Thursday, June 3, 2010

Further work on the yard.

First I'm adding more of a path.
Then I'm adding a rock river to run accross the middle.
Finally we put in the dirt and planted the flowers in the boat. In about 2-3 weeks we should see plants.
All in all we're really liking the back yard and using it.


I've mentioned that our diet follows the program sent along with our INSANITY DVD's. But unless you have that program in front of you you have absolutely no idea what that diet looks like. So I give you: a typical day in the diet of Wulfa.

2 Breakfast Bars w/ 1C. whole milk
Each breakfast bar has about 280 calories, and the milk is whole because, frankly, I likes it.

Sandwich (meat, cheese, lettuce, pickles, miracle whip, ketchup, mustard), 1 oz. veggie chips, 1/4C. mix of unsalted almonds and raisins, 1 Tbs. M&M's
I love veggie chips. You can find them in a huge bag at Sams. And lunch just doesn't seem complete without something sweet, hence the M&M's. Sometimes I'll have the almonds and raisins as a midmorning snack but that day I had a late breakfast so I didn't need it.

3C. raw veggies w/ 2 Tbs. light Ranch dressing as dip, medium apple, 1 oz. veggie chips, 1/2C. sparkling Cider
This was eaten after I got home from work. I was ravenous. And the way my day goes at B&N I usually have only one chance to eat food-lunch-so there is no eating something small while I'm there so I don't eat my entire fridge when I get home. Instead I try to stick with cruciferous vegetables and load up on fruit. But my system calls for carbs when presented with vegetables, so I also had veggie chips. And the sparkling cider was to make me feel grown up. You know, relaxing with a cup of wine after work? Can't have the alcohol yet but the ambience was almost the same.

2 bean & cheese burritos w/ salsa, lettuce, and a light drizzling of light ranch, 1 Tbs. M&M's
Usually I pair this meal w/ chips or vegetables, but I already had eaten that about 1 hour before I ate dinner so I figured I didn't need more:)

1/2" slice strawberry bread w/ butter-type spread
I was hungry. I usually try to avoid late evening snacks but I can't sleep if I'm hungry.

INSANITY-Core Balance & Recovery; 7-hour shift @ B&N
That day I was manning the customer service desk-which means no cessation of movement-so I include it in my workout tally for the day. I've had coworkers who have worn pedometers all day and reported at least 2 miles walked in the course of one shift.

So there you have it. I don't count calories anymore so I don't know how many I consumed, but that day is fairly typical for me. We're in the recovery week of INSANITY, and next week we start Month 2. I have not had time to take measurements, but it's only the last one that counts, right? Right.

Our lack of posting this week is due to my work schedule and the mountains of homework Damm has had for Calculus II and Modern European History. When I get back from work I'm depleted and unable to do much, and on days off Damm catches up on the homework he didn't do while I was working. It's a great cycle:)