.

Anonymous said...

Come! Move with Slig! Let us kick arse together!

Daxenos said...

Ravencrest seems to be a nice server. I started a BE Hunter named Daxen on there. It'd be cool to roll together.

She's only 13, though...jail bait...

Anonymous said...

Slig gets bonus points cuz Drenden is also BRK and TJ's server!

Ferrusmanus said...

First-time-commenter here, /wave /hi :D

I think I'd like to register my vote for Drenden as well, but not because I have any characters there (my mains are on Bronzebeard). I might consider rolling an alt or two there to say hi, though... :3