Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yet another delayed Wednesday post.

So wednesday was the day of posting. You'll be seeing this Saturday. Way after I've done gone and reacted to what I'm writing here.

I hit wow burnout. I thought about it cried about it etc. So I'm poking around at work finishing up my stuff and thinking about how I just want to mess around in the game. Not try hard to speed level etc.

Up till now I was thinking I would take a big huge break at 60. But looks like that won't happen.

I'm thinking about working on that Twink I promised Ess. The one we were going to run battlegrounds with? Yeah...she's still level 8 or 9. I got all wrapped up in my druid. Low levels are so easy/fun that I could breeze through them and not be bored. Also I've got clothmaking at super high levels now so I could actually make myself a complete set of that azure blue stuff that frost mages love.

That would be fun. I think I may do that tonight. Unless Stargate Atlantis claims me. I really enjoy sitting with Wulfa on the floor and letting Orclette play on me while we watch things. We'll see.




waupeople said...

I like thinking about spending time with Orclette. I like thinking about what she might be saying or doing. I like imagining what she looks like on her birthday. I like wondering what she's would say if I could talk to her. Happy Birthday Orclette!!!

Softi said...

Happy Birthday Orclette!! :D

Nasirah said...


Dawn said...

stargate Atlantis huh? And to think you thought I was nuts with Stargate SG1. By the way season 4 comes out Tuesday. But I love both series, (own most of SG1) and am glad to know that the two of you are hooked on it. I'm thinking it's worth getting cable just for the sci-fi channel. :)

Tell you beautiful daughter happy birthday.

Pike said...

Woohoo, happy birthday to the little one!