Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Killin's my game, Hunter's the name

I'm a hunter. I've toyed with other classes and so far I've succeeded in getting them past 10 once (that would be Gryphaen, my druid). I love the companionship of your pet, the ability to name them (I love naming things). I love being able to solo almost anything. I love the BeastMaster I've become, the bundle of claw and bite that is my Susan, near indestructable. I love the independence being a hunter brings. I like ranged weapons.

-break for RL nap with Orclette. By the by, if you've never taken a nap with your little one I highly recommend it. Waking up with orclette pawing at your hair and smiling for you, waiting for you to wake up, is priceless.-

Return to why I play my class. Have I mentioned bestial wrath? ice traps? all the cool shots? And that's just up to 44. I've no idea of what happens after that lvl. I think also I like hunters because of my early love for the tales of Arthur, Robin Hood, and in general swords, crossbows, and horses. And the men who ride them :)

-another RL break to comfort orclette who climbed up on my ottoman and then fell over. Removal of self to a safer climbing location for orclette.-

Ok. Hunters. I think I'm done rhapsodizing. And why am I still playing the only non-hunter alt of mine? What is different about this one that it survived? I can turn into a bear. That is just sooo cool, like a hunter and pet rolled up into one. Although don't call my your pet. I will growl at you, and possibly some other very dangerous bearish thingies. I'm looking forward to cat form which Dammy has told me is even more dangerous than bear form. /evil cackle.

-orclette has not recovered from bump on the head. Getting off computer this time to comfort grumpy orclette.

On why my posts are getting shorter and shorter.

I have an orclette. An orclette who LOVES her mommy. An orclette who likes said mommy to be on the same level as her so she can use her as a climbing post. An orclette who loves electronic toys. An orclette that doesn't like anyone else to use HER electronic toys. An orclette who doesn't sleep very much. A mother who spends nap time actually playing, not blogging.

So there you have it. A nice, short little post about why my posts are getting shorter.


Dani said...

*squee for cuteness*

klaki said...

I don't have an Orclette yet, so I'll take your word on it :) What do you call a baby Night Elf? I will have one of those. I'm glad you're taking a liking to your druid. I love my hunter don't get me wrong for it's pure solo destruction, but a druid is a total independent person of destruction. We stealth, we heal, we tank, we mage, we cc, we MURDERATE! I'm liking my druid more and more. She just dinged 55 last night and I'm only 3 levels away from Outland and lots of PvP. However, I will never lose the love of my hunter either. The shier fact of firing an Arcane Shot in the back of a target running away and killing them gives me now greater feeling of power. :)

Dammerung said...

'Wulfa says you call baby Night Elves elflettes.

I say if you don't put them in the oggrimar orphanarium so they can be raised by proper folks then you call them travesties.


p.s. Seriously Klaki der Orc would be awesome :P

Grats on the kid. They own.

klaki said...

LOL, I'm no daddy quite yet, but I'm hoping soon I'll be. I'll think about making an Orc. If I did, it would be a warrior I think.

Pike said...