Friday, February 1, 2008

The real post.

There will be a post from me! later today. Just busy working on something to do something when something else happens at work. This post is simply a place holder and will go away when my post really happens.

/cheer TJ is taking over BRK from the inside... She's an executive icky now! Any day now I expect it to become and feature cool videos on how to annoy your sister and work at the same time.

/slide back to productivity.

---------------Fake Break before real post.----------------------

Dammerung has been getting pretty upset with me recently. Seems I spend all my time playing with Serayamuij, and Muij, and Xinfoo and none of it spending time properly getting him xp. I mean I helped 'Wulfa get her 400 million scorpid bits for some orc in the badlands. And I tried to save this poor goblin lass in Desolace from the Centaur camps just north of that troll village where the bats drop you off... but she kept getting too many centaur involved and wouldn't slow up and let me regen and generally was a pain in the tooth. I bit the dirt three maybe four times before I parked Dammerung in Gadgetzan to rest up and meandered over to Xinfoo for some solo boredom.

Some points:

1) We know we cannot resist the siren call of playing multiple characters.2) We want to maximize our time spent playing since there is so little of it.

Our general plan is as follows:

1) Have three groups. Play them in a rotating cycle. Each group should then be under blue bar most of the time we spend playing.

The groups look like this:

Group 1:
Dammerung 42 Enh Shammy
Beowulfa 45 BM Hunter
Honestbear 32?BM hunter

Group 2:
Gryphaen 17 Feral Druid
Muij 15 disc priest
or Serayamuij 17 aff warlock
Moonsongdown 22 BM hunter

Group 3:
Xinfoo 6 rogue
Olathe 8 priest
?????? ? Tank

I keep debating with myself whether I prefer grouping as a lock or as a priest.(For group 2).

Rogue(low level) and Shaman(currentlY) feel very very similair. I run up. Spam hotkey 2(SS and Stormstrike) and 3(Earth Shock and Eviscerate) and melee something to death. There are variations with the shaman(Fire and Frost shock sometimes make appearances) but for the most party when simply farming they act very similiar. I'm sure there are rogues out there weeping at my description of the class(SS, SS, SS, SS, Eviscerate).

I think the stabby thing is called SS anyways.

My shaman gets played like that because dropping totems slows me down due to lack of mana. I'm even usually fighting oranges now days as I'm scout/puller for Beowulfa(she's too busy skinning to scout/pull).

All the lurkers need to leave comments on the pink posts please... I keep getting hurt because "no one comments on her posts". I'm probably going to get hurt for saying this too.

Last thing, then I'm done:
Xinfoo the Orc is apparently the "forbidden" love of Olathe the Elf. He just found out. He was informed that his muscles make him spiffy. I personally wondered how -any- of his attributes could overcome his face but what do I know. I certainly don't have ANYCLUE what lurks in the minds of petite blood elf priests.

Dammerung out.


Stale said...

You hit the rogue nail on the head dammy, Sword Rogues are SS, SND, SSx5 SND... Rinse and repeat. Maybe a rupture or 2...

Dagger rogue is BS, SND, BS x3, SND and keep doing that... Its only on some bosses like High King where you actually see our true potential... Where we kick to save the day :P

Dammerung said...

Wowup I deleted your comment because it was cryptic and just said "Welcome". Your blog, well.... it points at a website that looks suspicious to me. If I've over analyzed and shot an innoccent blogger please let me know ;P.

/grin at stale.