Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Posting out of sequence.

Copied from Kestrel because I'm too lazy to do my own linkage:P
Over at Blog Azeroth, Siha of Banana Shoulders suggested we (the Blog Azeroth community) all write on a common topic. To get the ball rolling, she proposed "What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?"

Hmm. I enjoy Astral Recall the most. That and reincarnation cut down on so much travel time. It makes life sweet and happy. I like being able to ress people with Ancestral Spirit and sic' my void walker on them while Corruption and Curse of Agony tick their health down. Power Word: Shield is simply awesome and Renew makes healing easy. Oh and WINDFURY ala STORMSTRIKE is heaven, well at least when I have my seals up and can follow it up with a well timed Judgement.

Oh, bother.

This is exactly the problem.

Which class do I play the most? Sure Shaman is my highest level ever(41). But I've pushed 3 warlock characters to 18-19 and spent lots of time in BG with them. And at least one lock to 32. But right now all I do is priest priest priest for my awesome druid tank wife. And I have a level 32/33 Dwarf healadin soloer on Wulfa's account.

What I like best is helping. What I like best about shaman is in a group setting I have AoE buffs and can heal/ress. What I like best about warlock is I am great for helping do quests and escorting and I make a good body guard in BG's. What I like best about priest is the huge variety of ways I can help other players with heals/buffs/resses. What I loved about paladin was I could heal my heart out on someone and not worry too much about hate because I would most likely survive it.

If I ever lock down my class I may re-write this post. Until then? Astral recall wins.

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Jabari said...

Amen. :)

Though you need a tank. If you have a paladin, he can tank!