Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Much, much better

I respecced feral, bought new gear, was pleasantly surprised to find really good deals on AH, and I got my water form.

I hate water. In RL I don't quite hate it but I have a strong distaste for it. And in WOW-I just can't move very well in it. Dammy tells me that it's just like land movement but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Water form helps in that I'm in no danger of dying from lack of air and I move so much faster which means less time spent in water-HOORAY but still no love there. And if you've ever played druid you'll know that in order to get water form you have to spend a lot of time in the water. A guildie was incredibly nice and let me tag along with him as he was also getting the water form. Little orclette woke up halfway through our arduous quest and he was very understanding when I put myself on follow and let him do all the work (we had to run through Wetlands as he didn't have the flight point for Westfall, which you have to go to in order to complete the quest). Then, when we got to Westfall, our guild mistress was kind enough to tag along because there was a shark and she didn't want us gettin' 'et. Plus she knew where the amulet thingy was. And many thanks to both of them because I probably wouldn't have gotten around to that quest for a very long time, seein' as how I hate the water.

Our group dynamic has changed for the better. I'm the tank now, Dammy's the healer, brother is still hunter. And I got to play around with my cat form last night and I loves it loves it loves it. The only beef I have is that brother sends pet in before me a bit more than occasionally. I'm thinking I'll have to revise my tanking expectations to include his pet attacking things around me with Dammy sticking close to me since I can pull anything off of him . . .exception being elites and significantly higher lvl mobs. Those I want to tank, to get practice tanking and being beary awesome :).

Tonight we'll be letting our alliance gang get some well-earned rest and pulling out our lowbie hordies. I'll be playing my squishie priestie who seriously flaunts her assets (there are some really interesting cloth outfits out there), brother will be playing tank warrior, and Dammy will be my orc rogue lover. We had forbidden love spring up between us and we defied both sets of parents, running away from home and pledging our undying love to each other . . .kinda like Romeo and Juliet but without the dumbness. I just don't see how both of them dying is romantic. Now Beatrice and Bernard in Much Ado About Nothing-that is romantic.

"Against my will I have been sent to . . . . bid thee, come into dinner." (Beatrice, loosely quoted)
"There's a double meaning in that." (Bernard, exactly quoted)

And even that play has two rather dumb and dumber characters. The Prince and Monsieur Love, aka Claudio. Condemning Hero without giving her the chance to explain herself. And doing it on her wedding day. Tisk tisk.

But enough about Shakespeare. Orclette is getting annoyed and bored with just Dammy playing with her. Btw, orclette can dual wield. Give her two spoons and she looks like her orc daddy dammerung:)


Anonymous said...

Shakespeare and WoW in one post? Me likey! And gratz on the new gear. It's always nice to spec into a tree that makes you comfortable and allows you to have fun with the game.

gt said...

Swimming is a PITA. Having to swim through that tunnel to get into the Coilfang Instances every.darn.time. drives me nuts.

Wow. Way to quote my favorite Shakespeare play and movie. (Yum Denzel Washington.)

Beatrice and Bernard = the best!!!

*two thumbs up*

klaki said...

Glad you are enjoying yourself. I bet the Orclette Rogue looks cute!