Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm with Dammy ...

We both got just a wee bit burned out. You already know why he got burned out. I got burned out because the dern game requires a group to get the gear I want and I want the gear now. Welcome to the life of a 70, no? =) So Dammy is going to research gear that I can acquire by myself, no dependency on others. And apparently the Netherwing dailies require you to kill this big dude which requires a 5-man ..... why must they make me group! =( I enjoy partying, I really do, but I hate trying to get a group together. I hate thinking it's going to happen and then we fall short by one person. Please understand, my guild is awesome and the people in it are as well-I ain't upset at them. I am ranting just a wee bit right now. Not quite sure how long my burn-out will last ... tonight we have a group that will hit up an instance or two. Maybe a piece of gear will drop for me and I will love the world again. And if it doesn't you don't want to be near me, or at least your ears don't=). And see, that's just uncharacteristic of me. I don't usually get upset about such things. It's just a game, right? So my time off, which may last up until this morning when I decide that there was this thing I wanted to do in that place will hopefully restore my sense of calmness. Ok, done with WoW talking.

Has anyone seen Stargate Atlantis? We rented the first 2 seasons and the Orclette and I are racing through them. Well, I am. She doesn't watch the t.v. at this point but she is positively thrilled that I am sitting on the floor with her. Makes it much easier for her to climb over me, pull my hair, hide behind my back and yell victoriously. And I would have pictures but lately, i.e. the past month or so, the mojo has gone completely out of all my artistic endeavors, so don't count on anything from me. Back to Atlantis. I really am enjoying them and am considering buying the series, especially since we're only up to 5 seasons, unlike SG-1 with it's 10 seasons and then 2 direct-to-dvd movies that wrap up the O-somethingorotherbaddude plot arcs. AND on August 2 the 4th book in Steph. Meyers vampire series is coming out! And guess who's working the party?!=) Supposedly we can dress up like it was our prom night, but I never went to prom, and really have no desire to doll myself up, so I will be the boring one in plain street clothes. And just to clarify, the party is just the one my local bookstore is holding. We don't have the privilege of actually having the author at our store. Dammy was confused.

Ok, I'm out. You may or may not see me on. I'm rather enjoying vegging out in front of the t.v. and watching the Atlantis plot unfold with my Orclette using me as a jungle-gym.


klaki said...

As far as WoW goes.... run SteamVaults until you get the Beast Lord shoulders and legs. Then buy a couple of pieces off the AH and then you will be Kara ready. That is when the true fun begins :) The Beast Lord set is awesome becuase of the cooldown on traps decrease. i have replacements for the items, but i still carry them in case I'm in a situation where my trapping is highly essential.

As far as SG-A, I've only seen commercials for it during my ghost shows I watch on Sci-fi. I have seen several SG-1 episodes and I really didn't get into them. My wife ain't really into that stuff either, which makes it hard on me to watch. I would have to watch it alone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, WoW burnout happens to everyone. Thankfully Blusummers had most of his gear from crafting, but even I'm hitting a little burnout. I want to get exalted with SSO so I can get the necklace. I need Exalted with Aldor to make the necklace as good as it can be. I want to farm up gold for an epic mount so I can do the Netherwing Dailies till I get to honored so I can get a wand from them. And I want to get the S2 caster staff so I need 27k honor for that.

Just remember, if I'm around, I'm happy to run instances with ya as a break from all the other grinding I'm working on.

Oh yeah, and Stargate is awesome. I used to keep up on SG-1, but at some point I lost track and now I'm lost. And with Atlantis, I did the same. I watched through about the first season, but now...I catch it occasionally.


Nasirah said...

Yeah, that's the thing about this game, is that once you hit 70, there's really very little you can do solo. You can finish out questing the areas you didn't do while leveling, or you can PvP. Or you can just abandon that character and start a new alt. Those are pretty much your options.

Personally I LOVE running 5-mans, I could run one just about every night, but I know a lot of people get sick them. Especially if you're actually running for gear, and it doesn't drop. That's frustrating.

Eustashius said...

Hey BFF!
I need the silly netherwing ledge group too; maybe we can get a few to come over for the 30-45 minutes needed to gather everyone then your netherwing dailies open up :-). And you know what? The game will still be here but Orclette is growing and I would suggest enjoying being a jungle gym while you can, well, still enjoy it :-).
best to you three,