Saturday, February 9, 2008

Someone is a TANK

Southeast of Iris Lake
Approximately 10:30pm server time.
A bear charges out of the woods towards Muij. Its menacing roar shattering the quiet forest babble. Muij quickly surrounds himself with a shiny white shield of holy light to lessen the impact. The first bear is followed by a second.

An answering roar comes from behind Muij as Gryphaen veers. Her bear form lumbers past him and intercepts the first bear. The second bear also sees her and throws itself at her. Muij quietly fades back out of their sight and heals the Druid's wounds as quickly as they appear.

The second bear notices the holy light on Muij's hands and starts to turn... only to have a symbol of blue jagged lightning appear over his head as Gryphaen lets loose an ear piercing roar that weakens both bears. They both attack the Bear-druid with renewed focus, but the roar was too loud and has attracted other attention as well.

Two stags and a fey dragon charge from the undergrowth. The fight suddenly turns desperate. Gryphaen dances in front of the five creatures, hitting this one on the nose, clawing that one in the eyes, swiping the throat of this one, trying to keep their attention away from the mild priest in the bushes who is casting healing spell after healing spell franticly trying to keep her alive.

One bear dies... but another wandering one found Muij and she rushes to intercept. Her wounds almost over come her but the priest speeds up his casting and heals her almost to full health. A second bear dies...then a stag, then another stag, then the third bear. Finally it is just the Fey Dragon left. And eventually it too succumbs to the flurry of blows the druid unleashes.

In the quiet stillness after the fight. The Druid and Priest congratulate eachother and continue on their way.

The bears and stags were level 22(I think one was level 23). The dragon was level 27. She kept hate on all of them the entire fight. She was level 22. I was level 21. It was fun.

I am level 22 now and have 35mp5 while casting and no mp5 gear. I am liking disc.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Very much impressed

How do you people keep up with all your blogs? Dammy just put all my favorite blogs onto an AAA reader and I've been randomly reading some but number of new posts that I need to read keep on adding up. And this morning, since I skipped the YMCA due to a neck straining that I have no idea how I got it, I tried to catch up. And failed miserably. I simply cannot intake that much info into my brain. And so many I put back on the shelf for later because it was well-written, had good info in it, and it really deserves at least 10% of my attention (sorry, the other 90% is taken up with Orclette, hubby, family, work, etc.). And it piles up. So I am very impressed with all of ya's who can keep up with their homies. Whee! I used homies in a sentence. Just be glad you're seeing it typed and not said aloud because it would sound really strange coming from me.

Dammy's priest, Muij, and I (Gryphaen) parked ourselves in Ashenvale. I don't like Ashenvale. I might have mentioned this before (mommy-to-orclette-brain!) but I was going through orcish morning-sickness the last time I was in Ashenvale. Orcish morning-sickness is worse than normal human morning-sickness 'cause, well, 'cause we're orcs. Big, hardy, tough orcs who hate to be sick. Hate other orcs to get sick. Want to be pampered when they themselves get sick (now that's an image: slightly green orc mama-to-be, propped up in her bed, the pink covers on the bed, the battle-scarred weapons by her side . . .). Anyway, all I could eat without feeling like upchucking were Doritos. And at that time Dammy and brother-in-law were going through a Top Ramen phase, and I couldn't really take the smell of that. So now when I'm in Ashenvale I can distinctly smell Doritos and Top Ramen and my stomach gets a bit queasy.

But . . . Dammy's never done Ashenvale as an Alliance. And Pike's right-FOR THE ALLIANCE just doesn't ring as well as FOR THE HORDE! And the alliance do seem to have a stick up their butt sometimes . . . anyway, we're staying in Ashenvale. I believe that we're doing Shadowfang Keep tonight. I'm hoping that since I'm not a hunter the tight quarters won't bother me so much. And we have a priestie who will prevent us from dying when you discover that one of the boss mobs spawn a gajillion number of wolves to help him out . . . such fond memories of Shadowfang. I'm itchy to get back to 'Wulfa, however. I need my most-powerful-hunter-on-earth! fix. And because I'm never ashamed to ask for help because I'm the daughter of a gnome engineer whose job it is to ask questions, any question, even if it makes all three children groan and pretend they don't know him, I will ask a question. My druid just got shred. I need to be behind enemy to use it. I've been practicing going into stealth, getting behind the mob, and using my mouse clicker to activate shred. You see, I'm a keyboard mover. I've heard that you can use a mouse to move yourself and that it's a bit faster. Would it be worth it for me to learn how to do this? Would it make getting behind mobs easier? 'Cause I like the damage shred does. Yummyness damage. Anyway, let me try this again.

