Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yet another delayed Wednesday post.

So wednesday was the day of posting. You'll be seeing this Saturday. Way after I've done gone and reacted to what I'm writing here.

I hit wow burnout. I thought about it cried about it etc. So I'm poking around at work finishing up my stuff and thinking about how I just want to mess around in the game. Not try hard to speed level etc.

Up till now I was thinking I would take a big huge break at 60. But looks like that won't happen.

I'm thinking about working on that Twink I promised Ess. The one we were going to run battlegrounds with? Yeah...she's still level 8 or 9. I got all wrapped up in my druid. Low levels are so easy/fun that I could breeze through them and not be bored. Also I've got clothmaking at super high levels now so I could actually make myself a complete set of that azure blue stuff that frost mages love.

That would be fun. I think I may do that tonight. Unless Stargate Atlantis claims me. I really enjoy sitting with Wulfa on the floor and letting Orclette play on me while we watch things. We'll see.



Friday, July 4, 2008

Cloth Metal Magnets Walls of Grey

Ignoring my nonsense title, this is a ramble. Wednesday was really slow for me so a lot of posts happened.

I like Staffs more than daggers which I like more than spears which I like more than swords which I like more than axes which I like more than maces.

I like robes, capes and cloth armwraps. I also like beads. I dislike most helmets.

I like stone. I don't like mud.

I tend to dislike magic based systems but don't even notice martial arts systems that allow people to do semi magical things(Naruto works, Potter doesn't).

I love titles. Especially social ones that designate things like gender/age/status.

I love it when villians that are obviously way beyond the reach of the heroes don't bother to even talk to them. I love it when blustery people are ignored with force.

In fiction and games where you play against the computer I don't believe in balanced worlds. Sometimes there simply isn't any way to win. It can be fun to lose.

In games where you are playing other people there has to be balance or its not any fun. It isn't ever fun to lose.

I like empty rooms. I love quiet rooms. I dislike busy places.

This has been a ramble from me. Yay.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm with Dammy ...

We both got just a wee bit burned out. You already know why he got burned out. I got burned out because the dern game requires a group to get the gear I want and I want the gear now. Welcome to the life of a 70, no? =) So Dammy is going to research gear that I can acquire by myself, no dependency on others. And apparently the Netherwing dailies require you to kill this big dude which requires a 5-man ..... why must they make me group! =( I enjoy partying, I really do, but I hate trying to get a group together. I hate thinking it's going to happen and then we fall short by one person. Please understand, my guild is awesome and the people in it are as well-I ain't upset at them. I am ranting just a wee bit right now. Not quite sure how long my burn-out will last ... tonight we have a group that will hit up an instance or two. Maybe a piece of gear will drop for me and I will love the world again. And if it doesn't you don't want to be near me, or at least your ears don't=). And see, that's just uncharacteristic of me. I don't usually get upset about such things. It's just a game, right? So my time off, which may last up until this morning when I decide that there was this thing I wanted to do in that place will hopefully restore my sense of calmness. Ok, done with WoW talking.

Has anyone seen Stargate Atlantis? We rented the first 2 seasons and the Orclette and I are racing through them. Well, I am. She doesn't watch the t.v. at this point but she is positively thrilled that I am sitting on the floor with her. Makes it much easier for her to climb over me, pull my hair, hide behind my back and yell victoriously. And I would have pictures but lately, i.e. the past month or so, the mojo has gone completely out of all my artistic endeavors, so don't count on anything from me. Back to Atlantis. I really am enjoying them and am considering buying the series, especially since we're only up to 5 seasons, unlike SG-1 with it's 10 seasons and then 2 direct-to-dvd movies that wrap up the O-somethingorotherbaddude plot arcs. AND on August 2 the 4th book in Steph. Meyers vampire series is coming out! And guess who's working the party?!=) Supposedly we can dress up like it was our prom night, but I never went to prom, and really have no desire to doll myself up, so I will be the boring one in plain street clothes. And just to clarify, the party is just the one my local bookstore is holding. We don't have the privilege of actually having the author at our store. Dammy was confused.

Ok, I'm out. You may or may not see me on. I'm rather enjoying vegging out in front of the t.v. and watching the Atlantis plot unfold with my Orclette using me as a jungle-gym.


I hate the level 40-50 stretch. Oh how I hate it. It is really easy to burn my way to level 40. But at 40 I look around and think...huh bleh.

I've been taking a bit of a break. Saturday night got really rough. So Sunday I didn't log in at all. I logged in for about 20 min on Monday to get myself into darnassus and buy a mount. Then I got off. Tuesday I didn't log in at all.

Today I'm looking at doing Pox but more and more I'm less prepared before the instance... I'm getting really sloppy as a tank. And I'm not really looking forwards to it.

I'm deffinitly suffering from burnout of a sort. I'm not wanting to do any sort of playing, or even blogging. My idea of a good time at this point is sitting on my living room floor bouncing a ball of the wall over and over again like the guy in Great Escape.


A couple of research links.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh noes.

As my upcoming post(due sometime AM on thursday) from earlier this morning will tell you.. life's been hating on wow recently.

However it just got a heck of a lot worse.

