Friday, July 4, 2008

Cloth Metal Magnets Walls of Grey

Ignoring my nonsense title, this is a ramble. Wednesday was really slow for me so a lot of posts happened.

I like Staffs more than daggers which I like more than spears which I like more than swords which I like more than axes which I like more than maces.

I like robes, capes and cloth armwraps. I also like beads. I dislike most helmets.

I like stone. I don't like mud.

I tend to dislike magic based systems but don't even notice martial arts systems that allow people to do semi magical things(Naruto works, Potter doesn't).

I love titles. Especially social ones that designate things like gender/age/status.

I love it when villians that are obviously way beyond the reach of the heroes don't bother to even talk to them. I love it when blustery people are ignored with force.

In fiction and games where you play against the computer I don't believe in balanced worlds. Sometimes there simply isn't any way to win. It can be fun to lose.

In games where you are playing other people there has to be balance or its not any fun. It isn't ever fun to lose.

I like empty rooms. I love quiet rooms. I dislike busy places.

This has been a ramble from me. Yay.

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