Saturday, February 2, 2008

Guild stuffs.

Experienced my first 'raid' ever. I enjoyed it. Granted this was about as low stress as you can get. We had 10 people(6 level 37-55) and (4 level 17-23) and we cleared RFK. Whee. Mail helmet(12agi/12str), polearm(16agi), agi dagger, stm dagger, and some awesome shoulders(something or other mantle) dropped for us. Even only gaining 10 xp per mob I still gained about 2.5-3k xp. Which at level 19(Serayamuij) is awesomely.

Mostly it was just a guild event. We(Wulfa, myself and my brother) went along more as a "participate in anyway possible) than an actual help. Because we said we wanted to come the downgraded from mauridin?(the instance in desolace) to RFK. Still we all enjoyed it and the only person to die in the instance was the level 23 mage who kept trying to pull EVERYTHING in an attempt to speed us up. He died..4 maybe 5 times. Yay for fun guilds.

Rogue is level 10. Priest is on hold. Dammerung played a lot last night but after 3 deaths to me trying to bite off more than I can chew I decided I was just going to log and would try him again later when I was more smart and less dumb orc.

I think that is everything for now. Night peeps.

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