Saturday, February 2, 2008

Guild stuffs.

Experienced my first 'raid' ever. I enjoyed it. Granted this was about as low stress as you can get. We had 10 people(6 level 37-55) and (4 level 17-23) and we cleared RFK. Whee. Mail helmet(12agi/12str), polearm(16agi), agi dagger, stm dagger, and some awesome shoulders(something or other mantle) dropped for us. Even only gaining 10 xp per mob I still gained about 2.5-3k xp. Which at level 19(Serayamuij) is awesomely.

Mostly it was just a guild event. We(Wulfa, myself and my brother) went along more as a "participate in anyway possible) than an actual help. Because we said we wanted to come the downgraded from mauridin?(the instance in desolace) to RFK. Still we all enjoyed it and the only person to die in the instance was the level 23 mage who kept trying to pull EVERYTHING in an attempt to speed us up. He died..4 maybe 5 times. Yay for fun guilds.

Rogue is level 10. Priest is on hold. Dammerung played a lot last night but after 3 deaths to me trying to bite off more than I can chew I decided I was just going to log and would try him again later when I was more smart and less dumb orc.

I think that is everything for now. Night peeps.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The real post.

There will be a post from me! later today. Just busy working on something to do something when something else happens at work. This post is simply a place holder and will go away when my post really happens.

/cheer TJ is taking over BRK from the inside... She's an executive icky now! Any day now I expect it to become and feature cool videos on how to annoy your sister and work at the same time.

/slide back to productivity.

---------------Fake Break before real post.----------------------

Dammerung has been getting pretty upset with me recently. Seems I spend all my time playing with Serayamuij, and Muij, and Xinfoo and none of it spending time properly getting him xp. I mean I helped 'Wulfa get her 400 million scorpid bits for some orc in the badlands. And I tried to save this poor goblin lass in Desolace from the Centaur camps just north of that troll village where the bats drop you off... but she kept getting too many centaur involved and wouldn't slow up and let me regen and generally was a pain in the tooth. I bit the dirt three maybe four times before I parked Dammerung in Gadgetzan to rest up and meandered over to Xinfoo for some solo boredom.

Some points:

1) We know we cannot resist the siren call of playing multiple characters.2) We want to maximize our time spent playing since there is so little of it.

Our general plan is as follows:

1) Have three groups. Play them in a rotating cycle. Each group should then be under blue bar most of the time we spend playing.

The groups look like this:

Group 1:
Dammerung 42 Enh Shammy
Beowulfa 45 BM Hunter
Honestbear 32?BM hunter

Group 2:
Gryphaen 17 Feral Druid
Muij 15 disc priest
or Serayamuij 17 aff warlock
Moonsongdown 22 BM hunter

Group 3:
Xinfoo 6 rogue
Olathe 8 priest
?????? ? Tank

I keep debating with myself whether I prefer grouping as a lock or as a priest.(For group 2).

Rogue(low level) and Shaman(currentlY) feel very very similair. I run up. Spam hotkey 2(SS and Stormstrike) and 3(Earth Shock and Eviscerate) and melee something to death. There are variations with the shaman(Fire and Frost shock sometimes make appearances) but for the most party when simply farming they act very similiar. I'm sure there are rogues out there weeping at my description of the class(SS, SS, SS, SS, Eviscerate).

I think the stabby thing is called SS anyways.

My shaman gets played like that because dropping totems slows me down due to lack of mana. I'm even usually fighting oranges now days as I'm scout/puller for Beowulfa(she's too busy skinning to scout/pull).

All the lurkers need to leave comments on the pink posts please... I keep getting hurt because "no one comments on her posts". I'm probably going to get hurt for saying this too.

Last thing, then I'm done:
Xinfoo the Orc is apparently the "forbidden" love of Olathe the Elf. He just found out. He was informed that his muscles make him spiffy. I personally wondered how -any- of his attributes could overcome his face but what do I know. I certainly don't have ANYCLUE what lurks in the minds of petite blood elf priests.

