Saturday, February 9, 2008

Someone is a TANK

Southeast of Iris Lake
Approximately 10:30pm server time.
A bear charges out of the woods towards Muij. Its menacing roar shattering the quiet forest babble. Muij quickly surrounds himself with a shiny white shield of holy light to lessen the impact. The first bear is followed by a second.

An answering roar comes from behind Muij as Gryphaen veers. Her bear form lumbers past him and intercepts the first bear. The second bear also sees her and throws itself at her. Muij quietly fades back out of their sight and heals the Druid's wounds as quickly as they appear.

The second bear notices the holy light on Muij's hands and starts to turn... only to have a symbol of blue jagged lightning appear over his head as Gryphaen lets loose an ear piercing roar that weakens both bears. They both attack the Bear-druid with renewed focus, but the roar was too loud and has attracted other attention as well.

Two stags and a fey dragon charge from the undergrowth. The fight suddenly turns desperate. Gryphaen dances in front of the five creatures, hitting this one on the nose, clawing that one in the eyes, swiping the throat of this one, trying to keep their attention away from the mild priest in the bushes who is casting healing spell after healing spell franticly trying to keep her alive.

One bear dies... but another wandering one found Muij and she rushes to intercept. Her wounds almost over come her but the priest speeds up his casting and heals her almost to full health. A second bear dies...then a stag, then another stag, then the third bear. Finally it is just the Fey Dragon left. And eventually it too succumbs to the flurry of blows the druid unleashes.

In the quiet stillness after the fight. The Druid and Priest congratulate eachother and continue on their way.

The bears and stags were level 22(I think one was level 23). The dragon was level 27. She kept hate on all of them the entire fight. She was level 22. I was level 21. It was fun.

I am level 22 now and have 35mp5 while casting and no mp5 gear. I am liking disc.

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