FOR THE ALLIANCE! no. still not working for me. And this is even worse:
FOR THE NIGHT ELVES! hmm, maybe this one:
FOR THE DRUIDS! I'm going to stop now.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The wall of PAIN.

In leveling a couple of different toons lately I keep smashing into this brick wall that frustrates me.

Less xp when in party.

Why? Why? Why? I understand that you don't want to give the same xp as a person would get solo. Then everyone would group and level super fast just by grinding. But as it is? I honestly abhor grouping when I want xp. I don't care if it helps me get this quest done faster. It slows my leveling down to such a degree that it isn't worth it. EVER. I'd rather respec at 70 and learn to play then. Like everyone else does.

Group to complete a quest/instance... sure(as long as my primary goal isn't leveling).

Yet I still party.

This is because ideally partying is fun*. I pay a monthly fee to play with others. Thats it. So even though I KNOW it will slow me down, I party with my wife and brother. Why? Because it makes wow more enjoyable. Even though it gives me the feeling I'll never reach 70.

Besides if I just soloed the likelyhood is that I would quit before 70 anyways.

Why am I griping about this?

Ah don' know. I sort of miss the FFXI forced party system(where you were effectivly forced to party if you wanted to level this century. But I don't really. I like soloing on occasion, and I like that it is worthwhile to do so. I just wish partying was somwhere CLOSE to leveling in terms of xp gain. As it is you only get about 20xp in party if you would have gained 100xp solo.


Well fortunately we're going to start focusing on doing instances for gear that we'll throw away 4 levels later ;P. But we'll enjoy the feeling of conquering the instance. At levels appropriate for it.

Ie: 3 level 13's taking on Ragefire Chasm.

*When your dammerung warlock alt isn't being an absolute idiot.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Much, much better

I respecced feral, bought new gear, was pleasantly surprised to find really good deals on AH, and I got my water form.

I hate water. In RL I don't quite hate it but I have a strong distaste for it. And in WOW-I just can't move very well in it. Dammy tells me that it's just like land movement but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Water form helps in that I'm in no danger of dying from lack of air and I move so much faster which means less time spent in water-HOORAY but still no love there. And if you've ever played druid you'll know that in order to get water form you have to spend a lot of time in the water. A guildie was incredibly nice and let me tag along with him as he was also getting the water form. Little orclette woke up halfway through our arduous quest and he was very understanding when I put myself on follow and let him do all the work (we had to run through Wetlands as he didn't have the flight point for Westfall, which you have to go to in order to complete the quest). Then, when we got to Westfall, our guild mistress was kind enough to tag along because there was a shark and she didn't want us gettin' 'et. Plus she knew where the amulet thingy was. And many thanks to both of them because I probably wouldn't have gotten around to that quest for a very long time, seein' as how I hate the water.

Our group dynamic has changed for the better. I'm the tank now, Dammy's the healer, brother is still hunter. And I got to play around with my cat form last night and I loves it loves it loves it. The only beef I have is that brother sends pet in before me a bit more than occasionally. I'm thinking I'll have to revise my tanking expectations to include his pet attacking things around me with Dammy sticking close to me since I can pull anything off of him . . .exception being elites and significantly higher lvl mobs. Those I want to tank, to get practice tanking and being beary awesome :).

Tonight we'll be letting our alliance gang get some well-earned rest and pulling out our lowbie hordies. I'll be playing my squishie priestie who seriously flaunts her assets (there are some really interesting cloth outfits out there), brother will be playing tank warrior, and Dammy will be my orc rogue lover. We had forbidden love spring up between us and we defied both sets of parents, running away from home and pledging our undying love to each other . . .kinda like Romeo and Juliet but without the dumbness. I just don't see how both of them dying is romantic. Now Beatrice and Bernard in Much Ado About Nothing-that is romantic.

"Against my will I have been sent to . . . . bid thee, come into dinner." (Beatrice, loosely quoted)
"There's a double meaning in that." (Bernard, exactly quoted)

And even that play has two rather dumb and dumber characters. The Prince and Monsieur Love, aka Claudio. Condemning Hero without giving her the chance to explain herself. And doing it on her wedding day. Tisk tisk.

But enough about Shakespeare. Orclette is getting annoyed and bored with just Dammy playing with her. Btw, orclette can dual wield. Give her two spoons and she looks like her orc daddy dammerung:)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So I went link crazy.

I feel so much better about my alts now. Thank you.

Fio is a ninja person? Dang I wish I could somehow sneak into AC. Fio + TJ + Squeeing + Hobbes... so much.

Pookie is the biggest reason to play a hunter.

How do YOU reader?

Yeah figuring this out took me forever. They should explain more of this stuff in Shaman class.