Dammerung out.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The killin' duo

Guess who we played last night? 'Wulfa and Dammy! I was sooo excited to finally be using ALL the hunter powers I had grown so accustomed to. We were in Tanaris, getting scorpid scales for my leatherworking quest. They don't skin off of the icky scorpids very much, so we spent quite a bit of time wandering all over the area looking for more scorpids. I've almost got all that I need but still need a few more.

Dammy had been worried that his shaman didn't mesh well with my hunter. My pet tanks, I can heal her, and I'm fairly powerful meself. So I don't need need anybody. But last night was awesome. Poor Susan doesn't have dash yet (pure laziness on my part) so Dammy would frequently get to the mob before she did, his windfury/stormstrike thingy would kick in, I'd maybe get off a shot, and the poor thing was dead. On to the next one. We could have easily taken on 4-5 mobs at once, but Tanaris is rather sparse and its mob population spread apart making pulling inconvenient. We did have the opportunity to take on a lvl 47 & 48 duo of nasty looking beetle thingies that come up out of the water hole after you fill your quest bottle. Dammy discovered that one for us. After the initial shock of seeing them I sent Susan in and we made quick work of them (at the time Dammy was 41 and I 44). We also took on Mr. Caliph something or other, with his little hordies, and killed them fairly easily although Dammy had to res himself 'cause they took us by surprise and Susan and I were not close to hand. But all turned out well. We helped a lvl 51 druid kill two alliance of reasonable lvls, I actually asked Dammy if he wanted to take on a lvl 48 warrior (see-I'm turning into less of a carebear). He declined, and we went on killing scorpids. At the end of our very brief time of playing he dinged 42 and I dinged 45. Got on this morning to check on auctions, and remembered that I needed more scorpid scales. Scorpids reside right outside of Gadzetan (spelling?). I ventured out and started killing, guiltily remembering that I NEED to wait for Dammy to catch up. After a few glorious minutes I led Beowulfa gently back into town, comforting her the whole way. She will be able to play again. She just has to wait for the shammy.

So I'm thinking we'll play 'Wulfa and Dammy again tonight. Very excited. Really want to get to lvl 46 and see what goodies hunters get then.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Killin's my game, Hunter's the name

I'm a hunter. I've toyed with other classes and so far I've succeeded in getting them past 10 once (that would be Gryphaen, my druid). I love the companionship of your pet, the ability to name them (I love naming things). I love being able to solo almost anything. I love the BeastMaster I've become, the bundle of claw and bite that is my Susan, near indestructable. I love the independence being a hunter brings. I like ranged weapons.

-break for RL nap with Orclette. By the by, if you've never taken a nap with your little one I highly recommend it. Waking up with orclette pawing at your hair and smiling for you, waiting for you to wake up, is priceless.-

Return to why I play my class. Have I mentioned bestial wrath? ice traps? all the cool shots? And that's just up to 44. I've no idea of what happens after that lvl. I think also I like hunters because of my early love for the tales of Arthur, Robin Hood, and in general swords, crossbows, and horses. And the men who ride them :)

-another RL break to comfort orclette who climbed up on my ottoman and then fell over. Removal of self to a safer climbing location for orclette.-

Ok. Hunters. I think I'm done rhapsodizing. And why am I still playing the only non-hunter alt of mine? What is different about this one that it survived? I can turn into a bear. That is just sooo cool, like a hunter and pet rolled up into one. Although don't call my your pet. I will growl at you, and possibly some other very dangerous bearish thingies. I'm looking forward to cat form which Dammy has told me is even more dangerous than bear form. /evil cackle.

-orclette has not recovered from bump on the head. Getting off computer this time to comfort grumpy orclette.

On why my posts are getting shorter and shorter.

