Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Horrible, horrible, horrible

That is how you would describe what happened last night. I, through dint of persistence and perseverence, got myself to 1/3 of the way into lvl 19 and was all prepared to ding 20, finally get my cat form, and become an awesome cat/bear druid. We all log on, my druid, Dammy's warlock, and brother-in-law's hunter. The hunter is the leader but he really doesn't like being in that position so there were frequent discussions over where to go next. We ended up in the wetlands which was just a bit high for warlock and self but we decided to give it a go. I'm following along, healing, because I'm a resto druid, popping out faery fire and the moonshine thingy every once in awhile. Things are going ok, until a mob aggroes me. No problem, I don't start running around in circles (which I found out was a bad thing to do if you're the healer). I park myself next to the hunter who has the tanking pet. He ignores me. The warlock ignores me. I start healing myself but the mob had gotten a head start and it was too late for me. To top all that off, warlock had given me a soulstone which I totally didn't notice and sent myself back to the graveyard. Blah. So we went back to Bloodmyst Isle, they started discussing which quests to do, and I left them. Ha ha! No more healer for them! (At this point I was just a bit annoyed/frustrated). If they wouldn't keep me from being killed AND since they ran around like chicken's with their heads chopped off making it really really had for me to keep track of everyone, I would ding 20 solo. I started finishing off all my quests on bloodmyst, they eventually did join me but they helped instead of hindered this time around. And I dinged 20. I have my cat form, but haven't completed the water quest because it was really late for me and it probably wouldn't have gone really well.

So I'll be respeccing (I have no idea how to spell that) my druid from resto to feral, warlock will become Dammy's soloing toon and his priest will be joining us. Sigh. I had already respecced from feral to resto, gotten some cool gear, too. Now I have to do that all over again. Fortunately gear isn't too expensive at lvl 20 . . . but now I have to start reading up on feral druids. Can I use my cat form to start an attack and switch into bear if I need to direct mob attention back to myself? What is the best attack sequence for all you feral druids out there? What kind of gear would you get? Do you think a druid, a priestie, and a BM hunter with pet's growl turned off is a good group? You see, I feel like I'm sinking in a pit of druidness with NO idea how to properly play one, but I like being able to switch into different forms.

Thankyou all for listening to me rant and complain a bit. It feels good to get it off my chest (which, by the way, is now a NE and so the guild tabard will actually look like stars on a dark blue background and not two humongo white patches).


klaki said...

Gratz on the lvl 20. Unless you do anythere that actually requires the group to tank, you will be in kitty form all the time.

The main stat you want is agility. This will increase your dmg, dodge, and crit. These are kittys best friends.

As far as changing into a bear and getting aggro back, you can do that, but if you are only taking one mob, you should be able to hold aggro, unless the BM hunter is geared well. Even if the hunter does pull aggro, they have aggro management skills.

Being only 20, your pattern is simple, you only got 2 skills that will be your offense until you get 22. That basically is claw until you get enough combo points, then rip. At 22, you get shred in which you want to prowl behind your enemy and then shred before going into your routine. If you get a good hunter pet that can tank, you might be able to get off a couple of shreds. Then at 24 you get rake, which is a bleed attack, so then you do claw after opening attack then do your claw/rip rotation and reapply rake when u can. Just remember that some enemies can't bleed so rake is pointless. Later on you get more, but I'll tell you about them later. Another tip is to make sure you have thorns on at all times. Every little bit counts when they are beating on you.

Dammerung said...

@Klaki The group make for our group will almost always be:

Disc Priest
Feral Druid
BM Hunter.

Not sure if this helps.

The Hunter can tank but we've found that his pet cannot take -back- agro from someone. Due to no 'taunt' ability(growl != taunt).

Dammerung gets to go priest because his lock was so bad that we group kicked him. Dumb dammerung.

(seriously I sucked last night)

klaki said...

Yeah, I don't expect a hunter pet to tank for a group of people. I was just saying that it might be able to hold enough for Wulfa to get an extra Shred off before it turns toward her. I should have finished the thought.

Thats a decent group makeup. Healing is fun, but can also get very chaotic. I healed the other night on my lvl 42 priest for the 1st time in a long time. It was a Zul'Furrak run and I was about to go nuts because PuGs can be that way. I hope you enjoy it. It's an acquired taste. Going Disc, you are missing out on the fun of going shadow. Shadow Priest, IMO, are one of the most powerful classes/specs. I've seen some that just amaze me with the dps they do.

If I can help you all in anything, let me know.

Dammerung said...

Yeah, shadow tempts me a lot. BUT, this priests purpose is healing, healing, healing.

Holy looks okay..but disc looks more ... elite? rare? something like that.

I don't know.

I would love to see a priest post a large clear write up on how not to generate too much hate.

I feel like I barely touch the heal button and I'm getting murderized.

Anonymous said...

I remember that same frustration when my druid was leveling with my husband's hunter. Any healing I did grabbed aggro and I'd always die. Granted, I didn't know a whole lot about playing a druid or even fully understand group dynamics back then. I'd get mad at my husband requesting me to heal his pet - "That's what your heal pet spell is for! I'm not wasting my precious mana on your pet." I'd tell him.

Ok, enough of noob memory time.

Can I use my cat form to start an attack and switch into bear if I need to direct mob attention back to myself?

Yes, in a recent patch Blizz made it so druids can auto shift into other forms without hanging out in caster form waiting for the global cooldown. It's a pretty freaking sweet buff they gave druids.

What is the best attack sequence for all you feral druids out there?

Clearly, this will change as you level and learn new abilities. It also can change according to the type of mob you are fighting. Casters, start kitty and get those combo points up for a big bite. Heavy hitters, feral charge them with your big behind and let them wail on you while hubby keeps the green bar full.

Yeah, pretty basic, but you'll figure out the details as you go and level with your team.

What kind of gear would you get?

If you are primarily tanking, stam is your best friend. Strength is great for all around attack power and agility for cat crits, additional armor and dodging.

Do you think a druid, a priestie, and a BM hunter with pet's growl turned off is a good group?

Absolutely. If you stay feral and take a liking to tanking, you have a group ready to go for anything and will never be waiting around in LFG for a tank or healer. Also, when you get Leader of the Pack, both the hunter and his pet will benefit, making your group a killing machine.

I hope that helps!