Iffin we can do this in patch 2.4 I'll be one VERY happy panda.

I'm not one. But you may be. Are you? I didn't even USE my bank until about a month ago.

I make more alts. Until the old becomes new and the new becomes old.

And for the big FINISH! I like Tiaras R Us.

How does one play a feral druid anyways? Only Klaki answered so far and its been like 100000 meeelion hrs since she posted the question this morning. I'm very curious. And no I'm not just asking this question so I'll have an excuse to link another thing. I'm asking this question so I won't get EATEN for posting on top of her.

Horrible, horrible, horrible

That is how you would describe what happened last night. I, through dint of persistence and perseverence, got myself to 1/3 of the way into lvl 19 and was all prepared to ding 20, finally get my cat form, and become an awesome cat/bear druid. We all log on, my druid, Dammy's warlock, and brother-in-law's hunter. The hunter is the leader but he really doesn't like being in that position so there were frequent discussions over where to go next. We ended up in the wetlands which was just a bit high for warlock and self but we decided to give it a go. I'm following along, healing, because I'm a resto druid, popping out faery fire and the moonshine thingy every once in awhile. Things are going ok, until a mob aggroes me. No problem, I don't start running around in circles (which I found out was a bad thing to do if you're the healer). I park myself next to the hunter who has the tanking pet. He ignores me. The warlock ignores me. I start healing myself but the mob had gotten a head start and it was too late for me. To top all that off, warlock had given me a soulstone which I totally didn't notice and sent myself back to the graveyard. Blah. So we went back to Bloodmyst Isle, they started discussing which quests to do, and I left them. Ha ha! No more healer for them! (At this point I was just a bit annoyed/frustrated). If they wouldn't keep me from being killed AND since they ran around like chicken's with their heads chopped off making it really really had for me to keep track of everyone, I would ding 20 solo. I started finishing off all my quests on bloodmyst, they eventually did join me but they helped instead of hindered this time around. And I dinged 20. I have my cat form, but haven't completed the water quest because it was really late for me and it probably wouldn't have gone really well.

So I'll be respeccing (I have no idea how to spell that) my druid from resto to feral, warlock will become Dammy's soloing toon and his priest will be joining us. Sigh. I had already respecced from feral to resto, gotten some cool gear, too. Now I have to do that all over again. Fortunately gear isn't too expensive at lvl 20 . . . but now I have to start reading up on feral druids. Can I use my cat form to start an attack and switch into bear if I need to direct mob attention back to myself? What is the best attack sequence for all you feral druids out there? What kind of gear would you get? Do you think a druid, a priestie, and a BM hunter with pet's growl turned off is a good group? You see, I feel like I'm sinking in a pit of druidness with NO idea how to properly play one, but I like being able to switch into different forms.

Thankyou all for listening to me rant and complain a bit. It feels good to get it off my chest (which, by the way, is now a NE and so the guild tabard will actually look like stars on a dark blue background and not two humongo white patches).

Monday, February 4, 2008


Bleh I got lazy and spent time with my wonderful awesome daughter and watched the superbowl with friends and actually did 'work' for my employer. I know, I know. Where are my priorities you ask? I have no excuses. Except for a beautiful woman I like to kiss and a cute gurglebutt I like to hug. Lame aint it ;P.

My horde characters are in no hurry to level. They enjoy doing what they do when they do it. But my little gnome feels very much the pressure to be older NOW. She wants to help her guild, she wants to feed littlebies gold and shinies and potions. Its all very intense.

Gamedame asked what I(us shamans) like about playing a shaman. And since my previous post slightly opted out of this I'm sticking this paragraph in here all crosswise. Most of what I like isn't usable in combat. I like fishing in the middle of a bay. I like ghostwolf at lower levels. I like the burst damage and how it makes you feel. I like the shiny orbs glowing around me. I like ressing people and ankhing myself. And I like having a 15 min timer on "teleport back to inn".

Guild pressure is a funny thing. I've never had it suggested to me that I level faster. I've never been told "You can't come you are too low level". But I feel it constantly. Mostly because I have this intense urge to HELP. And I can't.

I mostly want to help in financial ways. I don't like being tied up in a party or a raid. I like being able to log whenever I flippin feel like it. So how I would go about helping is making potions and helping people buy things. To me this is just as viable as helping someone complete a dungeon or a quest, me giving them gold/potions means they spend less time farming and more time doing the fun. But I wondered what you guys(Mr. Cricket, Mr. Dustbunny, and Mrs. Echo) thought of this?


My blog is worth $21,452.52.
How much is your blog worth?

Gamedame and the coolest orc ever pointed me at this.