I have an orclette. An orclette who LOVES her mommy. An orclette who likes said mommy to be on the same level as her so she can use her as a climbing post. An orclette who loves electronic toys. An orclette that doesn't like anyone else to use HER electronic toys. An orclette who doesn't sleep very much. A mother who spends nap time actually playing, not blogging.

So there you have it. A nice, short little post about why my posts are getting shorter.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Posting out of sequence.

Copied from Kestrel because I'm too lazy to do my own linkage:P
Over at Blog Azeroth, Siha of Banana Shoulders suggested we (the Blog Azeroth community) all write on a common topic. To get the ball rolling, she proposed "What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?"

Hmm. I enjoy Astral Recall the most. That and reincarnation cut down on so much travel time. It makes life sweet and happy. I like being able to ress people with Ancestral Spirit and sic' my void walker on them while Corruption and Curse of Agony tick their health down. Power Word: Shield is simply awesome and Renew makes healing easy. Oh and WINDFURY ala STORMSTRIKE is heaven, well at least when I have my seals up and can follow it up with a well timed Judgement.

Oh, bother.

This is exactly the problem.

Which class do I play the most? Sure Shaman is my highest level ever(41). But I've pushed 3 warlock characters to 18-19 and spent lots of time in BG with them. And at least one lock to 32. But right now all I do is priest priest priest for my awesome druid tank wife. And I have a level 32/33 Dwarf healadin soloer on Wulfa's account.

What I like best is helping. What I like best about shaman is in a group setting I have AoE buffs and can heal/ress. What I like best about warlock is I am great for helping do quests and escorting and I make a good body guard in BG's. What I like best about priest is the huge variety of ways I can help other players with heals/buffs/resses. What I loved about paladin was I could heal my heart out on someone and not worry too much about hate because I would most likely survive it.

If I ever lock down my class I may re-write this post. Until then? Astral recall wins.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Very long but at least its organized.

My "Secret" was going to be a level 30 disc priest that I was planning on unveiling in about a week or nine. Dammerung is still being played on Mon-Thursday, but Serayamuij is not. Muij took her place about 10 seconds after he hit level 5.

I have a few things I'm going to try and remember to touch on:

1) The party roles talk with Beowulfa.

2) Priests leveling up. My experiances and my goals.

3) Disc Talents. Unbreakable Will or Wand Specialization.

4) Disc Talents. What to take when you can't take everything.

Okay topic #1.

I know a little tiny itty bit about being a tank from reading blogs, and tanking in FFXI at one point. So when I heard about someone's Druid I decided I wanted to heal her and we were going to 'practice' tanking certain things much like you practice kiting or ice trapping as a hunter.

So I requested that she try to -always- pull 2-3 mobs at once, so she can practice tanking multiple mobs and I can practice my threat control. She said that sounded good and we can now easily take 3 same-level mobs. And one finaly request: Please get hurt more so I have some healing to do.

She had a few requests as well:

1) No going off exploring while the tank is tanking three mobs.

2) No Herbing while the tank is tanking multiple mobs.

3) No attacking a 4th mob and trying to solo it while the tank is tanking multiple mobs.

/sigh but number 3 was fun

I had always heard that priests were hard to get to 10. My experiance so far: Wow this is possibly the most fun I've had soloing ever. I never run out of mana, I almost never drop hps below 90%. I don't know if this will keep up forever but I think it will.

The key for me? Wands.

Cast Bubble
Cast Shadow Word pain
Cast renew
Start wanding mob to death.
Cast renew at the end of the fight.

Certainly from 5-11... you should be using the bloody wand. At level 5 with 11.3 dps the lesser magic wand is insane. I can't belive I missed it on my other casters. And for the most part what I see is that wands seem to keep up the awesome at least through 30. I'm not sure what will happen after that, and I expect them to be not awesome during end game but for now they own.

