Thursday, January 31, 2008

The killin' duo

Guess who we played last night? 'Wulfa and Dammy! I was sooo excited to finally be using ALL the hunter powers I had grown so accustomed to. We were in Tanaris, getting scorpid scales for my leatherworking quest. They don't skin off of the icky scorpids very much, so we spent quite a bit of time wandering all over the area looking for more scorpids. I've almost got all that I need but still need a few more.

Dammy had been worried that his shaman didn't mesh well with my hunter. My pet tanks, I can heal her, and I'm fairly powerful meself. So I don't need need anybody. But last night was awesome. Poor Susan doesn't have dash yet (pure laziness on my part) so Dammy would frequently get to the mob before she did, his windfury/stormstrike thingy would kick in, I'd maybe get off a shot, and the poor thing was dead. On to the next one. We could have easily taken on 4-5 mobs at once, but Tanaris is rather sparse and its mob population spread apart making pulling inconvenient. We did have the opportunity to take on a lvl 47 & 48 duo of nasty looking beetle thingies that come up out of the water hole after you fill your quest bottle. Dammy discovered that one for us. After the initial shock of seeing them I sent Susan in and we made quick work of them (at the time Dammy was 41 and I 44). We also took on Mr. Caliph something or other, with his little hordies, and killed them fairly easily although Dammy had to res himself 'cause they took us by surprise and Susan and I were not close to hand. But all turned out well. We helped a lvl 51 druid kill two alliance of reasonable lvls, I actually asked Dammy if he wanted to take on a lvl 48 warrior (see-I'm turning into less of a carebear). He declined, and we went on killing scorpids. At the end of our very brief time of playing he dinged 42 and I dinged 45. Got on this morning to check on auctions, and remembered that I needed more scorpid scales. Scorpids reside right outside of Gadzetan (spelling?). I ventured out and started killing, guiltily remembering that I NEED to wait for Dammy to catch up. After a few glorious minutes I led Beowulfa gently back into town, comforting her the whole way. She will be able to play again. She just has to wait for the shammy.

So I'm thinking we'll play 'Wulfa and Dammy again tonight. Very excited. Really want to get to lvl 46 and see what goodies hunters get then.


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