Friday, February 8, 2008

Very much impressed

How do you people keep up with all your blogs? Dammy just put all my favorite blogs onto an AAA reader and I've been randomly reading some but number of new posts that I need to read keep on adding up. And this morning, since I skipped the YMCA due to a neck straining that I have no idea how I got it, I tried to catch up. And failed miserably. I simply cannot intake that much info into my brain. And so many I put back on the shelf for later because it was well-written, had good info in it, and it really deserves at least 10% of my attention (sorry, the other 90% is taken up with Orclette, hubby, family, work, etc.). And it piles up. So I am very impressed with all of ya's who can keep up with their homies. Whee! I used homies in a sentence. Just be glad you're seeing it typed and not said aloud because it would sound really strange coming from me.

Dammy's priest, Muij, and I (Gryphaen) parked ourselves in Ashenvale. I don't like Ashenvale. I might have mentioned this before (mommy-to-orclette-brain!) but I was going through orcish morning-sickness the last time I was in Ashenvale. Orcish morning-sickness is worse than normal human morning-sickness 'cause, well, 'cause we're orcs. Big, hardy, tough orcs who hate to be sick. Hate other orcs to get sick. Want to be pampered when they themselves get sick (now that's an image: slightly green orc mama-to-be, propped up in her bed, the pink covers on the bed, the battle-scarred weapons by her side . . .). Anyway, all I could eat without feeling like upchucking were Doritos. And at that time Dammy and brother-in-law were going through a Top Ramen phase, and I couldn't really take the smell of that. So now when I'm in Ashenvale I can distinctly smell Doritos and Top Ramen and my stomach gets a bit queasy.

But . . . Dammy's never done Ashenvale as an Alliance. And Pike's right-FOR THE ALLIANCE just doesn't ring as well as FOR THE HORDE! And the alliance do seem to have a stick up their butt sometimes . . . anyway, we're staying in Ashenvale. I believe that we're doing Shadowfang Keep tonight. I'm hoping that since I'm not a hunter the tight quarters won't bother me so much. And we have a priestie who will prevent us from dying when you discover that one of the boss mobs spawn a gajillion number of wolves to help him out . . . such fond memories of Shadowfang. I'm itchy to get back to 'Wulfa, however. I need my most-powerful-hunter-on-earth! fix. And because I'm never ashamed to ask for help because I'm the daughter of a gnome engineer whose job it is to ask questions, any question, even if it makes all three children groan and pretend they don't know him, I will ask a question. My druid just got shred. I need to be behind enemy to use it. I've been practicing going into stealth, getting behind the mob, and using my mouse clicker to activate shred. You see, I'm a keyboard mover. I've heard that you can use a mouse to move yourself and that it's a bit faster. Would it be worth it for me to learn how to do this? Would it make getting behind mobs easier? 'Cause I like the damage shred does. Yummyness damage. Anyway, let me try this again.

FOR THE ALLIANCE! no. still not working for me. And this is even worse:
FOR THE NIGHT ELVES! hmm, maybe this one:
FOR THE DRUIDS! I'm going to stop now.


Ratshag said...

For the Stick up yer Butt!

Naw ... that don't sound too good neithers.

Daruntis said...

I would really suggest you learn mouse turning, it helps out a lot, especially with hunters and kiting. The other thing you need with mouse turning is hot-keys though since your mouse in used for moving.

Bell said...

Hi! Though, I don't have a catchy catchphrase for you (I just generally yell "Attack, my minions!!!") I do have a request.

You see, I'm converting my blogroll list into little thumbnails. I need a picture for your blog, and I was wondering if you could post up even some screenshots so I can gank them to use as a pretty link to your blog? I'd appreciate it! :D

Dammerung said...

@Bell: Take yer choices:


Pike said...

Ya know, "FOR THE GNOMES" sorta has a ring to it...

Pike said...

Oh, and how I keep up with my blogs... I just check my google reader throughout the day, and check a few at a time... if I'm playing WoW and flying somewhere, I'll alt+tab and read a couple. Even though people keep making more and more posts, I can generally keep up this way (more or less... I do get a little behind sometimes... but I get to everything eventually!)