I'm going Disc because I've never seen any and the tree looks spiffy. But this brought up some questions: Wand Specialization or Unbreakable Will. The more I think about it the more I think that unless I"m soloing it should be UW every time. Now I mentioned wands above and yeah WS would rock if I'm soloing. But now that I've caught up with Wulfa I'm not.

SO I think I'm going to respec at 20 and drop WS and pickup UW.

Does anyone know of a nice cookie cutter Disc build for me to look at? And the reasoning behind it?

I came up with this for a healing PVE Disc Priest but I don't have the time to write out my reasoning and I would like to compare with the 'standard' ones.

Well thats all for this morning's Rabbit Trail.
Enjoy the day,

This is AWESOME. 4Healz you've been added!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

On butts

"Saying you have a squishy butt isn't funny? What if I say it's your bear butt that's squishy? Is that funny?"

"No, Dammy, it's not."

This is an example of the massive teasing I've been subjected to since my druid attained bear form. I wasn't going to mention her 'cause I didn't think she'd make it this far but I got to lvl 10 and thought what the heck, I'd go ahead, get bear form, see what it's like to play a tank.

But backtrack to when I was getting bear form.

I traveled to Moonglade, followed the yellow question mark, was told to go find the big bear spirit. I jog myself over ('cause really, until lvl 20 you can't say that your character runs) and notice that there's a lvl 33 NE druid following me. He's not bothering me so no big deal. I talk to the big bear, get told to go somewhere else, and start jogging back. The NE asks if he can tag along. I blinked, sat for a moment trying to figure out why a druid 23 lvl's higher than me wanted to come with. I actually figured maybe he'd bought the character and just wanted to experience the lower lvl quests or that he was a giving soul and wanted to speed up my quest. So I told him sure, np. And I start off. And he follows me. And I have nooo idea where the little birdies are to get out of here. After a little while of running here and there the dude finally catches on that I had no clue where I was going and leads the way to the birdies. Blah, blah, blah, I get told to go to Auberdine, I have a complete blank 'cause I've been over in Elwynn Forest. Reluctantly asked where Auberdine was, totally expected the words "total noob" to be thrown at me. Was pleasantly surprised when the druid, no complaints voiced, led the way to Auberdine. We kill the thingy there, head on back to Darnassus. Having lvl 33 druid along sped things along nicely but I expected him to go elsewhere since the hard part of my quest was done. But he followed me. I get the bear form ability, turn myself into a bear, and then notice that he's also learning new abilites. I ask him if he was getting the bear form. He replied, "Yeah, I forget to get it." !!!!! That's like forgetting to get your pet as a hunter. And I totally was rambling, am still rambling, but little orclette woke up early and my brain has not had enough caffeine poured into it yet . . .

So I'm really liking the tanking I can do now. I run into the middle of aggro mobs and start pounding on things. Dammy, who has a Draenei priest(Muij), follows along and makes sure I don't die. I'm really proud to announce that I am sticking to my job description of keeping aggro off of Dammy and letting him worry about my health bar(She can easily tank 3 mobs and keep hate on all three). And to really appreciate that you have to understand that I HATE my health bar, as a hunter, to go down(in any way shape or form). I hate letting my pet's go down(this is why Dammerung never goes resto... he'd never get to heal). In fact, the only bar that ever goes down is my mana (exception being if I'm fighting quite a few mobs at once or a significantly higher lvl mob). I've ticked off Dammy(Dammerung the shaman...not Muij the disc priest) several times because I'll notice his health is at 50%(98%) and I'll pull the mob off him(making him chase after it), thinking that I'm totally saving his hide(Muij is always grateful).

And because my brain REALLY is not working at 100% today, I'll stop here. There are more tales to tell of Gryphaen, my lovely NE druid, and Muij, the hulking Draenei priest dressed in rainbow-colored robes. Most of them revolving around someone calling the other person a big butt.

I asked permission to edit the stuff above and was given permission. Just letting all you Wulfa fanboys and fangirls know :P.