Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So I went link crazy.

I feel so much better about my alts now. Thank you.

Fio is a ninja person? Dang I wish I could somehow sneak into AC. Fio + TJ + Squeeing + Hobbes... so much.

Pookie is the biggest reason to play a hunter.

How do YOU reader?

Yeah figuring this out took me forever. They should explain more of this stuff in Shaman class.

Iffin we can do this in patch 2.4 I'll be one VERY happy panda.

I'm not one. But you may be. Are you? I didn't even USE my bank until about a month ago.

I make more alts. Until the old becomes new and the new becomes old.

And for the big FINISH! I like Tiaras R Us.

How does one play a feral druid anyways? Only Klaki answered so far and its been like 100000 meeelion hrs since she posted the question this morning. I'm very curious. And no I'm not just asking this question so I'll have an excuse to link another thing. I'm asking this question so I won't get EATEN for posting on top of her.


gt said...

Dude Damm... more alts ?! I can't even manage to level a single alt. Something about hitting 70 and getting reeeeeeally lazy.

(Thanks for the link!)

Breana said...


I completely concur with your statement. She is the best reason to play one!