I respecced boomkin at level 40.

And I think I like it.


So yeah... Sorry. Yesterday I was home all day. Wulfa was home all day. Not sure how the post didn't happen. But it didn't. So here I go to make up the time:

1) Do you like toast with butter/spread of with something else on top, like peanut butter, chocolate spread or strawberry jam?
I like Toast with butter and jam, I like toast with peanut butter and honey. I like toast with peanut butter and the powder you use to make chocolate milk. I also just like toast.

2) Any tips or tricks about raising a little Orclette and balancing WoW time and work?
Remember first that she always comes first. Make sure she knows this. Then make sure she has plenty of face time and play time and cuddle time and talking time. Then remember that you are allowed to have time to yourself. Balance it all. But keep the bigger end of the balance in orclette time. You should never be playing while she is crying. EVER. This is my rough guidelines, in something like this its hard to set hard rules, but I never play while she's crying and I make sure I spend lots of time on the floor playing with her and holding her.

3) Assuming WoW or an equally involved MMORPG are involved in your family when your orclette is 5+ years will you handle her game time? How will you ensure her safety and keep her experience fun and innocent? Would you deny the ability all together and keep her involved only with "LeapFrog" and outdoor activities instead? Perhaps you don't want her to get into video games at all? Do you think, years from now, when you tell her about your alt named orclette that she will think you're a bit silly? Maybe she'll want to play orclette herself. Will you relinquish control of said character?
*Stunned* Hmm. Hard question.

Handling her game time is fairly simple. Parental controls on the account and setting a flat amount of time that she will be allowed to play.

Keeping safe? Lots of warnings about people we talk to online. General suggestion to not talk to the idiots who aren't in your guild while playing. I'm not sure she'll be playing an MMORPG at 5. Maybe 10+. Tell me if she gets any tells(at all), things of that nature. Buy an internet based shotgun, barbed wire, 15 stealthed rogues, and 3 warlocks. Great now I have to invent Skynet just to protect her....see what you've done.

Wulfa is waiting desperately for Orclette to get old enough to understand soccer. Then boom they are both outside all the time.

Silly? hah silly hasn't even begun. I'm very very silly. I think the name Orclette will be the least of her complaints about me.

If WoW is still around we'll pay for a name change for Wulfa's Orclette toon and let the Orclette roll her own.

4) Do you two plan on having at least two other kids so you can have a full party?
State secret.

5) And what will be the punishment when Orcboy ninja's your epic?
MY girl will know better than to ninja anything of course. She's perfect.

6) If there are 5 apples and you take 3 away. How many apples do you have?
Not sure. Who had the 5 apples? How many apples did I already have?

7) When you two grp up? Who takes the lead?
Myself(dammerung), generally. If she is escorting one of my low levels through things I'm still the one marking the kills and saying which way to go.

However she's the one that controls the money and what we spend it on.

8) Any particular TV shows you all watch as a couple?
Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, Scrubs, the Gilmore Girls.

Nasirah said... I have no questions... but I demand more pictures of Orclette!
I'm hoping wulfa will add a post above this with pictures and her answers.

9) Have you ever tried brown cheese, and why?
No. Because I never heard of it. Mostlikely won't ever try it either. Just about the only cheese I can stand is american cheese and I've heard that this is probably the most uncheese cheese that there is.

10) What's the meaning of life?
Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, with all your Strength, with all your Mind. Love your neighbor as yourself.

11)How did Orclette change that meaning?
She gave me another reason to thank God. She reminds me daily how precious our life is here and how grateful I should be for it.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Werewolves are always better.

The question answering post will come tomorrow. Sunday was too busy.

I just finished reading Twilight and New Moon. When I first started Twilight I wasn't impressed, it seemed slow and bleh and very teen dating girl story.

Last night I got home at about midnight... I picked up New Moon. I was only going to read the ending to the scene that starts in the back of Twilight....

I didn't get much sleep last night(due to finishing New Moon). I'm loving the series.

Although, wow these vamps scare me. Why? Because they are harder to kill. After reading the first book I spent 20 min thinking of counters. For a counter to be valid it has to be balanced. I can't just say "I'm superman and Vampires are deathly allergic to me and I heal like wolverine and have a robot army." (although when I ran into the aliens from Alien/Aliens/AvP for the first time, my counter at the time was almost exactly that.)

I came up with the Dancer. He's a completely normal human. However he hears music every so often(nothing he can control), when he hears the music...if he immediantly stops what he's doing and follows takes over and amazing things happen. As an example if a Vampire came into his store while he was ringing someone up he might suddenly hear the music.... he'd jump the counter, dance over to the Vampire, and sweep her up into an awesome corieographed dance that drops her(against her will) outside the store, then he'd dance back to the counter and the music would stop.....but all of this would happen at Flash like speeds, no one but him and the vampire would even notice...

He's balanced because he is simply an Agent for a Power. If he accepts the dance he cannot control it. It happens, he watches, it ends.

Anyways, this was a valid counter for me. I actually found it odd that these vampires scared me. Normally I don't react like that to books, but last night my only thoughts there really isn't a way to kill them.

Anyways wanted to share.