Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm loving it: suspension training.

I think I've mentioned that we have a suspension training system (the Human Trainer). If not, now you know. (You should also know that I am not in any way affiliated with the product, have received no endorsements/remuneration/etc.) I like it, and I think it's helped me train without risk of further injury (because I'm not in a static position) and it's incredibly easy to set-up/take-down. We have ours attached to the garage door:

(I usually move the trashcan and broom out of the way)

My liking passed into love when I started incorporating suspended crunches (here's a few sample exercises from the Human Trainer website), twists and pikes. It's the hardest thing I've done in a while and it's the only exercise that requires a full minute to recover from. The results are absolutely fantastic: after two workouts I looked at my abs (which are still not ready for any type of picture) and noticed a difference. I'm starting to believe that I might be able to reveal my abs without fear (not that I really want to, but I want to be able to should I want to). My shoulders, which are incorporated into the movements, are also looking fantastic, so fantastic that I only do one other shoulder exercise during my routine (a goblet squat to shoulder press with a 20-pound kettlebell).

Of course the Human Trainer isn't the only suspension training system out there. The TRX is popular (I have no affiliation with this product) among others (which I also am not affiliated with). If you want something low-tech and portable this type of thing might be what you're looking for. Be sure to do some ab moves; you won't regret it (at least after the soreness goes away). If you're a fitness nutso like me you might even call it love:)

Monday, June 11, 2012

This was our very first post. Weren't we awesome? And it was at the beginning of our WoW fascination.

An Orc, A Plan, A Totem....and the fishing pole that ruined it all.

Hello to all new reader types! If there are any :P

My name is D--------. I currently play an Orc Shaman in World of Warcraft. My wife also plays an Orc(as always hunter). Our little half orc isn't quite yet crawling so for her to be playing anything would be a stretch. But she is an attention hog so she'll probably play a warrior.... she's already good at holding agro.

Why shaman? Well... I needed to be hybrid because well... it fits my play style. I like to be able to heal a fellow if they need it but I -way- prefer to melee dps. But what about Paladin you say? Let me tell you:

Yes your dear little platewearing undead hating psychopaths can almost not be killed...and wow yes they do have nice buffs for all the little people around you but... who likes not doing damage? Not I. Yeah yeah I know that some retrib paladins will tell me they do damage....but I played one to 32 and just can't do that anymore.

If you haven't noticed by now I have a bad habit of using a series of "." as commas/periods. Not just elipsis but any time I want to pause, I use them. Hopefully this will fix that.
Oh and I ramble... now back to my subject. Shaman yes, Paladin no. Druid? Let me quote my wife: "Yer big bear butt gets in the way." I tried to tell her about this cool bear druid I had read about but she was having none of it. If I'm going to play a druid I'll have to do so solo and on my own time.

Non-hybrid classes: Mage(tempting but no), Priest(I like healing... I hate the squishy), Rogue(maybe one of these days when I have a dedicated tan---nah who am I kidding...too intense for me), Warrior(If I want to play a tank I would go druidbear..if I want to do damage I'll go rogue...thats it), Hunter(PETSRULE... BOWS/GUNS STINK). I think thats it. If I forgot a horrible icky nasty class that makes my skin crawl you can't blame me :p.

Why blog? Because I found a ton of blogsites.... for druids... for hunters... a warrior or two... a priest... an icky... but no shamans.

So hopefully this will be a nice consistant place for me to post my WoW ramblings. And other comments.

Also I used to use/update but I lost my password, and a bad experiance with AT&T lost me my yahoo email that I signed up for the blog with, so I now have no way of signing in. So I've made copies of everything and am swapping over to here. Specially now that I'm turning this into a WoW based blog.  Oh and if you are one of the three people on the planet that I have not yet told.... my baby orclette can now hold her own bottle and can creep a good 5 feet(2 feet off her blanket) before crying!

Yay! She's leveling so fast :P.

Dear Mr. CoolerOrcThanI. Thank you for getting me started on fishing. Your descriptions of it made me hungry for trout from a muddy pond in the Barrens and now I have something ELSE to help keep me from ever reaching 70.

Well its well past my orclette imposed bedtime so I'm turning off Rockbiter and putting down my totems and crashing.

See you guys on the flip side.