Sunday, January 27, 2008

On butts

"Saying you have a squishy butt isn't funny? What if I say it's your bear butt that's squishy? Is that funny?"

"No, Dammy, it's not."

This is an example of the massive teasing I've been subjected to since my druid attained bear form. I wasn't going to mention her 'cause I didn't think she'd make it this far but I got to lvl 10 and thought what the heck, I'd go ahead, get bear form, see what it's like to play a tank.

But backtrack to when I was getting bear form.

I traveled to Moonglade, followed the yellow question mark, was told to go find the big bear spirit. I jog myself over ('cause really, until lvl 20 you can't say that your character runs) and notice that there's a lvl 33 NE druid following me. He's not bothering me so no big deal. I talk to the big bear, get told to go somewhere else, and start jogging back. The NE asks if he can tag along. I blinked, sat for a moment trying to figure out why a druid 23 lvl's higher than me wanted to come with. I actually figured maybe he'd bought the character and just wanted to experience the lower lvl quests or that he was a giving soul and wanted to speed up my quest. So I told him sure, np. And I start off. And he follows me. And I have nooo idea where the little birdies are to get out of here. After a little while of running here and there the dude finally catches on that I had no clue where I was going and leads the way to the birdies. Blah, blah, blah, I get told to go to Auberdine, I have a complete blank 'cause I've been over in Elwynn Forest. Reluctantly asked where Auberdine was, totally expected the words "total noob" to be thrown at me. Was pleasantly surprised when the druid, no complaints voiced, led the way to Auberdine. We kill the thingy there, head on back to Darnassus. Having lvl 33 druid along sped things along nicely but I expected him to go elsewhere since the hard part of my quest was done. But he followed me. I get the bear form ability, turn myself into a bear, and then notice that he's also learning new abilites. I ask him if he was getting the bear form. He replied, "Yeah, I forget to get it." !!!!! That's like forgetting to get your pet as a hunter. And I totally was rambling, am still rambling, but little orclette woke up early and my brain has not had enough caffeine poured into it yet . . .

So I'm really liking the tanking I can do now. I run into the middle of aggro mobs and start pounding on things. Dammy, who has a Draenei priest(Muij), follows along and makes sure I don't die. I'm really proud to announce that I am sticking to my job description of keeping aggro off of Dammy and letting him worry about my health bar(She can easily tank 3 mobs and keep hate on all three). And to really appreciate that you have to understand that I HATE my health bar, as a hunter, to go down(in any way shape or form). I hate letting my pet's go down(this is why Dammerung never goes resto... he'd never get to heal). In fact, the only bar that ever goes down is my mana (exception being if I'm fighting quite a few mobs at once or a significantly higher lvl mob). I've ticked off Dammy(Dammerung the shaman...not Muij the disc priest) several times because I'll notice his health is at 50%(98%) and I'll pull the mob off him(making him chase after it), thinking that I'm totally saving his hide(Muij is always grateful).

And because my brain REALLY is not working at 100% today, I'll stop here. There are more tales to tell of Gryphaen, my lovely NE druid, and Muij, the hulking Draenei priest dressed in rainbow-colored robes. Most of them revolving around someone calling the other person a big butt.

I asked permission to edit the stuff above and was given permission. Just letting all you Wulfa fanboys and fangirls know :P.


Bon The Geek said...

You could always use your bear butt to smack Dammy around and teach him a lesson. And hey, aren't bear butts fluffy instead of squishy?

klaki said...

Gratz on the new druid and priest. I dinged 53 on my druid the other day and it still feels awesome to do some good dps and when needed, pop into bear form and tank 3 or so mobs. 5 more lvls and I'll be off to Outlands and then the real fun starts! I have a lvl 42 priest and healing is quite fun. I love saying "I could have let you die" and having the wide variety of heals. I think you two will enjoy your toons as the alt-o-holic in you grows :)