Thursday, June 3, 2010

Further work on the yard.

First I'm adding more of a path.
Then I'm adding a rock river to run accross the middle.
Finally we put in the dirt and planted the flowers in the boat. In about 2-3 weeks we should see plants.
All in all we're really liking the back yard and using it.


bobreaze said...

Back yards are great esspecially with younger children. I wish i lived in a hous so that my kid could just go out back with supervision of course because of his age. Eventually me and my wife will get there btw boat planter is a pretty cool idea. Have you thought about possibly paining the boat to add a little more flare ? just an idea

Beowulfa said...

We did think about it but this year we're trying to keep the amount spent on the yard really low. Next year we'll do a bit more research on gardening in NM and beautify the yard a bit more:)